Chambor dazzle eye liner pencil Review, Swatches

Hi everyone!

Today I’m reviewing Chambor dazzle eye liner pencil. I have the shades Black, Purple, Grey, Teal and Gold from this range. From the no. of shades I own, you can guess as to how much I love these eye pencils! The first one I picked for the purple one and the formula and staying power was so good that I purchased more shades later.

Price: Rs 445

Quantity : 0.28 g

Chambor dazzle eye liner pencil

What the website says:

Chambor’s New DAZZLE EYEPENCILS with its innovative formula allows smooth application and perfect color with a one stroke precise application. At a party or even for everyday wear the colorful dazzling pencil light’s up your eyes.

The transformation from a dark room to a magically lit up one will never fail to charm, attract or DAZZLE you…. Much like Chambor’s New DAZZLE EYEPENCILS with its new skate formula that allows for smooth application and perfect colour with a one stroke precise application. At a party or even for daily wear this pencil and the colours it is available in will go a long way to Dazzle you.

  • No Animal Ingredients.
  • Non – Comodogenic.
  • Dermatologist Tested.
  • Opthalmologist Tested.
My take on the product :
Packaging: It comes in a one-way twist up liner form encased in a plastic body made of the same shade as the liner. The body has silver patterns and the shade name written in silver lettering. The packaging is quite attractive but the one way twist up form is not the most convenient to use. The cap doesn’t fit with a click so one does not feel sure whether the pencil is closed or if accidentally the tip has been damaged.

Chambor dazzle eye liner pencil


Chambor dazzle eye liner pencil

Formula : The product gets full marks on the formula. Texture is super creamy yet not so creamy that it will transfer to lashes on contact. It glides beautifully on the lid and can be used on the lower lash line too. It is however not advisable to use it on waterline since some of the shades contain very fine shimmer and that may irritate the eye. The pencil is very pigmented and gives good color in single swipe. I however like going over it 2-3 times for an intense color.The tip of a brand new piece is sharp but it gets blunt on use and thus cannot be used to draw thin lines.

Chambor dazzle eye liner pencil

The formula is long stay and does not go off till removed by an oil based makeup remover. I have worn this pencil on a long train journey and 24 hours later also the pencil was intact on my lids. Some of the shades have a pearl finish and the shimmer is very fine and does not hurt the eye at all. It is long staying and thus is not removed in a single swipe. 4-5 swipes are needed . A better option is to let the cleanser sit on it for a few seconds, then it comes off in 1 swipe.

Cotton after rubbing on the swatches


Chambor dazzle eye liner pencil


Chambor dazzle eye liner pencil


Chambor dazzle eye liner pencil


Chambor dazzle eye liner pencil


Chambor dazzle eye liner pencil


Chambor dazzle eye liner pencil



Shade selection: It comes in 9 shades- Black, Brown, Blue, Green, Purple, Teal, Gold, Silver and Gray. Most shades have a pearl/glossy finish.

The GOOD about Chambor Dazzle eye liner  pencil –
1. Attractive packaging of colored plastic to identify shades easily.
2. Creamy formula that glides on lids easily.
3. Very pigmented.
4. Long stay formula- stays until removed with cleanser.
5. Waterproof.
6. Glossy/pearl finish that gives a bright look to the eyes.
7. Good shade selection.
8. No animal ingredients.
9. Opthalmologically and Dermatologically tested.
The NOT-SO-GOOD about Chambor Dazzle eye liner pencil –
1. Packaging : cap doesn’t close with a click. One way twist up form- if you twist up more than you need, you cannot retract it.
2. Doesn’t remove very easily.
3. Pricey for given quantity (0.28 g)
4. Cannot draw thin lines with it as tip becomes blunt.
Overall Verdict: It is creamy, pigmented , long stay pencil packaged in an attractive but not very convenient one way twist up form. The formula is brilliant but it is expensive especially for the given quantity. The shade selection is good and shades have a glossy pearl finish that looks very attractive on the eyes. I was drawn to this range because of its formula but with more reasonable options like Faces available, I would skip these.
Rating : 3.75/5
Will I repurchase: With similar formula available at half the price in other brands, I will not be repurchasing these.

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  1. liked the purple, grey and teal. bt they r expensive. 😦

  2. Hello Ankita,
    Nice review…i too was tempted with this review to buy atleast the gold n teal ones…but it seems to be pricey…so i will skip it as of now and look for faces …

  3. teal and purple r nice..

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