Bourjois Nouveau Effet 3D gloss '03 Brun Rose Academic' : Review, Swatch and FOTD

Hi everyone!

Today I’m reviewing Bourjois Nouveau Effet 3D gloss in shade ’03 Brun Rose Academic’. I was on a lookout for long lasting natural pink shade of gloss since a long time and my search landed me at the Bourjois counter.

There are quite a few ranges of glosses available in Bourjois- glossy without shimmer, with shimmer and one with shimmer loose powder provided in a separate compartment in the cap of the gloss. I’m not a fan of shimmer in my lip products but I picked an earthy pink shade from one of the shimmery glosses since the shimmer was very toned down and shade was exactly what I wanted.

Bourjois Nouveau Gloss Effet 3D (image from website)

Price : Rs 550

Quantity : 5.7 ml

What the Bourjois website says about Nouveau Effet 3D gloss :


Our iconic Effet 3D lipgloss has had a makeover for its 10th year anniversary with a new formula, new shades and a new sleek packaging!

Its formula is now paraben-free and contains 92% of hydrating and nourishing protective agents for a real balm action whilte still enriched with micro crystalline wax for a deep, voluminous and ultra-shiny result.

You can now treat your lips to our historic 3 Dimensional volume for a super glossy plumped-up pout, while keeping them hydrated for 8 hours!

The specially designed brush applicator is even more precise for an easier application!

The new range contains 15 shades from nude to vibrant tones, with different effects and don’t worry, we kept our 9 timeless best seller shades and 6 new ones.”

Bourjois Nouveau Gloss Effet 3D '03 Brun rose academic'

Packaging : The gloss comes in a tube with a screw on cap which contains a brush applicator inside. The bottle itself is transparent so its easy to see the color from outside and the cap contains the shade no. and piece of colored plastic at the top . I like the packaging – its attractive,  easy to identify the shade  from outside and the brush applicator is of excellent quality. I’ve used glosses with doe foot and sponge top applicators before but I find the brush easiest to use. The brush is very soft and picks up just the right amount of product in the first time, I don’t need to dip the brush in again to cover my lips with 1 coat of gloss.

Bourjois Nouveau Gloss Effet 3D '03 Brun rose academic'

Bourjois Nouveau Gloss Effet 3D '03 Brun rose academic'

Bourjois Nouveau Gloss Effet 3D '03 Brun rose academic'

Bourjois Nouveau Gloss Effet 3D '03 Brun rose academic'

Consistency, Texture  and Staying Power : The gloss is non sticky and glides on the lips very evenly.  The shimmer particles are more visible in the packaging but on the lips its very hard to detect them. It lives up to its claim of hydrating action– I have dry lips and on application of the gloss , my lips felt hydrated and soothed while it was on.  I did not need any balm underneath for more hydration or a lip stick underneath for more color. However the best part was the staying power. Its stayed on for more than 6 hours with mild eating and drinking in between and after about 5 hours when it began to fade a little, the tint and hydration remained and only the gloss diminished a bit. I have just one word for this gloss -AWESOME!!

Bourjois Nouveau Gloss Effet 3D '03 Brun rose academic'

Bourjois Nouveau Gloss Effet 3D '03 Brun rose academic' (brush)

About the shade ’03 Brun Rose academic’ :

It is an earthy pink shade that gives a very natural pink shine to the lips. The shimmer is very subtle – just the way I prefer my lip colors to be. It gives a very healthy natural color to the lips that lasts for 6-7 hours without drying the lips.  It is a MLBB shade of gloss for me.

I love the shade selection of Bourjois products- be it lipsticks or glosses.

Bourjois Nouveau Gloss Effet 3D '03 Brun rose academic' (swatch)

Bourjois Nouveau Gloss Effet 3D '03 Brun rose academic'

Bourjois Nouveau Gloss Effet 3D '03 Brun rose academic'

The GOOD about Bourjois Nouveau Effet 3D gloss ’03 Brun Rose Academic’ :

1. Attractive, sturdy and easy-to-use packaging with excellent brush applicatot.

2. Lives up to its claim of if not 8 hours but abt 6 hours moisturization.

3. Non sticky and glides evenly on lips – excellent consistency.

4. does not require lip balm or lipstick underneath, the color is just perfect for a rosy natural pink gloss.

5. Shimmer particles are very subtle and non gritty. They get easily removed unlike some shimmery lipsticks/glosses where the shimmer spreads around the lips or settles down in the fine lines.

6.Awesome staying power of over 6 hours with mild eating /drinking in between. Gloss fades after some time but tint and hydration stays.

7. Brush picks up enough product for one application, don’t need to dip in the tube again for more product.

8. Amazing quality and decent quantity for the price. ( Maybelline glosses come for around Rs 180-200, 3 ml product and are drying and last barely an hour on the lips!)

9. Its paraben-free.

10. Wide Shade selection of 15 glosses (According to the site) though I saw only 9-10 at the Bourjois counter.

The NOT-SO-GOOD about Bourjois Nouveau Effet 3D gloss ’03 Brun Rose Academic’ :

I can’t find a single con with this gloss. This is my HG gloss!!

Final verdict : I’ve loved every product I have purchased from Bourjois till date and this is no exception. Its the best gloss I’ve used so far (I’ve not used MAC), it gives hydration to my dry lips and the color is very even and lasts for 6-7 hours with mild eating drinking. The packaging is excellent and brush applicator makes it very easy to apply (even more so than doe foot or sponge tip applicators ).  The shimmer is non- gritty and very subtle- just adds a little shine to the gloss. The shade is MLBB shade for me and it gives me a very natural earthy pink color with just the right gloss and shine. Highly recommend this to everyone!
Rating : 5/5

Will I repurchase : Yes! And more shades from this range.

This is how it looks on me. I’m wearing this gloss on bare lips.

Bourjois Nouveau Effet 3D gloss '03 Brun rose academic'

Have you tried Bourjois Nouveau effect 3D gloss ? Which is your favorite gloss ? Let me know your comments by replying below.

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  1. absolutely awesome want now…:)

  2. dats awesum..stays for 6 hours 😮
    n pretty color..sounds great..

  3. kudos to bourjois…. my fave drugstore brand i swear…i dont know y its so under hyped.. :/

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