Red smokey eye look with Coastal Scents 88 Palette + FOTD

Hi everyone!

Today I’m doing a red smokey eye look using Coastal Scents 88 palette.

For this look, I’ve paired softly smoked red smokey eye with maroonish red lipstick in one look and red-pink lipstick in another with a little bronzer applied at the apples of the cheeks.

I’ve paired this makeup with a simple white top to avoid any color clashes.

Red smokey eye with maroon red lips FOTD

Red smokey eye with pink-red lips FOTD

Red smokey eye

Products used for eyes :

1. BeYu eye base (not pictured)

2. Bourjois Kohl and contour eye pencil #03 Brun Expressif (dark brown shade)

3. Coastal Scents 88 original palette (encircled shades)

4. Maybelline colossal volume mascara

5. Brushes- Faces eyeshadow brush, MAC 222(For blending), unbranded angular brush

Coastal Scents 88 palette- shadows used for red smokey eyes

Red shade- all over lid

Light peachy shade- Browbone, inner corner

Dark brown shade(Appearing dark grey in the picture)- Crease, lower lash line

Red smokey eye


1. Prime eyes using primer/base and apply brown eye pencil all over lid and smudge.

2. Apply red eyeshadow all over lid.

3. Using blending brush, smoke out and blend the red eye shadow at the crease using dark brown eye shadow.

4. Apply highlight shade (light peach shade used here) under brow bone and inner corner. Blend with the crease color.

5. Apply lots of brown kohl on water line, smudge at lower lash line using angular/pencil brush.

6. Finish with lots of mascara. (I’ve skipped eye liner here as I prefer smokey eye looks without eye liner)

Finished eye makeup – Red Smokey eye look

Red smokey eye

Red smokey eye

Red smokey eye

Red smokey eye

Red smokey eye

Products used for face-

1. The Body Shop oil free foundation #06

2. Chambor Silver Shadow compact ‘RR2 Rose Pale’

3. Revlon Bronzer

4. MAC Select moisture cover concealer NC45.5

5. Brushes- The Body Shop face and body brush, Vega blush brush

6. The Body Shop sponge (for foundation)

Products used for face- red smokey eye look

Products used for lips-

1. Nivea fruity shine ‘pomegranate’

2. Lakme aquashine ‘Sangria’

3. Maybelline color sensational ‘Hooked on Pink’

For maroon red lips- Lakme aquashine ‘Sangria’

For red-pink lips- Lakme aquashine ‘Sangria’ + Maybelline color sensational ‘Hooked on Pink’

Nivea fruity shine lipbalm 'pomegranate', Lakme Aquashine lip color 'Sangria'

Maybelline color sensational 'Hooked on Pink'

Finished look-

Red smokey eye FOTD

red smokey eye FOTD

red smokey eye FOTD

What lipstick would you pair with red smokey eyes? Let me know your commentd by replying below.

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  1. Bold eyes, bold lips and they don’t clash…. nice…! i’d go for a natural pink gloss….but then again, I’d never do a smokey red eye!

    • I’d always wanted to try a red smokey eye. I tried it with just gloss and it wasn’t photographing well at all..looked like I had nothing on the lip and not in a nice way!

      • Ohhh…. thats bad…. you know you shuld do full outfit posts too…. i can never figure out what colours to wear with what outfits 😦

  2. this looks so nice not OTT at all…
    are these shadows smooth on the eyes …what abt the fallout,texture etc…??

  3. read ur reply after i posted this…:) sorry

  4. wow!! I never realised a red smokey eye could be worn with a red lip. You’ve done it beautifully. It looks classy, not at all OTT.

  5. Hey great post- red smoky eye is difficult to pull off but if done well can be really striking,keep up the good work

  6. U r looking nice.U have combined red with very nice colour above the crease. Well done !!

  7. awww very pretty… its great how you are so comfortable using reds and pinks on eyes. i dont know why i cant.. I like it better with the red pink lips. 🙂

  8. dis looks awesum on u ankita…

  9. great look ankita! 🙂 Loved it… Hope you dont mind if I copy your look with due credit to you of course 😉
    I seriously loved it loads!!!

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