Colorbar Full finish long wear lipstick ’04 En Vogue’ Review, Swatch and FOTD

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Today I’m reviewing Colorbar full finish long wear lipstick in shade #04 ‘En Vogue’. This shade is a nude pink that looks almost MLBB on me and gives a nice natural look to the lips. It will suit fair to medium complexions beautifully especially people with cool skin tones. Duskier complexions might find it a tad light for their skin tone.

Colorbar full finish long wear lipstick '04 En Vogue'

Price : Rs 550 (picked up from New Beauty Centre, Khar at 20% off for Rs 440 )

What the website says : The Colorbar Full Finish Long Wear Lipstick has a special matte formula that makes it easy to apply. Sets within seconds of application and makes your lips look fuller. Its waterproof formulation makes it last for up to 8 hours. Enriched with vitamin E, the Full Finish Long Wear Lipstick is smooth, creamy and gives excellent color without drying or cracking the lips also acting as a natural antioxidant against skin ageing. Available in 11 shades, the Full Finish Long Wear Lipstick is perfectly complimented with a Colorbar lip liner.

View the available shades on Colorbar website HERE .

Packaging : It comes in a long silver cylindrical casing with the Colorbar USA logo on the body and a sticker with the shade and name on one end. Inside, the lipstick is housed in a grey plastic tube. The silver travel-friendly packaging is sleek, sturdy and attractive, the cap shuts with a click ensuring that the lipstick is tightly shut.

Colorbar full finish long wear lipstick '04 En Vogue'

Colorbar full finish long wear lipstick '04 En Vogue'

Texture, Moisturization  and Pigmentation : The texture is quite soft and smooth and yet not too buttery. It glides comfortably on the lips. The lipstick is opaque and full coverage and pigmentation builds up in 3-4 swipes. Since it is a long wear lipstick, it is a little drying. I experienced a slight stretchy and dry feeling on my lips few minutes application but it was not uncomfortable. On initial application, the lipstick looks satin finish on the lips but settles into a matte finish within a few minutes.

Colorbar full finish long wear lipstick '04 En Vogue' swatches L-R : single swipe, 3-4 swipes

Staying Power : The most impressive part was the staying power. I applied the lipstick without a lip liner or balm underneath and it lasted me for 5-6 hours though post 4 hours that color was very light. I had 2 meals and plenty of fluids in between but the lipcolor remained…it just lightened  a little with time and meals.The shade being reviewed is very nude pink thus it was not much visible after 5 hours but I could feel its still there.

Shade selection : Available in 11 shades. View the shades on Colorbar website HERE . The swatches are not accurate at all..’En Vogue’ is shown as a reddish brown shade while it is a nude pink shade.

Freshly applied –

Colorbar full finish long wear lipstick '04 En Vogue' on lips - freshly applied

This is the lipstick 4 hours after application including 2 meals and lots of fluids.

Colorbar full finish long stay lipstick 'En Vogue'- 4 hours after application

The GOOD about Colorbar full finish long wear lipstick –

1. Sleek, attractive and sturdy silver packaging- travel friendly.

2. Smooth, soft texture- lipstick glides easily on lips.

3. Good pigmentation. Single swipe gives opaque coverage and 3-4 swipes give intense shade.

4. Satin finish that settles into matte finish after few minutes of application.

5. Long lasting with only slight drying effect on lips. Lasts upto 5 hours including meals.

6. Does not smudge or feather though I’m not sure about the darker shades.

The NOT-SO-GOOD about  Colorbar full finish long wear lipstick  –

1. Price is on the higher. Other Colorbar lipsticks are all in Rs 220-350 range.

2. People with dry lips might find it drying and uncomfortable on the lips.

Final Verdict : It is long stay lipstick with smooth, soft texture and lasting power of 5+ hours with meals in between. Packaging is sturdy, attactive and travel friendly. Pigmentation is good and the lipstick settles into a matte finish within few minutes of application. Fades evenly as time passes. It is a little drying but not uncomfortable though people with dry lips might not like it. Pricey as compared to the prices of other Colorbar lipsticks.

