Grey Black Smokey eye TUTORIAL

Hi everyone!

Today I’m doing a tutorial on grey/black smokey eyes that I had worn for my previous post HERE.

Smokey eyes using Bourjois black glitter liner

This is the completed look –

Finished look- grey black smokey eye

Products used (in order) :

1. BeYu eye base

2. Maybelline Shadow stylist loose powder eyeshadow in shade ‘Sultry Black’

3. Jordana Incolor matte eyeshadow in shade 02 Black Tie Affair

4. Faces eyeshadow brush

5. Maybelline chai latte quad for brow bone highlight shade

6. Lotus Herbals Kajal

7. Bourjois Glitter Fizz eyeliner in black

8. Maybelline Colossal Volume mascara

Products used for grey black smokey eye

Swatches (top: with primer , bottom :without primer )- L-R : Maybelline Shadow stylist (sultry black) , Jordana Incolor black eyeshadow, Brow bone color Maybelline chai latte quad

Step 1:  Priming

This is a very important step to bring out the color of the eyeshadow and help it stay longer. The Maybelline shadow stylist loose powder eyeshadow I’m using here (the shade name is ‘Sultry black’ but since its a grey color, I’ll be referring to it as the grey shade) barely shows up and has crazy fallout if I don’t use a base underneath. Its very difficult to work with this shadow – it doesn’t blend, it creases a lot- but this is the only matte grey in my collection right now so I’m using this. You can also do this look working only with a matte black eyeshadow.

Apply a small amount of primer over entire lid right up to the brow and also on the lower lash line. Allow it to get absorbed.

Step 1: Priming

Step 2: Lid color

Apply grey eyeshadow all over the lid extending it a little outwards at the outer corner.

Step 2: Grey Shadow

Step 3:  Outer corner

Apply the matte black eyeshadow on the outer corner forming a ‘V’ and using a fluffy blending brush , start blending the grey and black. The Maybelline shadow stylist in grey that I am using is a nightmare to blend. I used some loose powder to aid the blending but it hardly helped.  I had to keep applying more and more and for some reason it kept vanishing- where I do not know- the brush, or my skin ? :-\

Step 3: Outer corner and Blending

Step 4: Lower lash line and brow bone

Use a thin brush (pencil or angular) apply some grey eyeshadow along the lower lash line. You don’t need to too careful as you can always clean up and get the precision you desire using a Q-tip later on.

At this stage, the eye just looks surrounded by an untidy mess of grey and black. Apply a little highlighter on the brow bone. You can also simply use some loose powder. I have used brow bone highlight shade from Maybelline chai latte quad.

Step 4: More grey e/s on lid and lower lash line

Step 5: Clean up!

Now this is the step that will give more definition to the eye. Using a moistened Q tip- clean up the excess on the lower lash, inner corner and outer corner. To give the ‘lift’ to your eyes, clean up the outer corner along a line joining the outer most corner of the eye to the outer tip of the eyebrow as shown by the red line in the picture.

Step 5: Clean up

Step 5 : Clean up

Step 6: Apply kajal, liner and mascara

Apply loads of kajal on the lower lash line and tightline the upper line. Loads of kajal blending into the grey/black on the lower lash line is very important for the smokey eye. Apply winged liner – here I am using Bourjois Glitter Fizz liner in shade Black Star. It has beautiful silver shimmer and you can read my review on it HERE. Apply 2 coats of mascara to finish up.

Step 6: Kajal, Liner and mascara

Now you can see that the Maybelline Shadow stylist has managed to vanish from my lid again. I am not going to bother with it  (Sorry Maybelline, but this is one of worst eyeshadows I have come across!! ) I am just going to pat a little of the matte black eye shadow on my lid to finish up the look. Smudge the sharp line on the outer corner slightly with brush/finger.

Adding black eye shadow on lid

Here’s the finished Grey Black Smokey Eye look

Grey black smokey eye

Grey black smokey eye

Tips for creating Smokey eyes :

1. Blending! There should not be harsh lines, the eyeshadow at the lid and crease should fade out slowly towards the brow bone.

2. Lower lash line : Apply the colors you are using on the lid to the lower lash line also about 3/4th of the way starting from outer corner.

3. Kajal and tightlining : Apply lots of kajal and let it blend with the lower lash line. Tightlining also brings out the smokey look.

4.Black base:  Smudge black eye pencil like MAC smolder or Revlon crayon on the eyelid before applying the shadow to bring out the color of the lid eyeshadow. You don’t need to use eyeliner if you are using this technique. I have used it to create a Blue Smokey eye look in my post HERE.  I have not used it here since the Maybelline Shadow stylist didn’t work well with this method at all.

5. Outer corner : Extend the eyeshadow beyond the crease and upwards at the outer corners. Blend it outwards and upwards. Don’t end it abruptly at the crease and corner.

Have you tried the smokey eye look ? What’s your favourite lipstick/gloss to pair with smokey eyes? Let me know by commenting below.

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  1. Thanksss for the tute…ankita!! Looks great! I always mess up on smokey eyes…

  2. looks pretty..n nice tut…

  3. Looks really nice 🙂

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