Faces creme matte lip gloss '03 Deep Lilac' Review, Swatch and FOTD

Hi everyone!

Today I’m reviewing Faces creme matte lip gloss in shade ’03 Deep Lilac’. Faces is a recent discovery of mine and I’ve loving their products so far! The product being reviewed is similar to Bourjois so delicate lip creme lipstick and NYX soft matte lip creme.

Price : Rs 399

Quantity : not specified

Faces creme matte lip gloss : 03 Deep Lilac (lip balm for size comparison)

What the outer carton says about the product :

– made from Flex form complex which immediately defines and smoothens the lip

– it is easy to apply, offers complete coverage and helps keep lips soft and shiny foreve

– dermatologically tested.

My take on the product :

It comes in a round bottom plastic tube form. The cap is black plastic and the rest of the body is transparent so its easy to spot the lipstick when kept with others. It has a sponge tip applicator inside which is of good quality. It has a sticker at one end specifying the shade name and number. The packaging is quite sturdy but the tube tends to get messy around its mouth. I’ve used the product only 3-4 times till now the part where the cap screws on to the tube is already messy with the product. The applicator doesn’t pick up a lot of
product at one time. I have to dip it in once more to cover my lips.

Faces creme matte lip gloss : 03 Deep Lilac

Faces creme matte lip gloss : 03 Deep Lilac

Faces creme matte lip gloss : 03 Deep Lilac

Faces creme matte lip gloss : 03 Deep Lilac

Faces creme matte lip gloss : 03 Deep Lilac

Faces creme matte lip gloss : 03 Deep Lilac

Faces creme matte lip gloss : 03 Deep Lilac

Faces creme matte lip gloss : 03 Deep Lilac

Faces creme matte lip gloss : 03 Deep Lilac

TEXTURE , MOISTURIZATION and PIGMENTATION : The texture is that of a smooth cream, its not a runny liquid, it more like thick butter or cream. The consistency is perfect for easy application. The creme formula has a smooth matte finish on the lips. Pigmentation is excellent- it is opaque and gives full coverage in single swipe hiding any pigmentation one may have quite effectively. It is not moisturizing but its not really drying either. It feels quite comfortable on the lips. I have slightly dry lips and I did not feel any stretchy or tight feeling on my lips.  However, it won’t suit chapped lips.

SHADE no. 3 DEEP LILAC : The shade is as the name says, a deep lilac/mauve shades that lightens to a more pinkish shade with time/meals. It is one of those shades that are not too bright but neither too subtle. Worn with just mascara and sunscreen/compact, it gives a nice statement lip that is work/college appropriate too. It might seem too dark in the tube but its not so on the lips.

Faces creme matte lip cream 03 Deep Lilac - swatch

FRAGRANCE : It has strong  very yummy butterscotch kind of smell which vanishes within 2-3 minutes of application. People who like their makeup products unscented might not like it. I personally love it! 😛

STAYING POWER : The staying power is quite good. It stayed on my lips for 5+ hours including 2 meals and lots of fluid intake. The impressive part was that it didn’t transfer onto cup/bottle (see picture) while taking fluids. It takes about 8-10 minutes to settle after which is it becomes non-transferable. I had in fact taken a meal right after applying it and that lightened it a bit but it still stayed on for more than 5 hours, lightening with time but giving an even tint to the lips. Because of the meal, it faded more on the inner side of the  lower lip giving the impression of having used a lip liner (since the product at the outline of lips remained intact).
Overall, I’m very happy with the staying power of this lipstick.
Few min after application :

Faces creme matte lip gloss : 03 Deep Lilac few min after application

After 2 hours(and one meal) :

Faces creme matte lip gloss : 03 Deep Lilac after meal

After 5 hours (and 2 meals : the lower lip had more fading cos of the meals/fluid intake)

Faces creme matte lip gloss : 03 Deep Lilac 5 hours after application

Faces creme matte lip gloss : 03 Deep Lilac - barely transferred on the bottle (See marked area)

