Chambor Silk touch lipstick #670 'Silk Woods' Review + FOTD

Hi everyone!

Today I am reviewing ‘Silk Touch Lipstick‘ from ‘Chambor‘ in shade #670 ‘Silk Woods‘.

Chambor is one of my favorite makeup brands and I find their lipsticks one of the best I’ve used so far.  It is a highly underrated and undermarketed brand but their products are a pleasure to use.

Chambor 'Silk Touch Lipstick'

Price : Rs 525. I got it at New Beauty Centre ,Khar at 10% off for Rs 473. According to the SA this is a new ‘improved’ range as it says on the outer carton too.

Quantity : 4.5  g which is more than average. Revlon Colorburst contains 3.7 g and Maybelline Colorsensational 4 g.

Info from the new Chambor website (Earlier there was limited info available at Baccarose Cosmetics website )

” Every lipstick has a story to tell… & so does the Chambor Lipsticks…

A Splash of Color & a Kiss of Silk…
with Chambor’s New Silk Touch Lipsticks…

Chambor now releases its latest Hit Lipstick: the Classic Silk Touch in a dreamy avatar that boosts the lips while creating spectrum of looks: from daring to delicate, innocent to sexy that suit any occasion…

A perfect basic lipstick which is a must have for all CHAMBOR Fans. Chambor introduced this lipstick, with its captivating sheer luminosity & feather light touch emerges as the most talked about lipstick in town. It gives instant pleasure to the mouth in one application only, weaving magic around the person wearing it…

Available in a wide range of 18 captivating hues. Our favourite Lipstick Shade this season is the SILK BLAZE which suits the festive mood of celebration this year…

So go on & have splashing fun with 18 different shades of Silk Touch & get Silk Kissed…”

Packaging : The ‘Silk touch lipstick’ range comes in dark navy blue and silver cuboidal shape packagine which is the same size as a Revlon Colorburst or Maybelline color sensational lipstick. It has the shade number and name printed on end and the other end is blank. It has a silver rose on the cap as in the pic which is the trademark of Chambor products.

The lipstick tip is curved to fit with the curve of the lips for easier application. I find the packaging very elegant but there’s no way to determine which shade is inside from outside which is a drawback.

Outer Carton- Chambor Silk Touch Lipstick

Chambor Silk Touch Lipstick

Chambor Silk Touch Lipstick

Chambor Silk Touch Lipstick

Chambor Silk Touch Lipstick

Texture: The most special thing about Chambor lipsticks is their texture. They are super soft and glide on the lips like butter.

Pigmentation: They are very pigmented and give full coverage in a single swipe. Since they are so soft , they can be mixed with lip balm to give just a tint also.

Chambor Silk Touch Lipstick - 'Silk woods'

Finish: They are matte finish but since they are so creamy, they give a very moisturized almost slighly glossy look to the lips on application. They don’t feel heavy on the lips and are very comfortable to wear.

Moisturization: They are highly moisturizing and even after few hours of application, lips feel soft.

Ingredients: They contain Beeswax, Shea Butter, Castor oil and other waxes as well which explains their moisturization properties.

Ingredient - Chambor Silk Touch Lipstick

Staying Power: The SA claimed that these are long wearing but I’m not sure about how long wearing they are. I would guess upto 4 hours max since they are so creamy. I had a meal while I had it on and 2-3 hours later, it was still there. When they fade, they leave an even tint on the lips and don’t settle into fine lines after a long time. Don’t feather or bleed though cannot say for sure about the darker shades but it is always better to wear with lip liner.

Scent: The scent of these lipsticks reminds me of freshly baked cookies. It is not an overpowering scent but its not very mild either. People with sensitive olfactory senses who like their lipsticks  to be unscented might not like it.

Shade Selection: They have 18 shades covering browns, pinks, mauves and darker shades too (from website). Chambor lipsticks in general have shades that never look too garish or OTT. I think almost all shades would suit Indian skin tones well as most of them have a brownish or pinkish undertone.

