Chambor Truly Lasting lipstick : Review , Swatches and FOTDs

Hi everyone!

Today I am reviewing one of my favorite lipsticks- Chambor Truly Lasting lipstick

Chambor truly lasting lipstick

Price : Rs 525 or 550

Quantity : 1.9 g ( on an average lipsticks  are in the range 3.7-4.5 g )

What the Chambor website says :

Chambor Truly lasting Lipsticks have a long-wearing formula with shea butter sunscreen and vitamins A & E that pamper and comfort while creating maximum color impact and helps lips look smooth and even. It is delicately fragranced with a fresh scent and packaged in a striking, sophisticated case which is quite chic.

So steal the show with Chambor Truly Lasting Lipsticks…
For colour that lasts and lasts and lasts…
and for lips that surprise you, every time!!

A Stylish Extra Long Lipstick which moisturizes, conditions & protects lips.

  • Shea Butter (Nourishes the lips. Good for dehydrated and dry lips).
  • Vitamin A (Hydration).
  • Vitamin – E (Anti – Ageing).
  • SPF – 15.


  • It has a rich creamy shiny texture & gives a glossy finish.
  • Water Resistant : Long Lasting Effect.
  • Triple Action Formula.
  • Regular use o makes the Lips Soft & Healthy.
  • No Animal Ingredients.
  • Non – Comodogenic. “

Packaging : Chambor Truly lasting lipstick comes in a long thin navy blue casing with a thin silver metal band in the centre , shade name at one end and the trademark Chambor rose at the other end. The casing is thickest in the centre and tapers off towards the ends. Inside, the lipstick is housed in a thin silver casing.

I find the packaging very chic and different from normal lipsticks the only drawback being that the only way to distinguish between shades is to read the labels. I own 3 lipsticks from this range #911 Truly Nutty, #916 Truly terracotta,  #924 Truly Brownsugar.

Chambor truly lasting lipstick

Chambor truly lasting lipstick- size comparison with Revlon Colorburst

Chambor truly lasting lipstick

Texture: The texture is very soft and creamy (though not as creamy as newly launched Chambor Silk Touch lipsticks. Read review HERE ). They glide on lips like lip butter and give a moisturized feel and look to the lips. As the info from the website says- it contains shea butter which is responsible for the nourishing effect of these lipsticks.

Pigmentation : They are very pigmented and give full coverage which is buildable. Because of their smooth texture, they can be sheered out with lip balm to give only a tint.

Finish : They have neither matte nor shimmery. They give a glossy moisturized look to the lips which is typical of creamy moisturizing lipsticks.

Ingredients : They don’t come with an outer carton unlike the Silk touch range which has a complete list of ingredients on the outer carton. The website only gives a partial list of ingredients.

Staying Power: The name itself says truly lasting and the website also claims long wearing. I have found their staying power 4-5 hours with mild eating and drinking. However, since they are creamy, they tend to transfer to cups/glasses.  When they fade, they leave an even tint on the lips and don’t settle into fine lines after a long time.

Scent: The scent of these lipsticks reminds me of freshly baked cookies. It is not an overpowering scent but its not very mild either. People who like their lipsticks  unscented might not like it.

Shade Selection: They have wide shade selection of 21 shades covering browns, pinks, corals, mauves and darker shades too (from website).

The GOOD about Chambor ‘Truly Lasting  Lipsticks’

  • Very moisturizing, Gives smooth, healthy gloss to lips on application
  • Super soft, smooth creamy texture , glide easily on lips
  • Good pigmentation with buildable coverage
  • Stays put for 4-5 hours even after mild eating/drinking
  • Contains shea butter, Vitamin A,E
  • SPF 15
  • Fades evenly leaving tint on lips
  • Does not settle in creases,fine lines
  • Does not bleed or feather
  • Feels light on lips, comfortable to wear
  • Non-comodogenic, water resistant
  • Contains no animal ingredients, not tested on animals

The NOT-SO-GOOD about Chambor ‘Truly Lasting Lipsticks’

  • Quantity is too less..1.9 g is half of the average quantity of lipsticks (3.7-4.5 g)
  • Cannot tell the shade of the lipstick from the container as their is no color sticker or glass top on the cap
  • Pricey for such less quantity
  • Incomplete list of ingredients

Lipsticks I own from Truly Lasting range :

#911 Truly Terracotta, #911 Truly Nutty and  #924 Truly Brownsugar.

L-R: Terracotta, Nutty, Brownsugar


Without flash :L-R: Terracotta, Nutty, Brownsugar (single swipe on left and double swipe right)

With flash L-R: Terracotta, Nutty, Brownsugar (single swipe on left, double swipe on right )

About #911 Truly Terracotta

It is a red-brown shade that worn sheerly gives a very pretty tint to the lips. This shade always brightens up my face even when worn without foundation/eye makeup.

Truly Terracotta (sheer)

Truly Terracotta: full coverage

About #916 Truly Nutty

Its a deep mauve with earthy pink undertones. Worn sheerly its doesn’t show a lot since my lips have mauve undertones.  I think it would work very well with Indian skin tones because of the earthy pink undertone. I find this shade very different from the regular pinks ,nudes and browns.

Truly Nutty

Truly Nutty

About #924 Truly Brownsugar

It is a pure medium brown shade with no pink ,red or mauve undertone that looks too dark on me when worn with full coverage but is great for mixing lipsticks. I always reach for it when I want to tone down a lipstick/gloss with a brown undertone to suit my complexion. Looks especially good when you are wearing heavy/colorful  eyemakeup and don’t want to go completely nude on the lips and pink/mauve is not matching with the eyemakeup.

Truly Brownsugar (sheer)

Truly Brownsugar

Final Verdict:  It combines great pigmentation, decent lasting power and wide shade selection with Chambor’s speciality of creamy smooth textured lipsticks. Contains shea butter, Vit A, Vit E and SPF 15 that moisturizes, heals and protects lips. However, the quantity is too less for the price.

Will I repurchase it ? No. I liked them enough to buy 2 more shades after my initial purchase of #911 Truly Terracotta but now that Chambor has come up with Silk Touch range, I would buy those because of creamier texture and 4.5 g quantity for similar price.

Rating : 4/5

Products used for EYES :

products used for eyes



Products used for face :

Products used for face

Have you tried Chambor Truly lasting lipstick?  What is your favorite shade? Let me know your comments by replying below!


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  1. Truly nutty looks have applied gloss on top of it in that first pic?i liked your eye make up too 🙂

    • Thanks Shyna! No I’ve not applied gloss on top in any of the pics, the lipstick itself has a glossy effect, its super moisturizing! For eye makeup I’ve used the Chambor trio shown in the picture. Glad you liked it 🙂

  2. my first request for u…do a step by step for the eyes of the day
    IN EVERY DETAil please

  3. loved ur eyemakeup!! 🙂
    really liked terracotta and brownsugar on u…

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