Spring/Summer Look #1 Quick everyday look with colored liners

Hi everyone!

I am compiling a Spring/Summer Look Book featuring a series of looks and tutorials for this season. These will be my  interpretations of the Spring/Summer 2011 makeup trends and will be covering looks suited for different occasions – from light daytime looks to evening party looks.

Inspired by the colorful trends this season, I have already done looks with

These will be added to my Spring/Summer 2011 Look Book along with other looks that I will be doing in the coming days.

Hope you enjoy reading 🙂

The #1 look is a super quick everyday look which is pretty much everyone’s on-the-go makeup but with the added pop of a brightly colored liner. This season is all about bright colors- orange, fuchsia, turquoise, lime green and the list goes on. While black and brown are great colors for everyday lining of the eyes, they look very ‘regular‘. Adding a brightly colored liner instantly glams up your whole look without much of an effort.

Colors to look out for are brighter shades of blue ,green & purple.

On a well moisturized face, apply tinted moisturizer or light foundation, line upper lash line with black/brown pencil liner and apply a bright colored liner(turquoise, ice blue, parrot green, teal, purple,  silver/gold)  on the lower lash line ( or alternatively, bright liner on upper lash and kajal on lower lash line) and finish off the look with a little bronzer/blush and tinted lip balm/gloss.

Spring-summer quick daytime look with Chambor dazzle 'Teal' liner FOTD

Products used to create this look :

Products used for everyday makeup look with colored liners

FACE: MAC Studio Fix Fluid foundation NC 40 ,  Chambor Silver shadow compact ‘RR2 Rose Pale’ , Revlon Colorstay ‘Mineral finishing Powder #30 Sunkiss Radieux’ (bronzer)

LIPS : Nivea fruity shine lip balm ‘Pomegranate’


  • Chambor Dazzle eye pencil ‘Black’ (the ‘regular’ black liner) [For lining upper lash line ]
  • Maxfactor ‘Ice blue’ liner [on lower lash line]
  • Lotus herbals kajal(water line)

Spring-Summer eye makeup look with Maxfactor 'Ice blue' liner

Spring-Summer daytime look with Maxfactor 'Ice blue' liner FOTD

  • Chambor Dazzle eye pencil ‘Black’ (the ‘regular’ black liner) [For lining upper lash line ]
  • Maybelline Vivid and smooth ‘Olive green’ (lower lash line)
  • Lotus herbals kajal(water line)

Spring-Summer eye makeup look with Maybelline 'Olive green' liner

Spring- Summer everyday makeup look with colored liner FOTD

  • Chambor Dazzle eye pencil ‘Teal’
  • Lotus herbals kajal(water line)

Spring-summer eye makeup look with Chambor Dazzle 'Teal' liner

Spring-Summer eye makeup look with Chambor Dazzle 'Teal' liner FOTD

Swatches of colored liner- L-R: Chambor dazzle(black), Maxfactor (ice blue), Maybelline(olive green), Chambor dazzle(teal)

Maybelline Vivid and Smooth, Chambor Dazzle, Maxfactor Kohl Pencil and Bourjois Kohl and contour pencils have really good shades + decent staying power.

Have you tried bright colored liners? Which is your favorite one? Let me know your comments by replying below.


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  1. pretty Ankita..I am sooo dying to get my smoothening done… :

    Visit me @ http://oflipstickandblushes.blogspot.com

  2. Hey ankita!! Did you get hair smoothening done? I would love if you could do a post detailing the entire process. I am planning to get it done when I come to India next 🙂

    Lovely FOTD’s btw !! love those bright colors 🙂

    • Thanks Insiya! Ya I got smoothening done. Another reader asked me abt smoothening and I’ve given her some details which she’ll be putting up on her blog soon. I’ll let you know when she does 🙂

  3. hey so u did pick up that Ice Blue pretty soon 🙂 I do similar looks most of the times…love colored eye pencils and I have all the shades u’ve used too 🙂

  4. Lovely looks.. Liking the colour of your tee 🙂

  5. All the luks luk pwetttyyyy ankita….my chambor pencils are lyin untouched…maybe its time to use them now…:-)…

  6. pretty colors…I have gt so many…bt dont use it regularly..always in a rush..lakme glide on aqua green is nice too…

  7. Ohh…i hav midnight blue and brown…and a jade color that i got free with my purchase…

  8. u looking pretty honey 🙂 all the colors are awesome and must haves 😀 😀

  9. yeahh i have the pink one and its so oily yaar … let me see how is this ..
    it retails for 1400/- INR in lifestyle 😦 😦 …

    let me see ur complete post and see i will pick this from mumbai 🙂

    • Oily? A powder based formulation! They must have gone really bad with the formulation. This one is mineral based I think- so its not powdery also. It has a baked finish and it blends like a dream. I use only this in a lot of my posts. Do try it- I think you’ll like it

  10. ohh okay then i think i will give it a shot 😀 😀

  11. Hi!
    Love the look! In fact this is my quick fix makeup in office, whenever I want to perk things up.(which is everyday!! :P) My fav colored eyeliners is Chambor metallic blue…the pencil ha been used so much dat I cant see the shade no ..Body shop has this amazing emeraldgreen too

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