Lakme nine to five range new launches: Forever Silk Liner and Kohl Ultimate

Lakmé 9 to 5 Day Forever Silk Eyeliner and Kohl Ultimate

For bright and sparkly eyes all day

June 2011: You can’t rely on the weather or the traffic, but what you can rely on is the eye make-up range from Lakmé nine to five which promises to keep you looking fresh through the day! Nine to Five adds to its range Forever Silk Eyeliner and Kohl Ultimate. The smudge-proof, water-resistant formula ensures a long-lasting finish.

Forever Silk Eyeliner comes in scintillating metallic shades and the soft formula glides on effortlessly. One neat stroke and you are set for the day!

The Kohl Ultimate is a kohl, smudger and sharpener all in one stick. You can create the smoky look with ease by using the smudge tip to smudge the kohl line outwards!

Forever Silk Eye liner –

v  Soft creamy texture

v  Smudge-proof and water-resistant

v  Ensures 8  hours of great looking eyes

v  Rich in Vitamin E

v  Dermatologist approved

v  Available in 7 shades

v  Priced at Rs.395/-

v  Available at all leading lifestyle stores


Kohl Ultimate

3-in-1 smooth kohl stick with smudger and sharpener

v  Moisturizing ceramides will smooth and soften the eye skin

v  Smudge-proof and water-resistant

v  Ensures 8 hours of great looking eyes

v  Dermatologist approved

v  Priced at Rs.650/-

v  Available at all leading lifestyle stores

lakme nine to five Kohl Ultimate


I’m keen to try the eye liners but not sure about the kohl ultime (read Rs 650!!!). Which one are you going to try out? Share your comments by replying below.

Note: Above information was sent by PR. 



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  1. Thanks for the number 🙂 yipeee
    I am a kohl lover, never step outide without a liner and masscara :D, will surely try them soon.

  2. Too Pricey!
    Can Colorbar I-glide pencils be used on waterline as kohl or it can be used just for lining upper and lower lash line?

    • I know! I don’t think you can use Colorbar I-glide on water line. I tried once and it felt uncomfortable since it ‘sets’ and becomes water proof and smudge proof in a few minutes post application. You can try out Bourjois Kohl and contour pencil- they come in a lot beautiful shades,are super smooth, are water line safe and are priced at Rs 240. They are not as long lasting and smudge proof as Colorbar ones though.

  3. Went to my local (read: useless) beauty store with a list of lippies from your blog. The SA blinked when I asked for lotus lipstics, didnt have a tester for lakme 133…i finally picked a streetwear that looked coral-pink when swatched on my hand, but a brazen neon pink on my mouth… it looked gorgeous on my daughter though, she is fair-skinned. I am planning a big trip to one of the good cosmetics stores, but I am on a shopping ban till sept!

    • Thats sad! Its ok, Maybelline and Lotus lipsticks are allowed in shopping bans too. Lakme also 😛 I picked up a few from Maybelline and Lakme recently..’My Mahogany’ and Lakme enrich matte #263. Both are nude shades and very pretty. Will put up swatches soon. You can update your list then 😀 I’ve never tried streetwear lipsticks..are they good texture-wise?

  4. Yeah, streetwear has really improved its texture…nice and creamy, better than lakme…i used to have an mlbb shade ages ago called tan – the shade was fab, but when you wore it felt like you had laid cement across your mouth. this pink was lovely, and if my daughter were old enough to wear it regularly, i would give it to her. she thinks she is, but she’s only 9.5! colourwise – brick from lakme’s old 9 to 5 range is one of the best on me. Look forward to your reccos – my ban is really strict, but the odd stoles and tights squeeze by because they are ‘necessities’ you see!

    • Ohh..better than Lakme? I just have 2 lipsticks from is #133 and another, recent purchase is #263- another neutral peachy-pink brownish shade. I like the texture of both. I’ll check out streetwear lipsticks sometime…I’ve heard a lot about Lakme 9 to 5 ‘Brick’ shade..a lot of people absolutely adore this shade. Yes your daughter is too young to be wearing lipsticks right now..:D

      • As good I would say, which is a big change from earlier. I have 527 from the satin enrich range, that is pretty good, but it just disappears! Try telling Meghna she is too young!

        • She’s not even into her teens yet 🙂 !! I purchased my first at 21 😛 (not counting the Revlon gold sleek minty flavored one which I purchased for my school farewell and wore like 2 times before throwing it away last year 😦 )

  5. Kohl Ultimate looks very pretty..

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