How to apply Blush/Bronzer :Photo Tutorial

Hi Everyone!

Today I’m doing a tutorial on How to apply blush/bronzer on Anks’s request.  Hope you find it useful.

This tutorial is in 3 steps –

1. Contouring (with darker shade blush, at hollow of the cheekbone)

2. Blush (on apple of the cheek)

3. Highlight(on top of the cheekbone)

blush tutorial- 3 steps

Step 1: Contouring

In this step, a darker shade of blush or contouring powder is applied right under your cheekbones. This gives an illusion of depth or shadow at the hollows of the cheekbones and gives a sculpted look to the face. It also gives definition to the cheekbones, making them appear higher and makes the face look slimmer. This step is also called ‘cutting’.

What to use : Any matte blush that is 2 shades darker than your skin tone or darker shade of foundation(though blending with liquid may require a little more effort as compared to powder) or contouring powder (available in some brands such as M.A.C ). I have used Colorbar ‘Just Earth‘ blush as its darker than my skintone.

Colorbar Just Earth for contouring

How to apply : Use contouring brush or any small brush (such as the one provided with most blushes) since the area of application is small. A sponge with angular tip such as the The Body Shop sponge can also be used.

Pull your cheeks in as shown and apply the contouring shade starting near the hairline , moving down towards the lips, following the contour of the cheekbones.

contouring/ sculpting cheeks

contouring cheeks

The blush should sit right at the hollow of the cheekbones and should start at the hairline midway next to the ears and slope downward towards the mouth as shown.

contoured cheeks

Step 2 : Blush

In this step, the blush color of your choice (should be lighter than contouring shade and close to your skin tone) is applied on the apples of the cheeks. To know the location of the apples of your cheeks, smile broadly – the region that is raised and gets balled up is the ‘apple’ of the cheek.

What to use: Blush shade lighter than contouring shade, closest to your skin tone for a natural look. I have used Colorbar ‘Peachy Rose‘. For this step, use a fluffy powder brush or blush brush. The applicators provided with the blushes are generally not the best. Invest in a blush brush for best results. I am using Vega blush brush.

Colorbar 'peachy rose'

Brushes used : Colorbar brush( the one that comes with the blush), Vega blush brush

How to apply : Using a fluffy brush, apply in sweeping motion starting at the apple of the cheek moving towards the hairline in upward slope. At the top , DO NOT go beyond the cheekbone to the under eye area. Keep at least 1-1-.5 cm gap from the under eye area. At the inner side, DO NOT take the blush right up the side of the nose, again maintain at least 1-1.5 cm gap. At the bottom, take the blush right upto where the contouring shade starts and blend it in with it.

blush application

Step 3: Highlight shade/bronzer

In this step, a shimmery/glittery shade of applied to the top most point of the cheekbones where light would reflect giving a ‘glow’ to the face and highlighting the cheekbones- coupled with contouring, this gives a sculpted and defined look to the cheeks.

highlighter application

What to use : Products sold as ‘highlighters’ , Peach-golden-siver Loose pigments or eyeshadows meant for browbone highlighting, shimmer brick, bronzer. I am using Revlon Colorstay mineral finishing powder ‘Sunkiss Radieux’.

Revlon bronzer

How to apply: This shade is to be applied sparingly and on a very small area i.e the top of the cheekbones. Using an eye shadow brush or small blush brush, pat on the highest point of the cheekbone and take is upwards along the bone as shown.


Final look

With contouring –

Blush application with contouring

Blush application with contouring

Blush application without contouring –

Blush application without contouring

For added effect of sculpting, sweep some of the contouring shade or bronzer under the jawline


What products do you use for the above 3 steps? Which is your favorite blush? Let me know your comments by replying below.


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  1. Oh wow Ankita…. This is a very good tutorial!! Thanks…. The difference is apparent in the 2 cheeks!

