EYE PRIMER : BeYu eye base Review and swatches

Hi everyone!

Today I’m reviewing BeYu eye base which is basically a primer for eye makeup. I had a lot of requests to review this product and I’m sorry for have taken so long to review it! Few months back, when I’d just started with makeup, some google research led me on a hunt for an eye primer. To my surprize and disappointment, most SAs at Revlon, Maybelline, Chambor, Lakme, Maxfactor, Bourjois etc had never even heard of eye primer or eye base. Β Finally, one SA told to me go try the Β BeYu counter at Pantaloons.

Before this time, I’d never heard of BeYu before. BeYu is a German cosmetic brand that has just started selling its products in India. The price range is similar to Bourjois price range. The SA at BeYu promptly showed me this eye base and at first glance I was a little disappointed by the look of the tiny silver tube. I’d expected something fancier. And on top of that this tiny tube cost me Rs 450!

But all that disappointment was forgotten when I started using the product. Now to the review..

Price: Rs 450

Quantity: 7 ml

BeYu eye base

BeYu eye base


Formula : It is a semi -transparent champagne colored runny gel-like product that comes packaged in a small silver tube with a screw on cap. The consistency is thin and light, almost like a liquid and it spreads very easily. It gets absorbed within a few seconds of application leaving behind no color and some shimmer.

BeYu eye base

A very tiny amount is required to cover the entire lid Β and lower lash line. Initially, I’d end up taking more more product than needed but after using it a few times, you get the idea of how much is needed. The product has lasted me about 7 months and there is still some left (i guess πŸ˜› don’t know since the tube is opaque).

BeYu eye base

BeYu eye base

BeYu eye base - blended

Eye shadow with and without BeYu eye base

Few days back, the tube had started oozing out a very thin runny liquid every time I tried using it, I thought maybe the product melted in the summers, but it got back to its normal consistency soon. I’m guessing the formula probably separated into liquid and gel. This could be either because the formula is not very stable or because the SA gave me an old product.

Why use eye primer/eye base :

1. It helps the eye makeup stay on longer.

2. It prevents creasing of eyeshadows.

3. Prevents fall out from eyeshadows.

4. Makes eyeshadow and even liners appear more vibrant and pigmented.

5. Delays fading of eyeshadows/liners.

How to apply BeYu eye base:Β 

Just squeeze a tiny amount (shown in the picture) on the third finger and apply it on the lid and light sweeping motion and take it up to the browbone. Apply the remaining product on the finger to inner corners and lower lash line too.


The GOOD about BeYu eye base:

1. Consistency is very light- almost liquid like- spreads very easily.

2. Makes eyeshadows appear more vibrant and pigmented.

3. Helps eyeshadows stay on longer without creasing and fading.

4. Controls fall out from eyeshadows.

5.A very tiny amount is needed to cover entire eye area- product lasts a long time

6. The packaging is sturdy

7. Price justifies the quantity and quality.

The NOT-SO-GOOD about BeYu eye base:

1. Excess Β product squeezed out leads to wastage.

2. The product contains shimmer which does not look good with sublte matte looks.

3. Formula not very stable – separates into liquid and gel after some time (or maybe I got an old packaging)


Overall Verdict: I feel everyone who uses eyeshadows should use a primer underneath and this is one of the few primers available in the Indian market under Rs 500. The product is very light, spreads very easily and a small quantity is required in each application. It helps eyeshadows stay longer, brings out their color and pigmentation and prevents creasing and fading. The packaging could be better and the formula can be improved to eliminate the shimmer and improve the consistency.

Rating: 3.75/5

Will I repurchase : Not right now. Not because its not a good product but because I want to try MAC paint pot.


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  1. pavani reddy

    hey nice deatiled review..u r so pretty ankita…

  2. Hello Ankita,

    nice review and i was about to shoot a mail to you to recomment a primer / concealer under500 and this came through..

    • Hi Dhanu, thanks πŸ™‚ It is a good primer, lasts for a long time. Sometimes I just use my concealer only as primer but that doesn’t work as well as this because my concealer is in liquid form, not cream based. If you invest in a cream based concealer, that can work as your primer too.

  3. ankita u rock!
    i remember having asked u to reveiw this
    u know just this saturday i went to health n glow n checked this out n it made quite a diff
    tho the sa her self wasnt sure wt it was πŸ˜›
    i dint buy this …tho i ended up buying a lot of streetwear 😦 coz they had a pouch to give for free:(
    me just got no will power when it comes to makeup
    but beyu had no offers…
    do they ever have offers?

  4. me got it from pantaloons as well …but mera to khatam bhi ho gaya!!it really lasted 7 months…actually ab sirf some oily liquid comes out…..

  5. Hey Ankita… Nice review πŸ™‚ Never knew BeYU had an eye make-up base… I’ll check it out next I am in H&G in COlaba πŸ™‚

  6. hey…u hav reviewd it now??? u toh use this in most of your eye tuts naa? πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€
    i havnt seeen beyu as yet in stores here 😐

  7. Nice review Ankita..I havent heard of BeYu as yet..the before and after click is amazing..such difference!
    Btw thanks for your comments on my blog πŸ™‚

  8. sounds decent..
    liked d new layout πŸ™‚

  9. i haven’t seen this in delhi… but seems like a good primer for everyday use…

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