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My favorite neutral/natural lipsticks: Swatches and FOTDs

Hi everyone!!

When I first started wearing lipsticks, I first had a fixation for pinks followed by a love for reds (read Revlon Colorburst ‘Crimson’ 🙂 ). My current favorites are however neutral/natural shades. I like my nude/neutral lipsticks to have a hint of color otherwise it gives a washed out look to the face. The beauty of such shades as compared to completely nude shades is that they can be worn on their own as well as paired with dramatic eye makeup!

Here is my collection of neutral/natural shade lipsticks-

1. Maybelline color sensational ‘My Mahogany’ (Price- Rs 299)

Nude shade with warm pink undertone.

Maybelline color sensational 'My Mahogany'

Maybelline color sensational 'My Mahogany'

2. Colorbar longwear ‘En Vogue’ (Price- Rs 440)

Cool toned nude pink shade

Colorbar longwear 'En Vogue'


Colorbar longwear 'En Vogue'


Neutral natural lipstick swatches- Maybelline colorsensational My mahogany, Colorbar longwear En Vogue

3. Lakme Satin enrich #133 (Rs 225)

Warm peachy-brown nude shade with slight pink undertone.

Lakme Satin enrich #133

Lakme Satin enrich #133

4. Colorbar DIVA ‘Dress to Impress’ (Rs 350)

Mid tone pink with a mauve undertone.

Colorbar DIVA 'Dress to Impress'

Colorbar DIVA 'Dress to Impress'


Neutral natural lipstick swatches- Lakme enrich satin #133 , Colorbar DIVA Dress to Impress

5. Chambor Silk touch ‘Silk Woods’ (Rs 525)

Brown based nude shade.

Chambor Silk touch 'Silk Woods'

Chambor Silk touch 'Silk Woods' FOTD

6. Lotus herbals pure color ‘Rosewood’ (Rs 225)

Warm brownish-pink shade- gives a very natural look.

Lotus herbals pure color 'Rosewood'

Lotus herbals pure color 'Rosewood'

7. Lakme enrich matte #263 (Rs 225)

Peachy-brown shade a pink undertone.

Lakme enrich matte #263


Lakme enrich matte #263 FOTD

Neutral natural lipstick swatches- Chambor silk touch Silk woods , Lotus herbals pure color Rosewood, Lakme enrich matte #263



Neutral/natural lipsticks- swatches


My favorites among these are Lakme enrich #133, Colorbar DIVA ‘Dress to Impress’, Lotus pure color ‘Rosewood’ and Lakme enrich matte #263.

What are your favorite natural/neutral lipsticks? Share your comments by replying below.


Colorbar Full finish long wear lipstick ’04 En Vogue’ Review, Swatch and FOTD

Hi everyone!

Hows the weekend going?

Today I’m reviewing Colorbar full finish long wear lipstick in shade #04 ‘En Vogue’. This shade is a nude pink that looks almost MLBB on me and gives a nice natural look to the lips. It will suit fair to medium complexions beautifully especially people with cool skin tones. Duskier complexions might find it a tad light for their skin tone.

Colorbar full finish long wear lipstick '04 En Vogue'

Price : Rs 550 (picked up from New Beauty Centre, Khar at 20% off for Rs 440 )

What the website says : The Colorbar Full Finish Long Wear Lipstick has a special matte formula that makes it easy to apply. Sets within seconds of application and makes your lips look fuller. Its waterproof formulation makes it last for up to 8 hours. Enriched with vitamin E, the Full Finish Long Wear Lipstick is smooth, creamy and gives excellent color without drying or cracking the lips also acting as a natural antioxidant against skin ageing. Available in 11 shades, the Full Finish Long Wear Lipstick is perfectly complimented with a Colorbar lip liner.

View the available shades on Colorbar website HERE .

Packaging : It comes in a long silver cylindrical casing with the Colorbar USA logo on the body and a sticker with the shade and name on one end. Inside, the lipstick is housed in a grey plastic tube. The silver travel-friendly packaging is sleek, sturdy and attractive, the cap shuts with a click ensuring that the lipstick is tightly shut.

Colorbar full finish long wear lipstick '04 En Vogue'

Colorbar full finish long wear lipstick '04 En Vogue'

Texture, Moisturization  and Pigmentation : The texture is quite soft and smooth and yet not too buttery. It glides comfortably on the lips. The lipstick is opaque and full coverage and pigmentation builds up in 3-4 swipes. Since it is a long wear lipstick, it is a little drying. I experienced a slight stretchy and dry feeling on my lips few minutes application but it was not uncomfortable. On initial application, the lipstick looks satin finish on the lips but settles into a matte finish within a few minutes.

