Colorbar ‘Midnight Glitter’ Nail Lacquer Review + NOTD

Hi everyone!

Today I’m reviewing Colorbar nail lacquer shade #74 ‘Midnight Glitter’.

Price: Rs 90

Quantity: 9 ml

Packaging: Colorbar nail lacquer comes in a cuboidal bottle packaging with a round handle. The brush quality is decent and application is easy.

Colorbar 'Midnight Glitter'

Consistency:  Consistency of the nail polish is good and it gives an even coating on application. But the shade is almost a transparent blue with blue/teal glitter and doesn’t show up very pigmented on bare nails. If applying on bare nails, 2 coats are required.

Colorbar 'Midhnight Glitter'

However, when used with black nail polish underneath, it looks a beautiful dark teal. The shimmer particles are not chunky or abrasive but smooth and well blended in the nail paint.


Colorbar 'Midnight Glitter' : with black nail polish as base



Colorbar ‘Midnight Glitter’ : 2 coats on bare nails


The GOOD about Colorbar ‘Midnight Glitter’

  • Even consistency
  • Decent brush/packaging
  • Well blended glitter/shimmer particles
  • Beautiful unique color when paired with black nail paint, single coat required
  • Dries fast
  • Decent pricing for quality

The NOT-SO-GOOD about Colorbar ‘Midnight Glitter’

  • Color doesn’t show up so well on bare nails. But that could be perhaps because it is meant to be worn as a top coat over opaque nail paint.

Final Verdict : The quality of the nail paint is excellent and I love the color is gives with opaque polish underneath. The fact that it doesn’t show up on bare nails gives the opportunity of creating some unique colors by pairing it with different colored nail paints underneath.

Rating: 4/5

Have you tried Colorbar NAIL LACQUER? Let me know by replying below.


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  1. It looks lovely with the base color!!

  2. looks gud with d black base..

  3. @ Anks: 🙂 No. I stay in hostel so I have just one table which I was using as a surface and my laptop was on it too.

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