The GOOD about  Faces creme matte lip gloss ’03 Deep Lilac’
1. Packaging is sturdy in a transparent tube which allows easy identification of the shade.
2. Applicator is of good quality.
3. Texture is smooth and creamy, glides easily on lips.
4. Pigmentation is good- opaque and full coverage in single swipe
5. Not drying like many other long wear lipsticks. Not moisturizing either.
6. Stays on for 5-6 hours including meals with even fading as time passes.
7. Even when almost faded, gives a nice even tint on the lips.
8. Does not settle into fine lines.
9. Claims to be dermatologically tested.
10. Does not smudge, feather or bleed.
11. Gives a smooth, non-drying matte finish to the lips.
12. Has a nice butterscotch fragrance.
The NOT-SO-GOOD about Faces creme matte lip gloss ’03 Deep Lilac 
1. Tube tends to get messy around the mouth.
2. Ingredient list and quantity not given.
3. Not moisturizing. Will not suit people with very dry or chapped lips.
4. Have to dip in for more product to cover the lips. Applicator does not pick enough product in one time.
5. The name is quite a mouthful and misleading- there is nothing glossy about the lipstick!
6. Some people might not like the fact that it has a strong fragrance.
Here is how it looks on me.
I’m not supposed to wear anything except sunscreen on my face for 3-4 days (I got a salicylic acid peel done- 1 sitting only) so I’m only wearing Lotus 3-in-1 matte sunscreen here with Maybelline colossal volume mascara.

FACES creme matte lip gloss :03 Deep Lilac FOTD

FACES creme matte lip gloss :03 Deep Lilac FOTD

FACES creme matte lip gloss :03 Deep Lilac FOTD

Overall Verdict : The formula , texture and pigmentation of this lipstick gets full marks. It gives a long wear (5-6 hr) smooth matte finish to the lips which is not too drying. It doesn’t transfer, feather, smudge or bleed once is settles (8-10 min after application). The packaging could have been better (esp the mess around the mouth of the tube) though. The particular shade is a deep lilac shade that is quite versatile- can be worn even without any makeup on face and it gives a nice statement lip sort of look.
Most of the cons listed are not very big issues for me and I really like this lipstick! If you do not severe dry, chapped lips, this is a great decently long wearing lipstick for you. I’d recommend everyone to try out this range of lipstick from Faces.
Rating : 4.5/5
Will I repurchase : Yes. Will check out the other shades also.

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  1. wow this looks super nice on you. I thought it’d be very dark.. but its actually a pretty colour.. 🙂

    • Thank you ! Ya I thought it’d be really dark too. I’d picked it up with Mum in mind but she told me to keep it (if you’ve seen the other post, you know how many lipsticks she has ). It looks quite nice and fades to a pinker shade.. me ❤ pinks.

  2. Hey Ankita,totally out of topic but did you get the peeling done for acne or the scars ? Did it work ?

    • Its supposed to be for acne. My skin is looking better and clearer and pimples seem to be drying. I just had 1 sitting, not the whole package.

      • I was actually recommended by a derma,but then i didnt think i needed so forgot about it..i heard there was a continous peeling of skin for 3-4 days ? How many days did it take for you ?

      • That is for scars and its called skin lightening treatment. I got a mild salicylic acid peel for pimples so I didn’t have any peeling. I got it done yesterday evening and pics are today afternoon’s. Skin just looks a little clearer and brighter! I was just told not to put anything apart from sunscreen and cleanser for 3-4 days.

  3. I like the finish of this A LOT. But i have dry lips so might not be for me..the finish reminds me of bourjois lip creams

    • The finish is quite nice. Its not too drying, you could give it a shot. It lasts really long. Right now I have it on and its been more than 6 hours 😛 Ya i read your review on Bourjois lip cream, too bad it transfers on contact.

  4. hey ankita!!!! have to get this one as well…u got it from r city kya???
    looks good even for office wear….

    • Hey Shivani! I got it in Bhopal when I was at home but you’ll find this in Pantaloons, R city hopefully. This is a really nice shade for office wear plus its lasting power is so awesome! I wore it for more than 6 hours yesterday!

  5. Pretty shade .. I havent tried anything from faces but now its time 😀

  6. such a pretty color….

  7. oh thanks for the review
    yest i went to the mall to see this one but 399 ??

  8. Hello Ankita, nice review!!! I will surely try this…but i did not see this brand in the near by pantaloons outlet or malls over here…but will keep looking for it!!. Nice look as well even without makeup!!! i liked it!!

  9. pretty shade :). I think I’ve become a regular on your blog now!!

  10. wow…. lovely matte gloss….. did not transfer on d bottle…. very cool…..

  11. hee hee heee. yeah begun baby steps with the blush part of it… eye shadows dunno cos I have specs… had to give up my contacts cos i could no longer wear them comfortably.

    • 😀 What happened to your contacts? I used to have specs earlier but switched to contacts about 2 years back and I find them so much more comfortable.

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