Colorbar full finish long wear lipstick '04 En Vogue' swatches L-R : single swipe, 3-4 swipes

Staying Power : The most impressive part was the staying power. I applied the lipstick without a lip liner or balm underneath and it lasted me for 5-6 hours though post 4 hours that color was very light. I had 2 meals and plenty of fluids in between but the lipcolor remained…it just lightened  a little with time and meals.The shade being reviewed is very nude pink thus it was not much visible after 5 hours but I could feel its still there.

Shade selection : Available in 11 shades. View the shades on Colorbar website HERE . The swatches are not accurate at all..’En Vogue’ is shown as a reddish brown shade while it is a nude pink shade.

Freshly applied –

Colorbar full finish long wear lipstick '04 En Vogue' on lips - freshly applied

This is the lipstick 4 hours after application including 2 meals and lots of fluids.

Colorbar full finish long stay lipstick 'En Vogue'- 4 hours after application

The GOOD about Colorbar full finish long wear lipstick –

1. Sleek, attractive and sturdy silver packaging- travel friendly.

2. Smooth, soft texture- lipstick glides easily on lips.

3. Good pigmentation. Single swipe gives opaque coverage and 3-4 swipes give intense shade.

4. Satin finish that settles into matte finish after few minutes of application.

5. Long lasting with only slight drying effect on lips. Lasts upto 5 hours including meals.

6. Does not smudge or feather though I’m not sure about the darker shades.

The NOT-SO-GOOD about  Colorbar full finish long wear lipstick  –

1. Price is on the higher. Other Colorbar lipsticks are all in Rs 220-350 range.

2. People with dry lips might find it drying and uncomfortable on the lips.

Final Verdict : It is long stay lipstick with smooth, soft texture and lasting power of 5+ hours with meals in between. Packaging is sturdy, attactive and travel friendly. Pigmentation is good and the lipstick settles into a matte finish within few minutes of application. Fades evenly as time passes. It is a little drying but not uncomfortable though people with dry lips might not like it. Pricey as compared to the prices of other Colorbar lipsticks.

Will I repurchase ? Yes but in a different shade.

Rating : 4.5/5 (for reasons listed above)

This is how it looks on me –

Colorbar full finish long wear lipstick '04 En Vogue' FOTD

Colorbar full finish long wear lipstick '04 En Vogue' FOTD

Colorbar full finish long wear lipstick '04 En Vogue' FOTD

This lipstick is actually my Mum’s. I was having a look at her collection and I liked this one so much that I’m borrowing it from her :D. Look what else I found ..

That’s her lipstick collection. There are more lying around in her purses 😀

This is my first good experience with a long stay lipstick. Do you wear long stay lipsticks? Which are your favorite long stay lipsticks? Let me know your comments by replying below.

How to apply Blush/Bronzer :Photo Tutorial

Hi Everyone!

Today I’m doing a tutorial on How to apply blush/bronzer on Anks’s request.  Hope you find it useful.

This tutorial is in 3 steps –

1. Contouring (with darker shade blush, at hollow of the cheekbone)

2. Blush (on apple of the cheek)

3. Highlight(on top of the cheekbone)

blush tutorial- 3 steps

Step 1: Contouring

In this step, a darker shade of blush or contouring powder is applied right under your cheekbones. This gives an illusion of depth or shadow at the hollows of the cheekbones and gives a sculpted look to the face. It also gives definition to the cheekbones, making them appear higher and makes the face look slimmer. This step is also called ‘cutting’.

What to use : Any matte blush that is 2 shades darker than your skin tone or darker shade of foundation(though blending with liquid may require a little more effort as compared to powder) or contouring powder (available in some brands such as M.A.C ). I have used Colorbar ‘Just Earth‘ blush as its darker than my skintone.

Colorbar Just Earth for contouring

How to apply : Use contouring brush or any small brush (such as the one provided with most blushes) since the area of application is small. A sponge with angular tip such as the The Body Shop sponge can also be used.

Pull your cheeks in as shown and apply the contouring shade starting near the hairline , moving down towards the lips, following the contour of the cheekbones.

contouring/ sculpting cheeks

contouring cheeks

The blush should sit right at the hollow of the cheekbones and should start at the hairline midway next to the ears and slope downward towards the mouth as shown.

contoured cheeks

Step 2 : Blush

In this step, the blush color of your choice (should be lighter than contouring shade and close to your skin tone) is applied on the apples of the cheeks. To know the location of the apples of your cheeks, smile broadly – the region that is raised and gets balled up is the ‘apple’ of the cheek.