    • Thanks Anks 🙂 I hope its useful! btw I’m wearing Lotus ‘Peach Creme’ lipstick here(one of the lip colors I tweeted in response to your tweet). Its much brighter than how it appears in the pics and one of the shades that always brightens up the face.

  2. chennai ponnu

    Wow that was a super duper tutorial. If I can rate it, I d give a 5 star !!!

    • Thank you so much Ponnu Girl 🙂 Glad you found it useful!

    • This lipcolour is on my list…! I am wearing Vintage Rose by Oriflame layered on Sheer LipIce today 🙂 I like the majenta colour Lip Ice gives me but not the texture…

      I am looking for a lot of colours in the under 300 range these days and Lotus fits the bill perfectly 🙂 thanks again for your recos… 🙂

      • Is it from the ‘pure color’ range? I tried the pocket version of Coral rose but I neither liked the color nor the texture! You should definitely pick up few shades from Maybelline Moisture that price they are a steal! I like Lotus too..though haven’t explored it that much.

        • I went to get Peach Creme the other day…. the swatch was so not me 😦

          I wish I had the courage to try it on my lips… but with these neighborhood stores, i get scared…! I picked up 2 of color bombs instead… 🙂 one lilac (ya, I know… another purple shade) and one is this goldenish brown thats bright and can be worn nude with sheer application too…. nice….

          Any shade recos from the moisture extreme range?

          The oriflame one i have is a pocket lipstick… the chhotu one. I don’t remember the range. They have soooo many!

        • It’s too bad Peach creme didn’t suit you. I haven’t tried many from the Moisture extreme range but I’m planning to try some of the earthy pink shades like Windsor Rose and Dusky Rose. I have the same Oriflame pocket lipstick in ‘Coral Rose’..didn’t like it at all. It was too sheer and looked really bad on me.

  3. ohh ur contouring looks nice!!! i take my contour line above the jawline too……:P as i have kareena tyoe jaws 😦 😦 wish i dint have sucha broad jawline 😦

  4. Thanks for the tute Anikita…quite useful 🙂

  5. Very helpful tutorial Ankita

  6. Very useful and has cleared many fundas.Well done -keep it up !!


  8. OMG! This is a fantastic post Ankita! I’ve always felt a little confused about how to contour my cheeks (I have chubby cheeks :P) & this has really simplified it for me. Very helpful tutorial. Thanks

  9. Lovely post Ankita.. Very useful..

  10. dats very nicely explnd ankita…

  11. This is such a life saver. hehehe
    I honestly didnt know how to use a bronzer so the one I have is sitting in some corner… Im so glad I found this…
    Thanks a lot Ankita 🙂

  12. Wow that is a good one Ankita..and I love how peach creme looks on you, i always wanted to buy it but that dint happen yet..and you are right even i tried the oriflame pure color coral rose, it sucks texture wise n color is too sheer!!

  13. Btw which is your native look like a mallu!!

  14. hii…Ankita..thts really nyc…i m new here….searching sumthing n got ur post here…really amazing….

  15. wow! so well explained! and you are looking so summer ready! fresh and nice! totally love!:*

    • Thank you Ik! This is one of my very rare daytime pictures so I guess the lighting is making me look fresh 😛 Also I’ve not worn full foundation here..just concealer and compact. I’m loving my new MAC concealer..I bought Select moisture cover from the Mickey Contractor collection!

  16. you did?? I have the regular select moisture cover.. I will try the studio fix the next time..
    I dont take pictures in the day either!! I have office to go to!:P I never wore full foundation.. guess I dint get it right yet plus i even my face then put blush which just makes me look like the weird version of my real self..:P so.. I dont like wearing foundations only!! 😦

    • The regular one is ‘select cover-up’ and this one is ‘Select moisture cover’. I think I’d read your review on IMBB long back on the select cover-up. This one also has a liquid consistency and the best thing is I can wear it alone set with some powder for a very natural finish- I think studio fix is more coverage and heavier. Don’t think it can be worn without foundation. It photographs better though 😛

      • yeah you are absolutely right about the studio fix.. I have the Select Moisture Cover only.. its a regular one.. not from Mickey Contractors collection.. Jinal recently did a review of the select cover up I think.. 🙂

      • Oh sorry my bad! I thought the regular one is ‘cover up’ and LE one is ‘moisture cover’. Yeah Jinal reviewed that one recently. I’d though I’d try the studio finish cos I have studio fix foundation but this shade suited me better plus I liked the idea of concealer fixed with powder and no foundation look for the summer! When the MUA applied it, it looked so natural and wearable.

