Earthy copper and coral look FOTD

Hi everyone!

Today I’m doing a earthy copper and coral look. Copper and corals go very well together giving a lovely warm toned look. I have used a medium-shimmer copper eye shadow, earthy warm blush and coral lipstick.

Earthy Copper and coral makeup

Summary of the look :

On a well moisturized face, apply foundation , conceal required areas and set with compact. For the cheeks, apply a warm earthy blush under the cheekbones and blend upwards and outwards (towards the temples).  For the eyes, apply primer orshimmery base (like MAC CCB) and apply coppery eye shadow all over the lid and soften the edges. Apply brown liner,brown kohl on waterline and gold/copper eye pencil or eyeshadow on the lower lash line. Finish off eye makeup with volumizing mascara. Apply coral lipstick on the lips.

Products used :


1. MAC Select moisture cover concealer NC 45.5.

2. MAC Cream Color base ‘Improper Copper’

3. Essence color and shine eyeshadow ’02 Stage beauty’

4. MAC fluidline  ‘Dipdown’

5. Chambor dazzle pencil- Golden

6. MAC 208  (angular brush for brown gel liner)

7. MAC 222 (for applying eye shadow)

8. Maybelline colossal volume mascara

Eye makeup products for Earthy Copper and coral makeup


1. The Body Shop oil free foundation

2. Chambor Silver shadow compact

3.  The Body shop face and body brush

4. The Body shop blush no. 5

Face makeup products for Earthy Copper and coral makeup


The body shop lipstick no. 63 (coral shade)

The body shop lipstick no. 63 (coral shade)

Final look :

Earthy copper and coral makeup look

Earthy copper and coral makeup look

What is your favorite warm earthy look combination? Have you tried copper with corals? Let me know your comments by replying below.


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  1. this is a very good look 🙂 coral lipshade is very pretty ankita… how do you get inspired to do these looks?

    • Thank you Anks 🙂 Seeing you after a long time. I just think of combinations- sometimes based on what makeup I own, sometimes based on clothes. A lot of times its just trial and error 😛 How’ve u been?

  2. a bit tied up… 🙂 i always get confused what blush/ lipstick to wear with what clothes…. most often, end up reaching for the same colour again and again!

  3. loved d look ankita..n d lippie…hows d body shop glide on in stayin power n all..?

  4. Hmm nice i didnt liked it soo mch…brown shadows looks like sumone havng dark circles..fair n dark beauties alike…i like pinky pinky makeup a lot..liked ur dwey makeup a lot..

    • Glad you liked the dewy look Khushboo. Its a matter of choice, warm makeup looks gorgeous on all skin tones and suits a lot of occasions and outfits where pink makeup might not suit well.

  5. Liked your eye color a lot , I am still learning eye makeup… need a lot of practice 😦

    • Thanks a lot Divya 🙂 Eye make up needs a little bit practice but you’ll get the hang of it soon. Just make sure you use a good quality brush and decent quality eye shadows otherwise the look just doesn’t come out well. Faces eye shadow brush is good one for beginners and it is quite light on the pocket too (Rs 70).

      • 🙂 Thanks just ordered a bunch of colors from NYX, for learning. Are Faces brush available online?

        • NYX has great quality at really affordable pricing! What shades did u order? I haven’t seen Faces brush online yet. Maybe on Fashion and You (I haven’t Faces cosmetics online anywhere else). If u want to order online, Coastal Scents brushes are really good and well priced. There’s just the hassle of shipping.

  6. You know Ive never done serious eye make up, but you guys make em want to.. was ogling a nice faces green shadow on FnY today. I like your lip colour.This is one of those no make up type make up looks 🙂

  7. this is good but u look great in pinks ankita!
    n wannid to ask u hows the beyu eyeshadow base…wantin to buy it but donno
    just dont have any base for eyes
    any reccos?
    do u carry makeup looks like this everyday ? or just for the blog?

    • Thank you Neha 🙂 Ya pinks/purply shades suit me more cos I’m cool toned. BeYu eye base is quite good Neha but it has shimmers which I don’t like if I’m doing a subtle matte look. I think eye base is really important. so if you’re not going fr MAC Paint pot , go for BeYu eye base. I do wear blush, lipstick and some base on face everyday but I don’t wear eyeshadow regularly- mainly cos I don’t get much time to get ready. I just put some colored pencil or smudged look (smoldering summer eye tutorial type). If I get time and I’m going out, I do wear eyeshadow too.

  8. 😀 superbbbbb!! I nloev it!! but doesnt the MAC website say not to use improper copper on eyes??? :|:|

  9. Ankita looveeedd!! I am def checking out this lipstick shade. :)) I found another great coraly orange shade, will mail you the link. 😀

    • Thank you Rati 🙂 The shade is pretty but the otherwise the lipstick is a bit drying and doesn’t last long too 😐 The one you showed me looks so gorgeous! Plus is Dior *sigh*

  10. nice look Ankita. Can u suggest me a matte light to medium pink eyeshadow? i love to wear pink on my eyes but shimmery eyeshadows dont look good on me.. also can u tell me how to order coastal scents brushes online? i love eye makeup but dont have proper brushes… please help!

    • Thanks Ramona 🙂 Its difficult to find matte eyeshadows in drugstore brands in the Indian market. You can go for MAC or Inglot eyeshadow singles. MAC ones cost Rs 680 in pan and Rs 900 in single and Inglot ones cost Rs 300 in pan. You will get a lot of shades to choose from. Among drugstore brands, Revlon has a quad called ‘Berry Bloom’ which has a semi-matte pink eyeshadow. The quad will cost you around Rs 550-575. Its better go for Inglot if you have it in your city. If shimmer doesn’t suit you, try a pearl finish or satin finish, they are not completely matte, they have a subtle sheen which looks very beautiful and it is quite wearable also. I have MAC Cranberry which is a medium reddish-pink with a frost finish. I wanted a pink shade too and I had a hard time finding a shade I liked.

      This is the link to the coastal scents website brushes page
      You can choose your products and add them to your cart. You’ll need a credit card to make the payment. Shipping takes around 2 weeks but products are really good and reach safely without any damage. I have the original 88 palette. If you want to try out shades, you should get this. It has matte and semi-matte finish shades and the quality is excellent. I have this and you can see the shades in the link

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