Lakme Fantasy collection : My Haul, swatches and FOTD

Hi everyone!

Lakme Fantasy collection was launched earlier this month and even the not-so-fond-of-Lakme bloggers have been raving about the products launched in this collection.  I must say Lakme has outdone itself this time. This collection is full of vibrant hues and lots of shimmer and it was a hard time choosing just a few products. The most popular selling products from this range are the ones that are unique to this collection- the cheek artist and the eye shimmer sticks.

I picked up the Cheek Artist in shade ‘Kiss of a Rose’ , Enrich Satin lipstick in shade no. 133 and liquid eye liner in shade ‘moonshine top coat’.

lakme fantasy collection

Cheek artistKiss of a rose’– Super easy to apply and blend and gives a beautiful natural glow, its hard to tell that you’re wearing blush. Kiss of a rose is a matte blush whereas the other peach shade has very fine shimmer.  Perfect for everyday wear and the intensity of the color can be built up. I will definitely repurchase this!

lakme fantasy collection cheek artist- kiss of a rose

Lakme fantasy collection - cheek artist : Kiss of a rose

Lakme fantasy collection - cheek artist : Kiss of a rose

Lakme fantasy collection - cheek artist : Kiss of a rose (swatch- unblended)

Lakme fantasy collection - cheek artist : Kiss of a rose (swatch -unblended)

Lakme fantasy collection - cheek artist : Kiss of a rose (swatch - blended)

Enrich satin lipstick #133– Beautiful nude brown shade with earthy pink undertone. MLBB shade for me. I’ll be reaching out for this shade a lot!

lakme fantasy collection - lip color :enrich satin lipstick #133

lakme fantasy collection - lip color :enrich satin lipstick #133 (Swatch)

lakme fantasy collection - lip color :enrich satin lipstick #133 (Swatch)

Liquid eye liner ‘Moonshine top coat’ – I picked up the transparent one containing multi colored shimmer particles. The shimmer is very fine and now gritty at all. It can be added on top of any liner to give it a shimmery look. I’ve worn it on top of Chambor Dazzle ‘purple’ eye liner here.  A very versatile and useful product!

lakme fantasy collection- liquid eye liner- Moonshine top coat

lakme fantasy collection- liquid eye liner- Moonshine top coat (swatch)

Lakme fantasy collection Moon shine top coat over Chambor dazzle pencil 'Purple'

Lakme fantasy collection Moon shine top coat over Chambor dazzle pencil 'Purple'

Here I am wearing Lakme enrich satin lipstick #133, Moonshine top coat eye liner over Chambor Dazzle eye pencil ‘Purple’ and Cheek artist ‘Kiss of a rose‘. The camera is unfortunately not picking up the color of the cheek artist very well. It is more pigmented than how it appears here.

FOTD : lakme cheek artist 'kiss of a rose', enrich satin lipstick #133 , Moonshine top coat

FOTD : lakme cheek artist 'kiss of a rose', enrich satin lipstick #133 , Moonshine top coat

I have also worn the Cheek artist Kiss of a rose in my post on Natural Pink makeup HERE .

Overall, I’m loving everything I’ve picked up from this collection! Will recommend everyone to check out the products.

What did you pick up from the Lakme Fantasy collection ? Let me know by replying below.

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  1. I picked up the botanica quad and the pink shimmer liner. Planning to buy Lipstick no 135 and the Astral Blue eye pencil today……..

    • Nice choice Anu! The quad is beautiful! I’m thinking of picking it later sometime. I really liked Astral blue pencil too but I think the color is very similar to MAC Siahi so I skipped it.

  2. so wnna buy the cheek artist was planning to go on saturday but now maybe during the week next week

    • The cheek artist is a must buy from this range Shivani! Definitely get ‘Kiss of a rose’ , you can set it with your TBS blush also and it’ll last you whole day with a nice natural matte finish.

