Spring/Summer look#5 : Bronzed look with Orange lips and neutral brown eyes

Hi everyone!

Here’s another look for the summer with orange lips, this time with neutral frost brown eyeshadow and bronzed face.  In my previous look with orange lips, I’d paired it with golden/ brown eyes and peachy bronzed cheeks HERE.

Orange lips are not difficult to carry provided you choose a shade suitable for your complexion and pair it with neutral eye and cheek makeup.  I have chosen a burnt rusty orange shade as I find it more flattering for my skin tone than a neon orange.  This is more of an evening makeup look and goes best with neutral color clothing- white, black, beige and other nude shades.

Summary of the look-

On a well moisturized face, conceal required areas, apply foundation, set with powder and apply shimmery bronzer on apples of cheeks and blend out till hairline. With the remaining bronzer on the brush, lightly dust it all over the face for a ‘bronzed’ look. For the eyes, apply frosty medium-dark brown eyeshadow on the entire lid and blend out at crease with dark brown matte eye shadow. Apply kohl on lower lash line and brown liner on upper lash and finish off with mascara. Using lip brush apply the orange lipstick evenly on the lips.

Bronzed look with orange lips

Products used for eye makeup :

1.  MAC eyeshadow ‘Twinks’ (all over lid)

2. Maybelline chai latte quad (dark brown crease color)

3. MAC Smolder (kohl on waterline)

4. Bourjois kohl and contour eye pencil ‘Brun expressif’ (Dark brown shade for lining upper lash line)

5. Maybelline colossal volume mascara

6. Brushes- unbranded brush for applying shadows, MAC 222 (For blending)

Products for eye makeup for neutral brown eyes with orange lips

Steps :

1. Apply Twinks (Frosty plum-brown) eyeshadow all over lid.

2. Using blending brush, blend out the color at the crease using a dark brown matte eyeshadow.

3. Apply compact powder under browbone for a neat look.

4. Apply kohl on waterline, smudge on lower lash line using angular/pencil brush loaded with dark brown matte eyeshadow.

5. Line upper lash line with dark brown eye pencil (to keep the eyes soft and not steal focus from the lips)

6. Finish off with a coat of mascara.

Products used for face :

1. MAC Select moisture cover concealer NC 45.5

2. MAC Studio fix fluid foundation NC 40

3. Chambor compact powder ‘RR2 Rose pale’

4. Revlon sunkiss radieux bronzer

5. Brushes – MAC 188 (foundation), The Body Shop face and body brush (compact), Vega blush brush (Bronzer)

products used for face bronzed look with orange lips

Products used for lips :

Revlon matte lipstick ‘Misty Rust’

Revlon matte 'Misty Rust'

Revlon matte 'Misty rust'

Final look –

Bronzed look with orange lips FOTD

Bronzed look with orange lips

Bronzed look with orange lips

I did this makeup for my entry for IMBB Most Fashionable Summer look. Click HERE to view.

Have you tried orange lipsticks ? What eye makeup and outfit do you like pairing it with? Let me know your comments by replying below.

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  1. That lipsticks looking great on u…you look like a high power corporate woman..but still very pretty!!

  2. ya agree wit mehak..U look like a corporate woman…but I loved dat orange on u !!

  3. I was itching to ask you which orange that was! looks fabbbbb!!! I want this!:|:| super loved the look! oh and I tried the fuchsia from the colourburst range today, Ilooks very Chameli-ish. 😐

    • Thanks! I’ve just swatched fuchsia from CB..never tried it on…I think its a lipstick version of Maybelline nail paint ‘Sexy’. Too bad it didn’t suit you…I don’t think I’ll be trying it on..its too bright!

      • I’ll check it when I’m at Revlon next. I got CB Peach btw and it looks a little garish on me..so I layer it with pink tinted balm or lip stain and it looks nice peachy-coral kind then. I wore it for my IMBB 1st summer look that way.

