Moving Corallista Makeup Blog from

Hi everyone!

My blog has undergone some changes recently and there are some more to come which I’d like to share with you.

As most of you know, I shifted to my own domain from few days back. While I am on my own domain now, I’m still hosted at WordPress is a great blogging platform but there are a lot of limitations because of which I’ve decided to move my blog from to another host. This’ll enable me not only to use Javascript widgets like Google friend connect etc on my blog but also to customize the look of the site as I wish.

While moving to my own domain did not affect my subscribers and stats in any way, moving my blog from will. My content- pages, images and post will move to my new site but my subscribers will need to re-subscribe to the new site. The domain name shall remain the same and the links will redirect automatically to the new blog so that is not an issue.

I hope you all will continue to extend the warmth and support you have till now and move to the new site with me.  I’m new to the technical aspects involved in this work and hopefully this change will be smooth and I will not lose any content. Though I know moving to a self-hosted blog has a lot of benefits, losing my subscribers here saddens me , I had been thinking of announcing a giveaway as I was close to hitting a landmark no. of subscribers.  I’ll be making the transition in 1-2 days and the blog might not work properly in that time but for any queries,comments you can always mail me at or or drop me a comment on Facebook or Twitter.

I am close to around 40,000 views, 97 published posts, 1787 comments and 50 email subscribers right now, after 5 months of blogging. Thank you all for your love and support and helping me reach till here.Will see you soon 🙂



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  1. hey anita… i always thot wordpress is better over blogger… 😛
    i was planning to shift from blogger to wordpress… can u tell me wht all wud i miss if i do dis 😛 😛

  2. dats ankitaa…. k silent ho gya upar comment mei 😛

  3. loved the stats… 🙂

  4. Best of luck with the new space ankita!

  5. good luck 🙂 m definitely gona follow

  6. oh ur fans will right be with u…singing the song “tu jahaan jahaan chaleg(i)……” 😛
    me 2 was wondering where is ur followers widget few days back….cudnt follow u up here….i love ur tuts and posts…Will wait for ur blog upgradation.

  7. Ankita, I had also created wordpress before my blogger but found it too complicated to use…Welcome to Blogger, Girl. Happy Blogging..

  8. where is the GFC Ankita??

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