Classic Red lips look with Revlon Colorburst ‘Crimson’

Hi everyone!

I’ve been doing more of subtle look lately so here’s a bold lips look with what else but the classic choice for bold lips..RED!

Bold lips in everyday wear look good with subtle eye and face makeup. It also makes a good combination with softly smoked eyes for a runway or themed look. Pair with neutral colors in clothing and accessories for best effect or at the maximum match with 1  piece of your attire- say shoes  or belt or bag.

Read my bold red lips tutorial HERE.

Summary of this look –

On a well moisturized face, conceal required areas, apply light foundation ( I have skipped foundation here) apply reddish cheek tint on the apples of the cheeks with a light hand. Set with compact or loose powder. Alternatively , if using a powder blush, apply compact first and then apply blush. For the eyes, lightly smudge brown eye pencil on lid close to upper lash line and kohl on water line. Apply suitable base on lips ( lip liner, concealer/foundation) and apply red lipstick using brush for precise application.

Red lips look with Revlon colorburst CRIMSON

Products used :


1. MAC Select moisture cover concealer NC 45.5

2. Bourjois Rouge hi-tech tint ’84 Rose pixel’

3. Chambor silver shadow compact ‘RR2 Rose pale’

4. The Body Shop face and body brush (for compact)


1. Bourjois kohl and contour liner ‘Brun expressif’

2. MAC Smolder

3. The Body shop line softening brush

4. Maybelline colossal volume mascara


1. Bourjois rouge hi -tech ’84 Rose pixel’ (as base )

2. Revlon colorburst ‘Crimson’

products used for red stained cheeks and red lips look

Revlon Colorburst ‘Crimson’ swatch :

Left : swiped once, right : swiped 3-4 times

Revlon colorburst 'Crimson' swatch

This look has been converted from casual day time look to a dressy party look just by addition of the red lipstick and a change of attire and accessories.

Before :  (read full post HERE )

Coral red Stained lips and cheek look

AFTER : Change of attire and accessories and addition or red liptick

Red lips look with Revlon colorburst 'Crimson'

Do you like sporting the classic red lips ? Which is your favorite red lipstick ? Let me know your comments by replying below.


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  1. omg beautiful beautiful beautiful!! ur crochet top is complimenting soo much! by far ur besttt picture ;D

    i tried these red shades in revlon shades at the counter couple of days ago… but i had already spent all my money.. so i just went and checked … im gonna buy one of them soon… i looove red lips!! add a swatch of ur crimson in the post na… coz i think it looking doffrnt on ur lips than wht i swatched dat day.. like major diffrnce :O

    • Thank you so much 🙂
      I’ve added a swatch picture. I’ve used the red lip tint underneath the lipstick on the crochet top pic so its appearing a little warmer than how it actually is.

  2. even u have body shop brushes? me too.. i quite like them except for some… waiting for the time whn i can get hold of mac ones…. 😛 how do u find them ?

    • I’m currently using the TBS face and body brush ( I use it for applying compact). Its really soft though & its more of a flat brush than a round fluffy kind. Nevertheless, it does the job decently and I use it everyday. The other one I’m using currently is the Line softener brush. I used it for smudging liners and kohl and it works beautifully! My mum uses it to apply gel liners and it works quite well that way too. I have MAC 222 blending eye brush and MAC 188 stippling brush I use for foundation. I have 2 other TBS brushes that I’m yet to is an eye shadow applicator and one is lip filler/concealer which I intend to use as eye shadow brush too. Will let you know how those 2 turn out 🙂 Which ones do you have? I was eyeing the TBS kabuki but then didn’t purchase it.

      • gosh mee too use lip filler sometimes as eyeshadow brush! from body shop i have the blending brush… i like it but i dont love it… nevertheless it does its job well…. then i have eyshadow patting brush..that is nice too. i have the slanted brush too whic i use to demarq lines for winged looks… or for eyshadow demarqation… i had got it to apply shadows under lower lashes and inner corner but i dont find it too useful for that co id prefer more tightly bound brushes for that… so i use vega eyeshadow brush to use that

        rest all i have vega brushes only 😦 i quite like them but i hatttee absolutely hate the blusher brush by vega ..too scratchy.. hence i was eyeing tbs powder brush and kabusi too…

        lets see either ill buy these two or something from mac whn i get my 1st paycheque 😛 quite excited hehehe

      • 😀 You know I have that Vega blush brush too. I loved it when I bought it cos before that I used to use the applicators that come with the blush. But after 1 wash that brush has become quite useless. I’m thinking if picking up the blush brush from TBS. I want something for lower lashes and inner corner too. Right now I manage with some unbranded brush that’s not so good. MAC 219 is best for that stuff. Have fun splurging at MAC 😀

        • honestly im very happy with vega eyeshadow brush for inner corner and lower lashes… u can try it ..its fab for that.. applies precisely plus just under 50 rs 😉

          hehe thankyou.. will let u know which ones i get

      • I’ll definitely get the Vega one then.. i have the Faces e/s brush..its fluffy and does a decent job of blending..priced at Rs 70.

