Experiment with Coastal Scents 88 palette : Lime Green EOTD

Hi everyone!

I wanted to try a lime green eye makeup with more of yellow in the inner lid transitioning to lime green at the outer corner. The lemon yellow of the Coastal Scents 88 palette however turned out a little chalky and not so well pigmented so the eye makeup look looks more lime green than yellow. I’ve used MAC Siahi as base which has also added to the blue-green element.

lime green eye makeup

lime green eye makeup

Steps :

1. Apply MAC Siahi as base all over lid. Smudge.

2. Apply yellow e/s to inner half of lid and light lime green e/s on outer half.

3. Apply dark green eye shadow on outer corner.

4. Blend at crease with matte brown eyeshadow. Apply highlight shade on browbone and blend with crease.

5. Line waterline with brown pencil. Smudge on lower lash line using dark green eyeshadow.

6. Line upper lash line with dark green pencil.

7. Apply shimmery silver-gold e/s on inner corner.

8. Finish off with volumizing mascara.

lime green eye makeup

lime green eye makeup

lime green eye makeup

lime green eye makeup


lime green eye makeup

lime green eye makeup

What lipstick should be paired with this eye makeup ? Have you tried lime or yellow eye shadows? Let me know your comments by replying below.

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  1. Its nice! What lipcolour did you pair with it? I hope a natural pink gloss…

  2. nice….ya ..a light pink gloss wud look nice…or I guess ur chambor silk woods..

  3. this looks cool..fun colors ..love it

  4. I agree with the above comments – a light pink gloss. BTW, have you tried anything from the new lakme collection?

    • No Poohkie haven’t tried anything yet. Hoping to go in a day or two. Looking forward to trying the cheek artist and the eye pencils. Have you tried anything?

      • Not yet. I went and saw everything, but I wanted to just sit on it for a few days, lest I go buy everything! I wanted the cheek artist too, but I think the amount is too little. I also want the bronzer, but it’s got too much glitter. Not great for oily skin. So I’ll probably settle for lippies, eye pencils & nail polish.

        • Hey Poohkie, I finally got some things from the Fantasy collection (check my latest post). Everything looked so great…it was hard to pick up just a few things. I think if you apply the cheek artist and then set with compact it should be OK. The earthy pink matte shade is beautiful ! I read a few reviews of the bronzer and turns out the glitter is more at the top, once you clean that up, the glitter is lesser and more wearable. I read this in Rashmi’s (of Indyabeauty) review of the bronzer HERE. The eye pencils have lovely shades but they are too thick to be used as liners and don’t work that great as eyeshadow base. The lipsticks were pretty..I found my MLBB shade! Let me know what you finally settle for.

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