FOTD using MAC Blue Brown pigment

Hi everyone!

Here’s a look I tried using MAC Blue Brown pigment for the first time.  Blue brown pigment is a duo chrome pigment from MAC with a reddish brown base and reflecting teal shimmer. I bought it as part of a 5 pigment set named ‘Smokey Thrillseekers‘ from the Tartan Tale collection.

It is the most interesting pigment of the set and it produces a beautiful dual reflection effect. It can be used with different bases to bring the different hues of this pigments- brown/nude to bring out the browns, black/blue to bring out the teal shimmer. I have used it with black base by smudging Revlon crayon pencil on the lids before applying the pigment.

MAC blue brown pigment FOTD

Products used for EYES :

1. BeYu eye base

2. Revlon crayon eye pencil ‘Black’

3. MAC Blue brown pigment

4. Maybelline chai latte quad (for dark brown -crease and highlight- brow bone shades)

5. VOV liquid eyeliner

6. Lotus herbals kajal

7.Maybelline Colossal volume mascara

8. BeYu concealer

9. Fluffy brush

Products used for eyes - MAC blue brown pigment FOTD

MAC Blue Brown pigment-

MAC blue brown pigment

MAC blue brown pigment- swatch

MAC blue brown pigment- swatch

MAC blue brown pigment eye makeup

Products used for face :

1. MAC studio fix liquid foundation NC40

2. Chambor silver shadow compact ‘RR2’ shade

3. Colorbar blushes- just earth(contouring), Peachy rose

4. Vega blush brush

5. The Body Shop sponge

Products used for face -MAC blue brown pigment FOTD

Products used for LIPS :

I mixed 2 lipsticks to get the peachy pink shade I wanted to go with the eyes- a nude brownish shade and a brownish pink shade.

1. Lotus herbals lip balm

2. Chambor lip liner ’03’

3. Chambor Silk touch lipstick ‘Silk Woods’

4. Revlon colorburst ‘Rosy Nude’

5. Maybelline watershine lip gloss ‘Beige sensation’

6. Vega lip filler brush

Products used for lips -MAC blue brown pigment FOTD

Final look :

MAC blue brown pigment FOTD

Have you used MAC Pigments? Which is your favorite pigment? Let me know your comments by replying below.

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  1. U r lukkin stucnnin Ankita…Loved the shade that u hav created for the lips….awesummmm…btw how is the Beyu eye primer..wats da cost????

    • Thank you Farha 🙂 I wanted to create the peachy pink look for the lips. Glad you liked it. BeYu primer is pretty good. I haven’t used paint pots or any other primer so I don’t have anything to compare with. It makes eyeshadows more vibrant, makes them last longer but it has tiny shimmer particles which I don’t like when I’m trying to do a simple matte look. It costs Rs 450. But I’ve used it a lot and still a lot of it is left I guess, only a teeny tiny amount is required.

  2. wow…. looking awesome….

  3. This is gorgeous – Blue Brown pigment is supposedly the more daring version of Club eyeshadow 🙂 I have this pigment set and am going to try using Dark Soul from it. Have heard wonderful reviews of that gunmetal colour.

    • Its indeed a gorgeous pigment Fieran. 🙂 I’ve never had a look at club eyeshadow but I definitely want to try out more duo chrome pigments from MAC..any recommendations? I did try out Dark soul and it gave the most awesome evening wear smokey eyes.

      • My friend PinchyPeach ( has mentioned colours like Pink Bronze, Pink Opal, that are duochrome. A duochrome e/s that she likes is Vex. I don’t have many duochrome colours 🙂 I love The Family Crest, Push The Edge, Chocolate Brown, Moonlight Night, and Later pigments. They’re not duochrome though.

        • Moonlight light, Later and Family Crest look amazing! (just seen swatches). Will definitely have a look when I’m at MAC next. Thanks Fieran!
          Pink Opal and Vex are beautiful but a tad light for my skin tone, would work great as highlighters though. I like stars and rockets among the duochrome e/s, its a bright purple with blue pearl. I’ve only seen swatches on other blogs but it looks very pretty!

    • Thanks Bhumika! It not possible to have every shade of lipstick/gloss and mixing gives very pretty shades sometimes.

    • You can use Pink Opal and Vex – as the colours for the inner corner on your eyelid. I have seen Stars and Rockets but never really swatched it before.

      I guess you and I are similar in the sense that we look for darker colours.

      • Thanks Fieran. I will have a look at Pink Opal, Vex and Pink Bronze when I’m at MAC next time. I have recently started using lighter shades on the inner corners and I really like the effect it gives. Is the family crest pigment from Tartan tale collection?
        I like darker colors as I find them suiting my skintone, hair color and eye color better. I haven’t swatched Stars and Rockets too but I’ve seen pictures of it online and it looks quite pretty.

  4. gorgeous look ankita..the blue brown pigment looks sooo tempting!

  5. lovely loook yaa- u make the pigment seem so easy to apply- loved the combo :d

  6. Thnks dear…i need to buy an e/s primer…

    • You’re welcome!You can try this Farha. I use it everytime I use eyeshadows. It makes my eyeliner also last longer. Since we don’t have Urban Decay in India, its either this or MAC paint pot.

  7. awesome i love the colour of the pigment..! and evn the lips..!! where wud we get this beyu primer in mumbai?

  8. thankyou..!!i really dont remember the shade its an old pic which i found in an album and clicked from hardcopy…hehehe.. but its sure lakme ..when their longstay range used to be packed in matte darkgreen long tubes..!!
    thanks i do dat silver highlighting thing always.. as i have slightly hooded it just gives a pop to whatever lid area visible 😉 😉

    ghatkopar too far from my place but ill defntly check pantaloons’makeup counters more closely here if theres a beyu.. 🙂

    • Your eye makeup is looking really beautiful. I’ll be looking to find a dupe of that lip color you’re wearing. Love the rosy shade! 🙂
      The BeYu primer is quite good. I hope you find BeYu in other Pantaloons’ stores.

  9. gee thanx again..! ;D
    and do lemme know tooo if u find a dupe for this shade used to be my favouritest.. would love to have a dupe…

    infact evn that highlightong onn my lid is done with this particular brand etude ka creme eyeshadow… i never found it anywhere after becoz even though i still have it, its expired and iv saved it becoz its tooo beautiful..hoping to find it somewhere… if u ever ever see etude brand anywhere pweeez tell me .. 🙂 since it seems u from mumbai too 😉

    • I’ll definitely let you know if I find a dupe of this Neha. I know Etude..I think you’ll be able to find it in beauty/cosmetic shops- you could try Beauty centre in Khar. My hometown is Bhopal and I’ve seen this brand there in shops a lot!

  10. Love this eye makeup with my fav pigment 🙂

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