Simple eye contouring TUTORIAL + FOTD

Hi everyone!

Today I’m doing a tutorial on how to do a simple contoured eye.

For the eye, contouring simply means working in deeper socket area with a dark eye shadow and on the raised/bony areas with a lighter (highlighter) eye shadow.

Simple eye contouring

Products used :

products used for contouring eye

1. MAC Select moisture cover concealer NC 45.5

2. Bourjois kohl and contour pencil ‘Brun expressif’

3. Chambor eye shadow trio ‘Bronze’

4. MAC fluidline ‘Blacktrack’

5. Brush : MAC 219 -smudging

6. Brush : MAC 239 – eye shadow application

7. Brush : MAC 222 – blending

8. Faces cosmetics mascara


Bare eye –

Bare eye

Step 1- Start by concealing and priming the eye. I am using concealer in the eye as well as the lid. This will act as primer for eye shadow too. Alternatively,you can use a primer or paint pot after concealing.

Apply concealer

Step 2 – Blend the concealer using patting motions using third finger.

Blend concealer

Concealed eye

Step 3 – Set the concealer with powder. I’m using Chambor compact with a fluffy brush (MAC 222)

Set with powder

Set with powder

Step 4– Now , on the primed eye, draw a line using dark brown eye pencil on the upper lash line , outer corner and socket as shown. The line need not be very precise as we will smudge it in the next step. Apply the brown pencil to the waterline as well.

Apply brown liner

Apply brown liner

Step 5- Smudge the line drawn in the previous step using a smudging brush.

Smudge the brown liner

Step 6 – Apply a neutral light shade  in the lid 3/4th of the way starting from inner corner. I’m using a pink shade from Chambor ‘Bronze’ eyeshadow trio. It is nude pink shade but the pink is washed out because of the flash. It appears more like a muted lavender shade on the lid.

Apply lid color

Apply lid color

Apply lid color

Step 7 – Take a dark brown eye shadow and apply in on the outer corner and crease (socket). Apply highlight shade on brow bone and blend with the crease color.

Pick up darkest shade from the trio

Apply crease color

Step 8 – Blend the shades using a blending brush as shown. Start from the outer corner and move the brush towards the inner corner in a semi-circular motion (following the contour of the eye) and the same way back. Repeat the to and fro semi circular motion with the brush till the blending is done.

Pick highlight shade

Apply higlight shade





Step 9 – Apply liner on upper lash line and just a hint of it on the lower lash line, mascara and clean up the ends using a Q-tip.

Clean up with Q-tip

Finished eye makeup : 

Simple contoured eye makeup

Simple contoured eye makeup

Simple contoured eye makeup

Simple eye contouring

Simple contoured eye makeup

Products used for face makeup –

1. The Body Shop oil free foundation

2. Chambor Silver shadow compact

3. Colorbar blush – Crimson Rose

4. Brushes : MAC 188(foundation ), TBS face and body brush , blush brush

Face products

Products used for lips –

Faces creme matte lip gloss ’03 Deep Lilac’

Faces creme matte lip cream 03 Deep Lilac

Faces creme matte lip gloss 03 Deep Lilac - swatch

Faces creme matte lip gloss 03 Deep Lilac (sheered out)

Finished look : 

Simple eye contouring FOTD

Simple eye contouring FOTD

Simple eye contouring FOTD

Let me know your comments by replying below. 

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  1. i am liking deep lilac!!!

  2. hey ankita, thanks a lot for posting this, as i mentioned in the earlier comments i am a makeup novice and this post is so detailed and useful to me..

  3. ankita im all for such nuetraleye any day
    it keeps ppl guessing whether there is eye shadow or not

    n that faces lip gloss or creme
    wat exactly is it its amazing
    y dont u reveiw it?

    • I usually like smokey or colorful eye looks but I’m liking neutrals these days 🙂
      I’ll review the Faces lip cream soon. Its neither liquid lipstick nor gloss, its in a cream form and applies nicely matte on the lips. Haven’t tested it enough to review yet. But will do it soon 🙂 Its like NYX soft matte lip cream or Bourjois lip cream…similar concept.

  4. heyy ankita lovely tut….me toh lurvvvved the lip color…how much is it??

  5. You are damn nice with photo tutorials! ever thought of doing videos??

  6. very niccely explnd..

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