About shade #670 ‘Silk Woods’ : It is a nude shade with an earthy pink undertone. Single swipe gives full pigmentation and coverage as you can see in the swatches below. This shade should suit most Indian skin tones upto maybe NC 42.  Duskier skin tones might find it a tad light for them. I find this to be the perfect nude shade for me( I am NC 37/40 in MAC )

Chambor Silk Touch Lipstick - 'Silk woods' (without flash : left- single swipe, right- 2 swipes )


Chambor 'Silk Touch Lipstick'- 'Silk Woods' (with flash : left- one swipe, right- two swipes)

The GOOD about Chambor ‘Silk Touch Lipsticks’

  • Very moisturizing
  • Super soft, smooth texture , glide easily on lips
  • Full pigmentation in a single swipe
  • Stays put for 3-4 hours even after mild eating/drinking
  • Fades evenly leaving tint on lips
  • Does not settle in creases,fine lines
  • Does not bleed or feather
  • Gives smooth, healthy gloss to lips on application
  • Shape of lipstick tip is curved for easier application
  • Contains no animal ingredients

The NOT-SO-GOOD about Chambor ‘Silk Touch Lipsticks’

  • Cannot tell the shade of the lipstick from the container as their is no color sticker or glass top on the cap

Here’s how it looks on me. I am not wearing lip liner or gloss, only the lipstick.

Look wearing Chambor 'Silk Touch lipstick' #670 'Silk Woods'

Final Verdict : These are the most moisturizing and pigmented lipsticks I have come across with amazingly soft texture and good staying power. Anybody who likes creamy lipsticks must own at least one of these.

Will I repurchase this: Most definitely Yes! Also in some other shade.

Rating: 4.75 ( -0.25 for the packaging )

Have you tried Chambor ‘Silk Touch Lipstick’? What shades did you like most?

Let me know by commenting below.


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  1. Good review..Frankly I have not even a single thing from Chambor..This sounds like a good one..I think I will get a different shade though.

    • Thanks Poornima. Somehow Chambor, despite having good products, is not very popular. If you use eye pencils, you can have a look at the ‘Dazzle’ range. They are really good. And do give these lipsticks a try. The ‘Truly Lasting’ range of lipsticks is also very good. I own 3 lipsticks from that range and I really love using them.

  2. thanks ankita. will surely check out this range. but in other shades as i am not into browny nudes. thanks a ton!

    • You’re welcome Natasha 🙂 I didn’t see all the shades properly but they have some pinks in the range too. Have you tried the ‘Truly lasting’ range from Chambor? They have some pretty pinks like ‘Truly strawberry’ and ‘Truly Coral’ too. I hope you find a nice shade for yourself. These lipsticks are such a delight to use.

  3. I like your detailed description of contents as generally when we purchase lipsticks we see only the colour and the brand name.

    Seeing the contenets it is giving a good feeling that it contains all the right things like shea butter honey wax etc.

    I also like Chambor lipsticks a lot – they are ultra smooth and look good on Indian skins .

    Giving your own pictures is a good idea as it gives a clear visualisation how the lipstick will look . Keep it up !!

  4. i can see d creaminess in d swatch..looks gud…n d colors very pretty..n liked ur eye makeup too 🙂

  5. Chambor is a quiet brand na? I too like their products… had an eye pencil that I used for 5 years!!! It was awesome…

    The lipstick seems pretty nice… very wearable daytime colour… 🙂 what nailpaint are you wearing?

    • 🙂 I love Chambor products. What eye pencil was it? I’m using Dazzle eye pencils and they are really great.

      The lipstick is really good for daytime wear. Gives a very natural moisturized look but the great thing is that it’s not sheer. I’m not such a fan of sheer lipsticks.

      I’m wearing Lakme nail paint D416 Manish Malhotra collection. It looked quite pink in the bottle, turned out more reddish on the nails and looks more maroonish in these pics. It’s quite good actually. Has hardly chipped in 4 days.

  6. hiiiii. i have “true pearl” in the chambor lasting lipstick range- i actually got it for free a few months ago with some purchase 🙂 yeah but today i checked this silky touch range and u r so right, its good! i fell for it bang on! will buy a peachy pink shade called “silk pop” or “pink pop” early next week from the silky touch range. thnaks so i also saw their baked blushes…they r sooooooo good too!