Will I repurchase ? Yes but in a different shade.

Rating : 4.5/5 (for reasons listed above)

This is how it looks on me –

Colorbar full finish long wear lipstick '04 En Vogue' FOTD

Colorbar full finish long wear lipstick '04 En Vogue' FOTD

Colorbar full finish long wear lipstick '04 En Vogue' FOTD

This lipstick is actually my Mum’s. I was having a look at her collection and I liked this one so much that I’m borrowing it from her :D. Look what else I found ..

That’s her lipstick collection. There are more lying around in her purses 😀

This is my first good experience with a long stay lipstick. Do you wear long stay lipsticks? Which are your favorite long stay lipsticks? Let me know your comments by replying below.


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  1. hawwwwwwwww
    u r my lispstick sis
    have u seen my box on IMBB
    n the shade is too good..the perfect nude for me:D

    • oops i gotta worship ur mum!
      we can actually swap a hell lot
      what shade bracket is her fav?

    • 😀 😀 I haven’t seen your box on IMBB! Which post is it in? This shade is quite nice..perfect nude pink!!

    • She has over 60 lipsticks and I keep recommending her more n more everyday! She has mostly earthy pinks, mauves, plums and a few browns and maroons. She doesn’t wear very bright or light shades. Lately, I see her gravitating towards earthy pinks and mauves a LOT! But she doesn’t know the difference..she calls all of them pinks :\ And she loves moisturizing lipsticks cos she has dry lips so the mattes, semi-mattes in her collection are just gathering dust!

  2. arey its in some colorbar post re
    in fact the box i store it in was from colorbar:D

  3. WOW! What a collection 🙂
    Another lovely shade from colorbar – very nice.
    I love the kurti you are wearing 🙂

  4. ankita, remember i keep telling u about colorbar’s “tempt me” lipstick? it is from this same range ! its is my perfect peach shade…even though i have lots of others including one each from maybelline, tbs and lotus !!! but tempt me lasts the longest on my lips n has the prettiest packaging….i luv it when ppl stare at the case each time i do my touch ups! (i sometimes do not go to the restroom n often do that in full public view….lol!)

    • I do remember! If I pick up another lipstick from this range, it’ll be Tempt me or Keep Blushing. Have you swatched it? I’ve only seen pics but it looks nice.
      I love the sleek silver packaging!! 😀

      • yeah u msut have seen tempt me in rati’s review n pics….but if u wear n like maybelline’s coral pink then this one u will definitely luv:) besides it lasts a lot longer than maybelline…wait, i have to write a alotus review…i wear tempy me with a lotus lip liner…so will then put up swatches n piccies of tempt me on my lips 😀

        • Ya I’ve seen it in Rati’s review. I like Coral Pink,..will check out Tempt me when I’m at Beauty Centre next time. I’ll wait for your review 😀

  5. are u wearing faces forest green or chambor teal on your eyes? 😀

  6. i love ur mom!!!With absolutely no offence to mine(who has barely 3 -4 lipcolors)will ur mom adopt me:puppy face:??pweety please????just so that I can borrow them too??

  7. It is a lovely nude shade Ankita. I had three of these and My friends looted me. 😛 😛

    I haveee to meet your Mom!!! lollll!!

  8. Which are those gold packaging ones ? 😀 Sorry Ankita , the last pic has totally overshadowed the lipstick you have reviewed. ROTTFFLL!!!

    • Hahha! The sleek gold packaging is Revlon. I don’t remember the name of the range, just remember that they feel minty on the lips 😛 The yucky plastic gold packaging is L’oreal.

  9. ahh!! loreal.. i dont have a single loreal lippy so that’s why i was wondering. 😛 I can imagine your mom’s excitement. 😀

  10. dats such a nice neutral color..

  11. oooh…. i iked the lipstick, loved your kurti and am completely gaga over ur mum’s collection….. you shud do a post on it 🙂

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