Revlon colorstay mineral finishing powder ‘Sunkiss Radieux’ Review, swatch and FOTD

Hi everyone!

Today I’m reviewing one my favorite products- one you have seen me use very often in my looks- Revlon colorstay mineral finishing powder ‘Sunkiss Radieux‘.  Basically, this product is a bronzer containing very fine bronze colored shimmer particles which  can be used in many different ways.

Revlon colorstay mineral finishing powder Sunkiss Radieux

Revlon colorstay mineral finishing powder Sunkiss Radieux

Story behind my purchase:   This is one of my earliest makeup purchases. I’d just started reading about makeup and the products I was really fascinated with were ‘bronzer’ and ‘highlighter’. I was Beauty Centre, Khar and I asked the Colorbar SA for a bronzer. She did not understand what I meant by ‘bronzer’ but the Revlon SA at the next counter heard me and directed me to her counter where she showed me this product. Now what I was actually looking for a contouring powder but I did not know what to call it then, so I just kept referring it to as bronzer. The moment she showed me this product, I was mesmerized by the baked finish and the bronze and brown veining in the product! It was expensive but since I was shopping with my Mum she told me to take it. The Revlon SA also showed me a highlighter by the name of illuminating powder but that was quite expensive too so I decided to just pick up the bronzer.

Price: Around 1400-1500

Quantity: 8.79 g

Packaging says: All over enhancing color in a talc-free mineral formula with Colorstay longwear.

Revlon colorstay mineral finishing powder Sunkiss Radieux

Revlon colorstay mineral finishing powder Sunkiss Radieux

My experience with the product : 

Packaging: It comes in a square packaging with the baked powder sitting in a dome shape at the centre and a transparent lid on the top. The packaging is sturdy, travel friendly and the transparent lid allows the user to see the bronzer. I find the packaging very attractive! The quantity provided is a lot..8.79 gms and it has lasted me 6 months now and will easily do many more. The product was dome shaped when I had purchased it but with use it has flattened down.

The only con  is that no brush or mirror is provided with it.

Revlon colorstay mineral finishing powder Sunkiss Radieux

Ingredients: The product is not listed on the website and no information is given on the product except for ‘talc-free’ and ‘mineral’ formula. But it has never irritated my oily acne prone sensitive skin. I find it very comfortable and light to wear.

Formula: The formula is like that of the baked powder hence they are better compacted than normal powders having a harder surface. But the product is smooth and picks up very uniformly with a brush, sponge or even fingertips. The shimmer is very fine and not chunky and is not visible easily. It is just there is a micro form to add a satiny sheen to the skin. The color is a perfect mix of bronze-brown with an orange undertone and wud suit all skin tones beautifully.

Revlon colorstay mineral finishing powder Sunkiss Radieux

Revlon colorstay mineral finishing powder Sunkiss Radieux

This is my most used product hands down after sunscreen, kajal and lip balm and I tend to reach out for it everytime I do a warm toned makeup. Even with cool toned makeup, I use this just on the cheekbones for a bit of subtle highlighting. It is pigmented but not too pigmented and hence it is easy to use especially for beginners and the pigmentation can be built up. The different colored veining does not hinder the useability or alter the color of the product. Brush picks up uniform color.


1. As blush on apples to cheeks and blended towards hairline.

2. Under the cheekbones and blended towards the apples of the cheeks.

3. As highlighter on cheekbones.

4.All over the face for a bronzed glow.

I generally use it as a blush using a brush and after applying it on the cheeks, I use the leftover product on the brush on the entire face.

Staying power : Used as a blush it lasts a long time. I’ve never worn it more than for more than 6-7 hours but I feel it can last even more than that. Fades evenly with time and the warm glow still remains on the face.

Revlon colorstay mineral finishing powder Sunkiss Radieux SWATCH

Revlon colorstay mineral finishing powder Sunkiss Radieux SWATCH (in different lighting)

The GOOD about Revlon colorstay mineral finishing powder ‘Sunkiss Radieux’

1. Sturdy, attractive, travel friendly packaging.

2. Attractive product with baked finish showing bronze-brown veining.

3. Texture is smooth, pigmentation is good with buildable intensity.

4. Gives a warm glow to the skin that looks natural.

5. Shimmer is very fine and shows up only as a sheen on the cheeks.

6. Does make my oily skin look too shiny or accentuate the pores.

7. Coverage and color intensity is buildable- easy to use for beginners.

8. Multipurpose- use as blush, highlighter,all over face finishing powder.

9. Talc free and mineral based.

10. Stays on skin for a long time.

The NOT SO GOOD about Revlon colorstay mineral finishing powder ‘Sunkiss Radieux’

1. No brush or mirror with packaging.

2.Ingredients not given, product not listed on the site.

3. Expensive. But since the product itself is so awesome and it’ll last me a long long time, I find the price justified.

Here is how it looks on me –

Revlon colorstay mineral finishing powder Sunkiss Radieux review FOTD

Revlon colorstay mineral finishing powder Sunkiss Radieux FOTD


Overall Verdict: Its a baked mineral powder with a bronze finish that can be used as blush, highlighter or all over the face for a subtle glow. The formula is brilliant and pigmentation can be built up for a more intense look. Comes in a very attractive packaging which is sturdy and travel friendly but lacks a mirror and brush. The shade will work  well for all skin tones. Seems expensive but the product is excellent in quality as well as quantity and last a long time.

Will I repurchase: Yes!

Rating: 4.5/5

Do you use bronzers? Which is your favorite bronzer? Share your comments by replying below 



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  1. u love it a lot na..I always see u using this the most..

  2. I saw this here.. but I dint get it.. I wanted a matte bronzer. Good review!! Now I know more than I though I did about this!:P

  3. niceeee review ankkkitttaa……. u toh love this a lottt.. me know 😀 😀

  4. Pretty Pretty! Love the way you contour your cheeks – it looks so natural 🙂
    What brush do you use for eyeliner or is it some felt tip liner? I noticed the dramatic neat line everytime and had been wanting to ask you how do you get that.

    • Thanks AD 😀 Which look are you referring to? In this post, I’ve applied Chambor pencil liner and smudged it with The Body Shop lipstick/concealer brush (Ya I use it for eye makeup :P). When I’m using a gel liner like MAC Siahi or Maybelline drama gel liner I use this unbranded angled brush I bought from a local store ages ago. No matter which brush I’m using, I just make sure I keep close to the lash line and make the end flick very neat. I think it just comes with practice. I like using angled brushes for liner as I find it easier to use. I paint also btw so a little practice in handling brushes has come from there too 😛

      • Whether you use pencil or gel liner…it so neat :)Cant make out the difference.
        How do u manage to get it so close to ur lashes…any tricks ? or you pull ur eyelid a bit while using pencil/brush to make the area a little tight? Too many silly questions here – but I am still exploring and practicing how to get a neat line :D.

      • 🙂 I do pull the area a little tight while applying and I go over it with the brush/pencil a few times to make sure its intense and as close to the lash line as possible.

  5. this is such a nice product…. love that glow it imparts!

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