My M.A.C eye shadows- Swatches

MAC eye shadows I own-

1. Cranberry (frost finish reddish pink with bluish undertone)

This was my first MAC eyeshadow along with Amber lights. A very versatile pink shade, more on the dramatic side, can be used for a variety of looks. I’ve worn it paired with purple HERE, with MAC siahi HERE and HERE

2. Plum dressing (true purple-plum shade with veluxe pearl finish)

3. Twinks (deep plum brown shade- darker than sable, with veluxe pearl finish)

4. Amber lights (peachy golden-bronze)

Very flattering golden/bronze shade. Have worn it with brown in the crease HERE.

5. Sable (medium plum brown with taupe undertone with  frost finish)

Each MAC eyeshadow single costs Rs 900 and in pan Rs 680. If you’re looking to build your collection, its better to invest in a an empty palette and fill it up with shadows in pans over time. The palettes comes designed to hold either 4 or 15 eyeshadows. At Rs 680 or 900 , they are definitely not cheap but the texture, lasting power and pigmentation justifies the price.

Plum dressing, Sable and Twinks are new additions to my MAC palette and I will be doing looks with them soon.

MAC 15 eyeshadow palette


Swatches (L-R) : MAC Cranberry, MAC Amber lights

Swatches (L-R) : MAC Cranberry, MAC Amber lights

MAC eye shadows : Plum dressing, Twinks and Sable

Swatches (L-R) : Sable, Twinks, Plum dressing

Swatches (L-R) : Sable, Twinks, Plum dressing


Which eye shadow did you like best? Which are your favorite MAC eye shadows? Let me know your comments by replying below.


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  1. Twinks is gorgeous…
    I love paradisco..its a peachy golden color..its great with pink indian wear etc,,

  2. i really liked twinks…. such a beautiful taupe

  3. I love twinks & sable, I really like that instead of buying whole lot of shadows you have taken a larger palette & plan to gradually build point cluttering your palette with impulse buys which hardly get used.

  4. loved twinks…lovely shade for all over or outer crease for me…on my wish list for the nxt visit:)

    • Its a lovely shade. Do try it out next at the store. Though it’ll work at the crease too, I’d prefer a matte shade in the crease since you mentioned you have oily lids. The shimmer from the frosty/shimmer eyeshadow spreads over the lid in some time and it creases faster than matte shades.

  5. MAC De Vil eyeshadow is one of the beautiest(?) things around!

  6. I ♥ plum dressing! ♥

  7. i hateee youuuuuuu grrrrrrrr…… me get money me buy bigger palette and flaunt! hhmmmmmmmppppphhhhhh!!!!!
    end me some eyeshadows to put in my palette. 😛 you have 88 one no. keep that. send me this:P:P

  8. loved twinks is gorgeous..!!

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