    • I’m going to check out the other shades in this range too. I had hardly seen many shades when I bought this one cos I was looking for a nude and this was just what I wanted. Don’t they have amazing texture! I used to think the Truly Lasting range was their best range but this one is even better! Whats ‘True pearl’ like? I have 3 lipsticks from this range-Terracotta, Nutty and Brownsugar.

      You’ve given me lots of things to explore now..Chambor baked blushes, Bourjois ‘lila dior’ Blushes. 🙂

  7. The more i see of chambor recently…the more i like it…

    • Chambor products are really good. I’ve never had a bad experience with anything from Chambor. Have you tried their eye pencils Mehak?

      I read your review on Chambor blushes- the ones with the powder/cream texture and I bought the shade ‘Star Delight’. Haven’t used it yet but it looks really good. Thanks!

  8. actually bourjois lilas dior is apparently a dupe of nars orgasm. the best shades in boujois as per most beauty blogs are the ones in the shade sries of 30’s (like 31,32 etc). those are the ones that have shimmer. but i have also heard that baked blushes tend to get a hard surface after sometime and are not at all easy to blend. but most women who are makeup experts use a stipling brush and are able to blend not very good at all that 😦

    chambor true peal is a peachy browny shade too. just more brown than peach n i think one shade lighter and it would have been exactly like the nude silky ouch lipstick u got!

  9. it looks so creamy!!! i loved how it looks on you plus the eye makeup!:)

    • Thank you Ik. It is reallly creamy! Plus it smells like freshly baked cookies.
      For my eyes I’ve used brown and golden from Chambor ‘Mystic’ eyeshadow trio. Glad you liked it 🙂


    here check these shades of boujois blushes. u will go crazy choosing jsut one out of them !

    • will go check thee out!:) freshly baked cookies??? i have to have this lippie. but this ll make me fat!:P hehe you’re looking beautiful!:*

    • They are gorgeous! They have so many pink and coral shades! 54,74, 15,16 look really good. The 30 something range might be too light for me I think. I’m sure half of them won’t even be available in India though 😦

  11. yeah u r right. those shades are probably for angreji girls 🙂 but i like 32 from the thirties. they also have a lip gloss called rose eclat (same name as blsuh 15). i tried it today and it is soooo beautiful. its a nice pink, part of their 3D glosses, comes in a blackish tube. i am going to buy that one for sure 🙂 laonwith that silky touch lippie next week 🙂

    • Even I like 32 most from the 30s range, though I’m not a big fan of shimmer. I like satiny finish blushes more.
      Rose Eclat sounds really good. I like earthy pinks! Let me know how the 3D gloss and silk touch lippie works out for you. Till then I have these blushes and Chambor baked blushes to explore.

  12. hiii…Ankita i really liked ur eye make its just awsum..wht color r u wearing on ur eyes…

  13. hi..ankita….am new to ursite…….just discovered it a copule of days aga and havebeen hooked!!!!!
    brought the silk touch from chambor silk star.thats my first pink lippy btw….have all in mauves and brownish pinks ….its reaallllly creammmmy…and ,akes me look at least 5 yrs younger………….LOL….am planning to buy more shades ..soon!!

    • Thank you Shivani 🙂 Silk Star was an impulse purchase for me but I’m glad I got it! I know, its the creamist lipstick I have used. If you’re planning to pick up more shades, go for corals , orange or a fuchsia shade suiting your skin tone. They are really ‘in’ right now and look great in the summer.

  14. thanks ankita……okk….have to tell you this today went and bought revlon colorburst rosy nude….and loved it too…..have u tried it??? also got colorbar i glide prunella….colorbar blush just earth,….and got a gawgeus shocking pink make up kit as a freebie yipppeeee!!!:)

    wanted to buy soft rose in that collection too….REVLON..drooling abt it already…but will have to wait………:(

  15. hey r u on fbk???
    would want to follow ur blog htere too if possible

  16. hi…my skin tone is fair wheatish..use maynelline fawn foudation….dark circles are a biggggg issue with me…:(
    have tried a couple of concealers but to no avail 😦

    • Which concealers have you tried Shivani? If you have MAC in your city, do try out their concealers at the store. The make up artist there will guide you in shade selection. I had BeYu concealer and I used it for a few months but it wasn’t so good. Recently I purchased the Select Cover up Concealer from MAC and its really really good! MAC is expensive but their base makeup is excellent! I don’t believe in purchasing lipsticks and blushes from very high end brands but base makeup should always be good!