  3. errrr me sorry to trouble u ..can u swatch ur liptint too ..pleez..
    btw i have the brown shade and since i have dry lips its difficlt to wear it alone.. but iv found it very valuable as a base…

  4. No trouble at all Neha 🙂 Added the lip tint swatch. Its appearing different in diff pictures- it comes out quite reddish with just a hint of pink on the cheeks and lips but on the finger used for blending, it appears more pinkish.

    I have normal to dry lips and I’ve been using Nivea lip balm- the light sea green packaging one and its works really well. I apply a little balm on my lips, let is sit for a min, then wipe it off slightly and then apply the tint and it felt quite comfortable, not dry at all.

  5. very pretty ankita…

  6. hi ankita have tagged you !! visit my blog!!

  7. Hey, i found a couple of months ago that classic red was the new ‘it’ color & for weeks I’ve been trying to find a red lipstick that isn’t shiny or shimmery. Do you think Revlon colorburst ‘Crimson’ will suit the bill??

    • Revlon Colorburst Crimson is absolutely perfect for it Gauri. I prefer non shimmery lipsticks too and I’m really fond of the Colorburst range. Also check out ‘True Red’ from Colorburst range, it is a brighter red than Crimson, with a warmer undertone.

  8. I admire your confidence. You carry such hot colors with so much oomph! Lovely 🙂

  9. I was wondering if the eyes in this pic would go well with red lips?
    The waterline here looks jet black. I wonder how can one achieve that? any suggestions?

    • This is lovely makeup for summers..thanks fr sharing! Its not the best combo with red lips but I think you can make it work as long as you the upper lash line really subtle. MAC Smolder or MAC Feline pencil would give this jet black look. Setting it with black eye shadow will further intensify it and also make it stay longer. Among more reasonable options, I think kajal will also give this look but there’s more chance of it smudging. Lotus herbals and Lakme black satin kajal smudge the least among all available. Will try this look and post it, you can have a look how it looks 🙂

  10. Hey ankita!
    Brinda here from IMBB
    wow you look so pretty! i love the red on you! i tried out color burst crimson at a store recently but i wasn’t too sure about it so didn’t buy it… but now, looking at your pics, i’m feeling some real love for the color 😀 i’d better hurry and get my own quick!
    wanted to ask, do you get bourjois tints in india? delhi specifically… i don’t remember seeing any anywhere… also do u know if the revlon stains have been launched or not?

    thanks a lot!

  11. Hey lovely look!
    I followed your blog from IMBB… this is a great thing you’ve going here 🙂

    i tried the crimson shade at a counter a few weeks back but wasn’t sure of it then so didn’t buy… now i’m loving the color on you so guess who’s buying one of these babies!

    i wanted to know is the bourjois tint available in india? more specifically, in delhi? i don’t remember seeing any counters anywhere… and what about the revlon just bitten lip stains… have those been launched?

    • Thank you so much Brinda 🙂 Crimson is a gorgeous shade and you’d find it a nice addition to your bridal makeup kit. Bourjois lip tints are available in India. I’m pretty sure you’ll be able to find it in Delhi. The shade selection is very good in the Bourjois tints. Revlon hasn’t launched the Just Bitten stains in India yet. I’m hoping they launch it soon!

  12. hi ankita u have juicy lips all the time , perfectly hydrated which i wish in my dreams , can u please tell me how u achieve it? well, u look beautiful to me……because like u i mainly focus on decorating my lips…..

    • Hi Nidhi 🙂 I generally use lip balm underneath my lips and prefer moisturizing lipsticks or gloss/balm to keep them hydrated. Also exfoliate them with a soft toothbrush or a soft towel to get rid of the dead skin. Use a very moisturizing lip balm at night and then exfoliate them in the morning. And lastly, have a good diet (esp lots of water and veggies) and take a multi vitamin tablet daily(as prescribed by my nutritionist). Hope this helps 🙂

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