Lotus herbals MAXLASH botanicals mascara Review + photos

Hi everyone!!

Today I’m reviewing LOTUS HERBALS maxlash botanical mascara. I’m very fond of Lotus Herbals products where it is skincare or makeup and after having a more than satisfactory experience with the lipsticks, compact and glosses, I decided to pick up the mascara since I was in need of one some time back. The only mascara I had used prior to this was Maybelline colossal volume mascara and while I liked it very much, I wanted to explore more. Sadly though, Lotus herbals MAXLASH mascara did not fulfill my expectations. Read on further to know why…

Lotus herbals MAXLASH botanicals mascara

Price: Rs 245

Quantity: 4 g

What the packaging says about the product :ย 

(I’d opened the package ย in a hurry to try it, hence the torn packaging )

Lotus herbals MAXLASH botanicals mascara

Ingredients listed on the outer covering : (see pic above)


My take on the product:

It comes in a black tube packaging with a slighter thicker mid section with silver band. ย The packaging is neither very attractive nor too bad. The brush on the other hand is NOT good. For one thing it picks up too much product which accumulates on the lashes while applying giving a clumped look. It does lengthen the eye lashes significantly though.

Lotus herbals MAXLASH botanicals mascara


Lotus herbals MAXLASH botanicals mascara

The brush is not too dense like other volumizing mascara, it has tiny plastic teeth spaced at a moderate distance. The brush is flexible and can bend (as shown) to fit the contour of the eye lashes. The concept is good but it doesn’t really bend like that and application doesn’t feel very different from that of a non-flexible brush.

Lotus herbals MAXLASH botanicals mascara


Lotus herbals MAXLASH botanicals mascara


Lotus herbals MAXLASH botanicals mascara


Lotus herbals MAXLASH botanicals mascara- brush


Lotus herbals MAXLASH botanicals mascara



Formula: The formula is too runny. I prefer gel like formulas that don’t look too wet on the lashes and dry fast. This one takes a while to dry. The first time I applied it, I did not realise it was so wet and I applied compact on my face with a big brush and some of the mascara transferred to my skin. The good part is that you need to wipe it with a cotton/tissue and it gets removed easily without messing up that area of the skin. The runny formula and the brush together manage to clump my eye lashes together and then lengthen those clumps to give an open look to the eyes which looks nice when seen from far but close up it does not look good!

It is waterproof and stays on all day and gets removed very easily with a mild cleanser. I don’t like using oil based cleansers and prefer Cetaphil on makeup removal as well. This one comes off easily with Cetaphil ๐Ÿ™‚


Lotus herbals MAXLASH botanicals mascara


Lotus herbals MAXLASH botanicals mascara


Lotus herbals MAXLASH botanicals mascara


Lotus herbals MAXLASH botanicals mascara



The GOOD about Lotus herbals MAXLASH botanicals mascara-ย 

1. Lengthens eye lashes significantly.

2. Color is jet black.

3. Waterproof, stays on all day.

4. the brush and formula are not perfect but make it easy to apply

5. Removes easily with cleanser without tugging or pulling.

6. Very reasonably priced.

7. Contains botanical extracts.

8. Feels very comfortable on lashes.

The NOT-SO-GOOD aboutย Lotus herbals MAXLASH botanicals mascara-

1. The brush picks up a lot of product and clumps the eye lashes together.

2. The formula is too runny.

3. Takes a minute to dry on the lashes.

4. Does not separate the lashes, barely volumizes.


Overall Verdict: It is one of the most reasonably priced mascara out there in the market and while it gives a lot of length and decent volume to the lashes, the brush and formula need a lot of improvement. The formula is too runny, taken some time to dry and the brush picks up a lot of product and clumps lashes together. It is waterproof , feels very comfortable on the lashes and comes off easily with a mild cleanser also which is a big plus point for me. ย Might work for those with very sparse lashes.

I don’t like the clumping but it does feel very comfortable to wear and gives nice length so I’m wearing it on a regular basis but would not recommend it unless you have sparse lashes. Maybelline colossal volume is a better option at around the same price.

Rating: 2.5/5

Will I repurchase: No

Have you tried Lotus herbals MAXLASH mascara? Which is your favorite volumizing mascara? Share your comments by replying below.


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  1. You have such beautiful eyes. The mascara has spoiled the whole look. It does not do justice to your eyes. It looks more scary. I am getting nowhere near this.

  2. What eyeliner are you using? It looks pretty on you.

  3. i was going to ask you about the eyeliner as well…:) looking very good…

    i have tried oriflame simply pretty mascara.. its is just decent for everyday wear but comes nowhere close to maybelline…. I just love the colossal volume one

  4. I bought this mascara 2 months back,am very happy with it,except the runny part !

  5. I’ve been very impressed with Maybelline Last Stilettoโ€ฆ I get asked all the time if I am wearing false lashes. The trick is to use one mascara that is advertised as a lengthener & one that is used for volume. For example, I used Last Stiletto & CG Lash Blast. Rimmel makes high quality mascara as well!

    • Thats a great tip Gauri! Will try that ๐Ÿ˜€ Any reccos for mascaras available in India cos the ones you mentioned are not available here ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  6. mujhe acha nahi laga effect!

  7. HAPPPPYYYYY BIRTHDDAAAYYYYY!!! ๐Ÿ˜€ check twitter and check your DM! :*

  8. HAPPIE BDAY ANKITA :* :* HAVE a GR8 tym ๐Ÿ˜€

  9. happy birthday dear…

  10. happy bday ankitaaa muaah!!! hugsss!! ๐Ÿ˜€
    btw i asked u how to subcribe to ur blog coz i keep filling in the column with my id but eventualy i dont think uke baad kuch hota hai..i had asked u before but forgot where i wrote it… plz help! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    • Hey Neha!! Thank you so muc for the wishes! ๐Ÿ˜€ About the subscription, once u type ur mail id in the subscription box and press the ‘sign me up’ button, you will get a mail from wordpress to confirm your subscription by clicking the link given.Only then is ur subscription activated. Make sure to check your spam folder if you’ve entered ur email and the confirmation email is not in your inbox!

  11. Hi Ankita, when I used this for the first time, it clumped but next time I applied one coat and waited then applied 2nd coat like that, then no clumping at all, I also have maybelline collossal, thats good, but lengthening effect not that good and maybelline wala I find difficlut to apply on lower lashes, Lotus wala within one month doesnt remain that runny you see!

    • Thats a nice trick to make it work.And you’re right, Lotus has better lengthening effect!! But mine gets clumped in single coat only ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I still like it fairly though but would not repurchase !

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