  17. went through your tutorial…very informative…tried it with just earth and beach plum from maybelline (Blush)
    did not use a highlighter tho…

  18. theres mac somewhere in mumbai but i live in mulund and its a task to travel all the way will have to maaro maska to hubby to drive me 😉
    desperately want to buy a few basic mac products …but sochna padega when!!
    the trial was good …since i have a round face the contouring helped….i also appplied just earth beneath the chin ..the effect was nyc… thx so much

  19. hi akita…finally went to palladium today…luckily hubby had to go there for some work so tagged along…and have a major haul with me…

    mineralize foundation nc42
    long wear concealer nw 40
    techno kohl eyeliner in auto de blu(tealish indigoish blue)
    eyeshadaow in oomberta…
    satin finish lip color in verve…(lovely brownish pin k shade….)
    and lipglass love child…..
    am soosooooo happy…hubby was teelling me ab to tmhari dil ki ichha poori ho gayi..was after his life for around 10 months now…heheh lol…

    • That’s a super haul Shivani! You know techna kohl eyeliner Auto de bleu is quite similar to MAC Siahi gel liner. I’ve not seen oomberta eyeshadow but will check it out when I go to MAC! Verve is a lovely shade and is a nice nude with the pink undertone for Indian skin tones. I’ve seen swatches of Love child on other sites and it looks beautiful! Enjoy your haul 🙂

  20. hey thanks somuch……… a coppery brown or more of a shimmery brown …and verve suits my skin yes…
    i ama only worried abt the concealer… i thot that for my foundn its a bit dark…tho it covered my dark circles fairly well…not completely tho…
    when i spoke to the mua over there she said that if she aplied it too much or chaged the shade they would show more…so was kinda worried..
    have not tried applying it as yet after i came home…

  21. also since a concealer should be lighter than the foundation and have a yellow tinge …i feel that this is not the rigth one tho it ooked fine in the store lightig..:((((
    worried that this might not be the right one and that was the only reason i went to palladium all the way!!!

  22. was right about the concealer…gives me reddish undertone…hey ankita do by ay chance know whether mac has a return policy??

    • MAC doesn’t have a return policy Shivani. But you can go back and ask them to tell how to make it work for you. A lot of time things look good when the MUA applies it and doesn’t give the same effect when we try it ourselves at home. It took me 3-4 trials to get my concealer application right. There’s no rule that the concealer should be lighter than the foundation. My foundation is NC40 and concealer NC 45.5. I think its generally darker only. Also the yellow tinge is to hide the purplish/bluish undertones of the under eye area (NC shades of concealer), the red tinge is to hide the greenish undertones of the under eye area(NW shades). Give it a few more trials, vary the quantity you apply and set it with powder. Hope it works 🙂

  23. hey thanks so much for your advice
    …..yesterday went to inorbit..had a lovely experience there….the mua pooja(namrita was not available)..gave me acolor corrector and then appiled the same concealer…it showed only some effect..ot much though…then she showed me studio finish NC45…over the color corrector and it looked much better…
    also she made me do an eye on my own after she did one….
    ended up buying the color corrector and the studio finish too!!!
    you know i did not kow that ysl ,estee lauder mufe was available there…our suburb malls suck big time when it comes to makeup… i wish they have a mac,mufe,ysl in ghatkopar too!!! do not know whether ghatkopar ss has thes e counters@@

    • Studio finish comes out really well in pictures. I’ve never seen the color corrector but it sounds good. I hope it can make the long wear concealer work for you cos its a great product! I didn’t know there was SS in Ghatkopar..I generally shop from R-city. MUFE is only available at Inorbit. And Clinique, YSL, Estee lauder etc are not available in Mulund SS though I’ve seen them in Andheri SS (where there’s a MAC Counter also)

  24. the ss in ghatkopar is atleast 6-8 yrs old…went shopping there withh friends durinng mbbs days…:)
    dont know the exact address though….

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