Bourjois Glitter Fizz Eyeliner Review + FOTD

Hi everyone!

Today I’m reviewing Bourjois Glitter Fizz eyeliner in shade #31 Black Star.

Bourjois is a French based cosmetic brand that has recently started gaining popularity in the Indian cosmetic arena. You will generally find a small counter of Bourjois among the crowded Maybelline,  Revlon and Lakme  counters at Lifestyle stores. This eyeliner is one of my first experiences with this brand and so far, I’m really liking their products.

Bourjois Glitter fizz eyeliner is a water-resistant liquid eyeliner with fine silver glitter particles suspended in it. It comes in many colors but the website says only black and green. I have seen it in navy blue too.

Image from Bourjois website- Black glitter liner

Price : Rs 525

Quantity :  2.5 ml

Information from the website :



Ultra resistant eyeliner in black and vibrant green.

With Added glitter for a look Which Will make you sparkle from under the spotlights at a party.
Easy to apply and comfortable to wear. For irresistible party doe-eyes.”

Packaging:It comes in a sleek long tapering plastic bottle. The bottle is colored according to the color of the eyeliner. Since I have this product in black, the bottle is black colored with fine silver shimmer particles embedded in the plastic, much like the eyeliner. The handle is long and has a brush of decent quality though I feel the brush could have been better. Nevertheless, the brush is good enough for easy application.

The bottle contains an opening which is not very well visible from outside, but you can feel its there when you are taking out the brush because a little pressure is required to pull it through that opening. It feels like its made of thick rubber or some soft plastic. It ensures that if the bottle sometime topples over, no product will spill out and be wasted. It also ensures that just the right amount of product comes out on the brush. The quantity pulled out once is enough to draw a thick line on the one eye.


Bourjois Glitter Fizz liner- Black

Bourjois Glitter Fizz liner- BRUSH

Consistency: It has the consistency of a typical liquid eyeliner. It is thick, not too runny and has fine silver glitter particles which are well suspended in a black base liquid and do not separate out of the liquid. The glitter particles are not chunky and not abrasive on the eyes.  The consistency is just right for easy and comfortable application.

Pigmentation: The black of the liner is a well pigmented black and the glitter  particles are uniformly distributed in the liquid. It dries fast and is water-resistant. It does not smudge.  I tried it on my hand without anything underneath and also with  Maybelline black gel eyeliner as base and it looked a little better with the base but on the eyes it looks the same.

It gives a nice glittery effect to the eyes which is ideal for evening parties but the shimmer doesn’t look OTT if worn in the day. Worn alone or with eyeshadow- it looks great either way.

Bourjois Glitter Fizz liner- Swatches (left: without base, right : with black gel liner as base)

Staying Power: The staying power of this eyeliner is awesome. I’ve worn it for 6-7 hours with no fading or smudging. It comes off only when removed with an oil based makeup remover. I used coconut oil to remove it.

Here’s how it looked on my eyes with grey/black eyeshadow-

Bourjois black glitter liner

Bourjois black glitter liner

The GOOD about Bourjois Glitter Fizz liner

  • Good consistency, neither too runny nor too thick
  • Good sturdy packaging and decent quality brush
  • Water-resistant and smudge-proof
  • Very good staying power
  • Comes off easily with oil based makeup remover
  • Opthalmologically tested, did not cause any irritation to my eyes
  • Glitter particles uniformly suspended in liquid, not abrasive to the eyes
  • Good pigmentation
  • One dip on the bottle gives enough product for one eye
  • Can be worn in the daytime or evening

The NOT-SO-GOOD about Bourjois Glitter Fizz liner

  • Pricey. I find it a little expensive for a small bottle.
  • The brush could have been a little better at this price.
  • Ingredients are not listed anywhere on the packaging or the website though it just says opthalmologically tested.

Here’s the look I did today using this eyeliner. Its a grey smokey eye with black at the corners and crease paired with Revlon Colorburst Lipstick in ‘Crimson’ sheered out with lip balm. The best lip to go with this eye would most likely be a nude peachy pink but I wanted to see how sheered out  Crimson would look with this.


FOTD with Bourjois black glitter liner and Revlon Colorburst 'Crimson'

Final Verdict: Its a good product, a little pricey though but a very wearable glitter eyeliner that can be worn in the day as well as for an evening party. The consistency, pigmentation, staying power is very good. Its not an essential but you can definitely go for it if you like glittery eyeliners. The product will not disappoint you.

Will I repurchase it? Not at this price. If its on discount, will definitely try out the other shades.

Rating : 4.25/5 ( for the reasons listed above )

Have you tried any products from Bourjois Cosmetics? Let me know your comments by replying below.

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  1. the liner sure is pretty…

  2. OMG…i lovvvve the last photo of yours… us how you did your eye makeup in that na….the smokey looking eyes….
    Blogrolling you !

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