        • combination is such a pain the the bum! mine is dry/ combination in warm months and super dry during winters! and the new development is sensitive! HMMMPPPHHHH

      • Actually I’d gone for Siahi only that day and just thought I’d try a MAC concealer since I’ve wanted one for some time. And I liked it so much that I purchased that too alongwith Siahi. 😀

        • totally!!! 🙂 I like the idea of no foundation either… infact, I’ve been going without concealer too.. even though I have terrible dark circles.. I just dont feel like putting anything other than sunblock on my face and nice juicy gloss! 😀

        • I just run to class in the morning with Nivea fruity shine lip balm and sometimes green/blue liner or kohl if I have a few extra min. Which gloss do you use?
          I’ve ordered the tinted gel moisturizer from oriflame this looked good in the catalogue..will review it once I get it. I’ve always wanted to try a tinted moisturizer but neither Ponds nor Biotique ones seemed very suitable for my skin.

        • I got cosmo with siahi and which powder do you use to set your concealer? cause mine doesnt give much coverage plus it turns gray with most powders now and if i dont, it runs and takes my Kohl along it!:(

        • heyyy I wanted to try that!! never tried a tm,,… guess I’ll go check ponds out cause my skin is pretty dry and sensitive!! let me know how the oriflame one works out!:)

        • oh and my staple is the Nivea one.. but off late I’m using the Maybelline glosses too that I have for long.. trying to use them up now!:P I do green eyeliner or siahi and black too!:D kohl and gloss!:P and I forget sunscreen most of the times. I want to try the no kohl look.. but people think I’m sick if I’m caught without kajal!:(

        • I use Chambor compact to set my concealer and it does a good job.

        • I know what you mean..without kohl I look ill too. I think Ponds is less heavy than the Biotique one. Dry can definitely try it! Though my skin is also shifting from oily to combination now.

  17. Hi Ankita, this is really a nice & useful tute, and the difference between the 2 cheeks is really noticeable. Thank you for this.

  18. Are you talking about oriflame make me peach tinted moisturizer??I got it, used only once so tell me how you feel about does have lots of golden shimmer na?you said your family is from Mathura, you mean in tamilnadu??

    • Ya Shyna I’ve ordered the peach glow tinted moisturizer. I haven’t received by package yet but golden shimmer 😦 I was expecting something subtle for daily wear. I’ll let you know how I feel abt it once I receive my products. Mathura as in Uttar Pradesh not Tamil Nadu 🙂 I’m a northie.

  19. Oh remind me of my school friend..i dont know to explain, she hails from a royal family and is a great classical dancer, and even you have that typical features!!am confused how to explain about that tinted moisturizer, it does have lots of golden shimmer and i think it looks ok if you apply little, but it is perfect for night is what i thing which i din like is the strong fruity smell which i dont like much in any facial products.smells like a body lotion!din get time to experiment much though…

    • I’m really flattered Shyna. Thanks 🙂 I’ve learnt classical dance for a few years too when I was younger. I’ll get my Oriflame products today so I’ll see for myself how this TM is. I think Cali used it for her post wedding party makeup. It seems perfect for such an occasion from your description.

  20. Hi Ankita…me your big fan…luv ur blog…keep cheking it alwayss…
    Awesome tutes…u can be a gr8 MUA

  21. btwn ..hw can i follow u ??? GFC ??

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