  3. Same pinch! I wanted that same lippie. It’s a very natural shade for me too. I also wanted the mauvish shade (134), but I already have too many like that. I’m also eying the kiss of a rose blush & bronzer (after reading Rashmi’s & Anamika’s reviews). I’m not going to buy the pencils after all – they seem to be too smudgy. I’m busy at the moment, so I’ll probably go next week or so.

  4. loved 133 on u…pretty color..n I loved kiss of a rose too…

  5. very pretty! how long did the cheek artist last? and the lippie?

    • The cheek artist started fading after 3-4 hours (in between which I wiped my face plenty of times) but a hint of it remained. I think if I apply a little more quantity and set it with blush/powder it’ll last longer. I read on Peaches n blush that it lasted all day on her! The lipstick lasts for about 2-3 with mild eating and drinking and without any base or powder underneath. I’ll try it with lip liner and see how long it lasts.

  6. I love the cheek artist ❤ Nice pics.

  7. I haven’t heard of this brand before but the colors seems lovely. I really like the touch of glitter liner on your eyes. It makes your eyes stand out.

  8. wowww im loving the tocoat soo much…after reading sabrinas post i had made a mental to note to get that. and just yestrday i went to beauty centre, took other things and then went and stood at lakme counter forgetting wht i wanted…!!! even after coming home i cudnt figure out wht i i feel so dumb!! after reading ur post i realised! sheesh!!!
    actualy i dnt try to look at nething else also lest id ant to buy more stuff and i had already got load of things from here and there 😛

  9. Just wanted to say that I really liked your IMBB contest looks (both the Indian looks). Hope you win.

  10. You are very beautiful yourself so anything looks great on you. Have you ever tried VOV cosmetics? They are Korean makeup giants and I did try it on recommendation of makeup artist Cory Walia in one of his articles. I am hooked on to it. The eyeshadow palette has a mix of matte, shimmer and glittering eyeshadows and are way cheaper than Lakme with great staying power, even on my very oily skin. The lipsticks too stay for long and I am yet to try their blush. After using VOV, I find Lakme far too expensive for its quality now a days. Lakme were great, but it was yesterday.

    • Thank you Garima 🙂 Ya I’ve tried some products from VOV- very few products actually , just a liquid eye liner , a gloss and an eye shadow single long time back but I’ve heard good stuff abt it. Lakme is quite overpriced I agree though I like the new collection. What is the name of the eye shadow palette you’re referring to ? I’ll look for it next time I’m at a store that sells VOV products.

  11. Wow… dis lipstick suits u….. Wow… u r looking grtttt wid dis Lakme look…. I liked ur this luk a lot… rather ur bold lipsss….. soni kudi lagrahi hai….

  12. Thanks for the reply. Well, the palette doesn’t have a unique name, but it is called a “VOV Professional Eyeshadow Palette” which has 18 shades and today it costs around 550 bucks, though, worth its pricing. Can you please help me find a matte eyeshadow palette? I am looking for it everywhere, but the shopkeepers say that matte eyeshadows don’t have any place in India so all you get is shimmer and more shimmer. Thanks a lot.

    • It is difficult to find matte eye shadow palettes Garima. Most drugstore brands like Maybelline, Revlon, Chambor, Bourjois etc make either singles or trios/quads that may have 1-2 matte shades but none entirely matte. Moreover, we don’t have brands like Urban Decay and The Balm etc in India that make bigger palettes containing more than just 3-4 shades. If you are really keen on an entirely matte palette, the best choice would be Coastal Scents 88 original palette. You can order it online, it contains 88 shades and costs about $19 with another $11 for shipping to India. The eye shadows are of excellent quality and the shipping takes about 8-15 days.

      Revlon eye shadows quads are not that shimmery but not entirely matte either. They have a satin finish which I prefer over matte finish. It’ll cost you around Rs 550 I think. I have the ‘Berry bloom’ quad which has matte shades with just a hint of very subtle shimmer. If I had to choose among Indian brands, I’d say go for Revlon otherwise Coastal scents 88 palette would be the best. You can also find a wide variety of matte eye shadows in MAC but they are quite steeply priced at Rs 700 for a pan and Rs 900 for a single. Hope this helps 🙂

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