'Barely Feline' look: Quick makeup with cat eyes and nude lips

Hi everyone!

Today I’m doing a cat eyes- nude lips look that can be worn in the daytime or evening and takes under 10 minutes to do. The only skill required is eye liner application to do the ‘cat’ eyes to add some oomph and drama to an otherwise regular look.  Apart from the eyes, the  look is very clean, fresh and simple with nude gloss and a hint of bronzer, hence I call it the ‘Barely Feline‘ look.

Cat eyes have been in trend for quite a while now and are a favorite with celebrities like Angeline Jolie, Taylor Swift, Rihanna to name a few. Pair it with nude lips or a dramatic pout, either way cat eyes give a glamorous touch to the face.

Summary of the look :

On a well moisturized face, conceal required areas and apply light foundation, set with powder. Using liquid/gel eye liner, apply thick line on upper lash line and wing it outwards and  upwards (as shown). Apply kohl starting from inner corner all the way to the outer corner and join it with the wing to frame the eye. Apply nude natural pink gloss and a little bronzer under the cheekbones for a perfect summer look. 

quick summer look : cat eyes-nude lips

Some tips to get perfect cat eyes :

1. Frame the entire eyes, do not leave out the ends/corners.  Start kohl at the inner corner and take it right to the outer corner. Tightline the eyes fully. Start eye liner application for upper lash line also from the inner corner.

2. Do not draw a very thin line. Keep the line medium/thick for the desired ‘cat’ eyes effect. Increase the thickness of the line as you move outwards. Thus the line should be thickest at the outer most corner.

3. Join the bottom of the ‘wing’ to the lower lash line for a continuous frame around the eyes.

4. Can add a little highlighter in the inner corners of the eyes for an extra pop of brightness to the eyes. (I have used a shimmery eyeshadow in the inner corners here)

5. Lastly, Practice eye liner application to get a perfect wing. It is not difficult at all and takes 4-5 trials to get it perfect.

Products used :

1. EYES : Maybelline drama gel liner, MAC Smolder kohl, Maybelline colossal volume mascara, Marie claire shimmery eyeshadow at inner corner

2. FACE: MAC Select moisture cover concealer NC 45.5, MAC Studio fix fluid foundation, Chambor silver shadow compact, Revlon sunkiss radieux (bronzer)

3. LIPS : Bourjois nouveau effet gloss 3D ’03 Brun rose academic’

Final look :

cat eye makeup

quick makeup look : Cat eyes- nude lips

Have you tried the ‘cat eye’ look? What cheek and lip product do you pair with cat eyes? Let me know your comments by replying below.


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  1. so pretty!!!! this suits you a lot….

  2. Very pretty eyes 🙂

  3. Very pretty and wearable too …

  4. OMGGGG So cutteeee!!:*:* you’re looking superawesome Ankitaaa!:*

  5. lovely…….loved the look….

  6. love it.. i alwayyyyssss o cat eye look with high wing.. its my regular ….!! i love this shade of gloss too …

    • What do you use for the cat eye…pencil, gel or liquid liner? I love this shade of gloss..its the perfect natural pink for me!

      • i use liquid liner for it .. im most comfortable with liquid liner and i kind of like it harsh and sharp… so liquid liner all the way hehe…plus its faster.. with gel liner i take ages :p

        • which colour is this? ur lenses? and which company..i know i must have asked u befor but i forgot agn 😦

      • I used liquid liner after ages today 😛 So used to pencils and gel liner now. I also like the harsh sharp line esp when I’m not using kohl on the waterline.
        I have the 2-toned green ones from Bausch and Lomb (with power). The without power ones come with some diff names.

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