Bourjois natural sweet kiss lipstick ‘Rose Delicat’ : Review + FOTD

Hi everyone!

Today I’m reviewing Bourjois Natural Sweet kiss lipstick in shade ‘08 Rose Delicat‘.

Price : Rs 660

Quantity: 3 g

What the Bourjois Paris website says :

( The language may not be very correct since its French-> English translation)

Bourjois NATURAL sweet kiss Lipstick - Image from website

Bourjois natural sweet kiss lipstick



All the Benefits of Nature in one lipstick!

Its formula of 100% natural origin and Care Brings radiance to lips.

Enriched With magnolia oil and Shea butter, melting icts formula intensely nourisher lips, Leaving Them supple and Providing Them with 8 hours of moisture.

The intense and radiant shades illuminate your lips thanks to The 100% natural pigments selected for purity and Their Benefits: antioxidant green tea and soothing pink.

8 shades ranging from natural to The Most The Most Sophisticated and from Softer hues to more sensuous, beautiful lips for Naturally!”

Packaging : This lipstick comes in very pretty baby pink transparent  packaging with the shade number at one end and shade color (in plastic) on the other end. There is small silver knob that needs to be slid down to open the lipstick. The case closes with a click that ensures the lipstick won’t open while travelling.  Its easy to see the recognize the lipstick from outside because of the colored end of the casing.

Bourjois natural sweet kiss lipstick- Rose Delicat

Bourjois natural sweet kiss lipstick- Rose Delicat

Bourjois natural sweet kiss lipstick- Rose Delicat

Texture & Pigmentation : The lipstick is very smooth and soft though not as buttery as Chambor lipsticks. It glides easily on lips and gives medium coverage in single swipe. Coverage is buildable and true color is achieved in 2-3 swipes. It gives good hydration and even without lip balm underneath, lips feel supple and moisturized.

Finish: It gives a healthy semi-glossy finish on applying- its neither completely matte nor completely glossy.

Bourjois natural sweet kiss lipstick- Rose Delicat

Ingredients: The company claims 100% natural ingredients though complete list of ingredients is not given.

Staying Power: Staying power is a OK..about 2-3  hours without eating and drinking and it fades leaving even tint on the lips.Staying power is lesser when applied sheerly.  This is the most that can be expected from moisturizing lipsticks though some like Revlon Colorburst can survive meals also. This one, however, vanishes completely with eating and drinking.

Scent: It has a mild natural scent which seems like a mixture of lemon tea  and fresh green grass to me. The lemon tea is probably the smell of green tea which is included in the partial list of ingredients.

Shade selection:  Shade selection is quite limited. There are 8 shades in this range all of which  are pinks and peachy-pink colors with the exception of 1 red shade and 1 prune shade. All the shades are lovely though some may be a tad light for medium/dusky skin tones. Those who like pinks and peach shades must try at least one shade from this range.

The shade I own is ‘08 Rose Delicat‘. It is one of the subtler shades from the range and is a muted medium cool pink with a mauve undertone. Single swipe gives a very natural rosy look to the lips and 2-3 swipes gives its true color.

Bourjois natural sweet kiss lipstick- Rose Delicat (top: single swipe, bottom: 3-4 swipes)

The GOOD about Bourjois Natural sweet kiss lipstick :

1. 100% natural ingredients

2. Beautiful packaging which is sturdy and its easy to identify shades from outside.

3. Soft, smooth texture with good pigmentation and buildable coverage.

4. Good moisturization, fades with even tint on lips

5. Gives healthy semi-glossy look to the lips, keeps them soft and supple.

6. Does not settle in fine lines.

7. Beautiful shades. Though the selection is limited, the shades in itself are exquisite.

The NOT-SO-GOOD about Bourjois Natural sweet kiss lipstick :

1. Staying power is not so good..max upto 3 hours leaving behind slight even tint on lips. Completely vanishes with meals.

2. Expensive.

3. Limited shades though very nice options for those who like peaches and pinks.

This is how it looks on me-

Bourjois natural sweet kiss lipstick- Rose Delicat

Bourjois sweet kiss natural lipstick 'ROSE DELICAT'

I’ve also worn this lipstick  in my post on natural day time makeup HERE.

Final Verdict : The lipstick has a very attractive and sturdy packaging that will appeal to most women. The texture is quite soft, moisturization and semi-glossy finish is excellent but it loses points for its lesser staying power. The shades are limited though individually each of them are lovely. I would expect more quantity and perhaps better staying power at this price. Despite its limitations, its one of the lipsticks I reach for the most- for its beautiful color, finish and lastly the pretty transparent pink packaging! 😛

Rating: 4/5

Will I repurchase this ? If under discount or clubbed with an offer, most definitely YES! The shades are beautiful for everyday looks or to pair with dramatic eyes.

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  1. it looked too pretty on you … *superliked*

  2. u look soo pretty as always ankita.. :-* :-* :-* :-* the lipstick looks good…

  3. looks really nice…I am gonna check this out for sure…

    BTW if I may ask..why are you wearing an ‘M’ pendant ?

  4. its a very pretty shade loove it..looks absolutely pretty on you!!

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