    • I think Sexy is subtle compared to it! It looks hot though! Chameli in a hot way! 🙂

  4. i sooo want to try this lippie ya…. it looks like -gorgeoussssssssssssnesssss on u!!
    i know it wont look good on me… somehow warmer shades dont suit me so well.. 😦
    worst part is i still dont know if my skin is a cooltone or warm tone… 😦 so far i think its neutral.. god knows 😦

    • Thanks Neha! Till now I haven’t dared to venture outside with this lipstick on..I think its a little too bold but I love the shade! Absolutely wearable orange. Where do you stay? You could head down to MAC for finding out your skin tone.

      • my office is ryt opp mac store!! ?? in south bombay but i honestly dont trust them … once i came out with a compact 3 shades darker than my skin…!! now i use it as a broner 😦
        i actualy go to buy mac stuff from andehri rather than town now 😦

        • sorry the juhu one i go to…. co i dont trust the mac in palladium also… actualy honsetly i feel the lighting in mac is bad…

        • You should try the product and let it stay on for a few hours and look at it in white lighting and natural light too. When I went for foundation, I was just starting out with makeup and I got NC 40 which is a tad yellow for my skin. Another MUA later told me that NC 37 would’ve suited me more cos it has a pink undertone. When I went for concealer recently, I made her put on everything to see which looked the best and I’m very happy with my purchase! If you go to Inorbit ask for Namrita, if Andheri Shopper’s Stop, ask for Deepti. I’ve heard a lot of negative feedback abt the Palladium store!

        • I’ve never been to the south bombay one. I’ve been to Inorbit and Shoppers’ Stop in Andheri and I loved the experience at both the places. I had a small make up lesson..more like a makeover kinda thing at Inorbit (you might hv read my post on IMBB) and I really liked it there.

        • ohh … still ill check with them… lets see wht they have to say

        • Your office is right opp! How do you resist not popping there everyday during your lunch hour?!!

        • i know mac being ryt opp is soooper difficult i cant tell u!!! i swear!! but i guess whn i get my 1st pay ill barge in *evil grin *

        • 😀 😀 Have fun!

  5. ur second last pic is wow! 😀

  6. my comments awaiting moderation :”(

      • hehe thnx… i just read on anks post that u found a true red in miss clires? i really want one… how is the bourjois one? the lip liner one? as of now i have lakmes cherry red coz maybelline and revlon ones are wayyy warmer and wouldnt suit me…

        • The Miss claire’s one just ended up with by chance. I couldn’t find a true red in Revlon, Chambor etc and Alpha (Irla, Andheri) had Miss claire’s n other random brands too. I bought it for like 40-50 bucks but its quite a close shade to what I was looking for and quite creamy. You can see the swatch here https://corallista.wordpress.com/2011/01/15/fallwinter-trend-bold-lips-tutorial/

          I haven’t tried Bourjois lip liners yet. The only red I own is Crimson from Revlon CB and its cool toned red..really like it! The miss claire liner goes well with it.

        • oohh ok thankoo 🙂 i checked the link.. in pics toh i like it.. but i remember long ago whn i swatched it somehow i dint like it .. ill go and check again…

        • You’re welcome 🙂 Have a look at Crimson..there’s another red in Revlon CB called True Red..very classic hollywood kinda red..but I found Crimson a little more wearable for myself.

        • okkies ill surely check it out this weekend 😀

  7. Such a beautiful, sophisticated look! LOOOVEE ITTT!! 😀


  8. hey ankita, u look beautiful, thats a nice shade of lipstick, want to try it. ya want to add a note on the mac muas in bangalore. got a darker shade of foundation nc 37 on their recommendation.its mineralize spf 15 foundation. dnt knw what to do with that now

    • Thanks Chandana 🙂 Too bad about the foundation. However, there are a few things you could do with it.
      You could make it work for the summer – for doing a bronzed ‘beach’ look, you could wear the darker shade foundation on the entire face and neck but you’ll need to blend it well at the neck and near the hairline for a natural tanned look and you can use a matte dark blush or matte bronzer to add to the effect. You can watch this video that Rati of IMBB shared recently. Its quite useful for how-to’s on bronzer application.
      The second thing you could do is use it for contouring- use it under the cheekbones , on the sides of the nose and under the jaw line to sculpt your face. Hope this helps 🙂

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