What to use: Blush shade lighter than contouring shade, closest to your skin tone for a natural look. I have used Colorbar ‘Peachy Rose‘. For this step, use a fluffy powder brush or blush brush. The applicators provided with the blushes are generally not the best. Invest in a blush brush for best results. I am using Vega blush brush.

Colorbar 'peachy rose'

Brushes used : Colorbar brush( the one that comes with the blush), Vega blush brush

How to apply : Using a fluffy brush, apply in sweeping motion starting at the apple of the cheek moving towards the hairline in upward slope. At the top , DO NOT go beyond the cheekbone to the under eye area. Keep at least 1-1-.5 cm gap from the under eye area. At the inner side, DO NOT take the blush right up the side of the nose, again maintain at least 1-1.5 cm gap. At the bottom, take the blush right upto where the contouring shade starts and blend it in with it.

blush application

Step 3: Highlight shade/bronzer

In this step, a shimmery/glittery shade of applied to the top most point of the cheekbones where light would reflect giving a ‘glow’ to the face and highlighting the cheekbones- coupled with contouring, this gives a sculpted and defined look to the cheeks.

highlighter application

What to use : Products sold as ‘highlighters’ , Peach-golden-siver Loose pigments or eyeshadows meant for browbone highlighting, shimmer brick, bronzer. I am using Revlon Colorstay mineral finishing powder ‘Sunkiss Radieux’.

Revlon bronzer

How to apply: This shade is to be applied sparingly and on a very small area i.e the top of the cheekbones. Using an eye shadow brush or small blush brush, pat on the highest point of the cheekbone and take is upwards along the bone as shown.


Final look

With contouring –

Blush application with contouring

Blush application with contouring

Blush application without contouring –

Blush application without contouring

For added effect of sculpting, sweep some of the contouring shade or bronzer under the jawline


What products do you use for the above 3 steps? Which is your favorite blush? Let me know your comments by replying below.

Evening wear look with MAC Siahi and Colorbar Warm palette

Hi everyone!

This is a blue-dark grey smokey eye makeup that I tried today using MAC Siahi and dark grey shade ‘mystery’ from Colorbar warm palette.

This is definitely an evening wear makeup look. With the smokey eyes I have paired a pink lipstick with a ruby red-pink gloss and peach blush on the cheeks with a little bronzer on the cheekbones.

Summary of look :

On a well moisturized face, apply concealer, foundation , set with powder, apply peach blush on cheeks with light hand (since the eyes and lips are a little dramatic) and finish off with a little bronzer on the cheekbones. For the eyes, using MAC Siahi as base, apply taupe-dark grey shade on the outer half of lid and build up Siahi on inner half, blend at crease with dark brown eye shadow, (kajal) and lower lash line(with siahi)line water line (upper lash line- optional). Pair with medium pink lipstick and ruby red-pink gloss.

This is the finished look :

Blue-dark grey eye makeup with MAC siahi and Colorbar warm palette FOTD

Blue-dark grey eye makeup with MAC siahi and Colorbar warm palette

Products used for the eyes :

1. BeYu eye base

2. MAC Siahi

3. Colorbar warm palette (taupe-dark grey shade)

4. Maybelline chai latte quad (dark brown shade- crease, brow filler)

5.MAC Naked pigment (brow bone highlight, inner corner, tear duct )

6. Lotus Herbals kajal

7. Maybelline colossal volume mascara

Blue-dark grey eye makeup with MAC siahi and Colorbar warm palette - products used for eyes


1. Prime eyes with eye primer. Apply Siahi as base on lid and smudge.

2.Apply dark grey shade on outer half of lid, build up siahi on inner half. Since Siahi is gel based, blending is difficult at the crease and socket.

3. Blend out the crease and outer corner with dark brown eyeshadow and loose powder.

4. Apply browbone highlight shade and blend with crease.

5. Apply kajal and smudge on lower lash line. Apply Siahi on lower lash line with angular brush. I have skipped lining the upper lash line.

6. Apply highlight shade on inner corners.

7. Finish the look with a coat of mascara.

Blue-dark grey eye makeup with MAC siahi and Colorbar warm palette

Blue-dark grey eye makeup with MAC siahi and Colorbar warm palette

Blue-dark grey eye makeup with MAC siahi and Colorbar warm palette

Blue-dark grey eye makeup with MAC siahi and Colorbar warm palette

Products used for face :

1. Concealer : MAC Select Moisture Cover NC 45.5 (Mickey Contractor collection)

2. The Body Shop Oil free Foundation #6

3. Chambor Silver shadow compact ‘RR2 Rose pale’

4. Colorbar blush ‘Peachy rose’

5. Revlon bronzer

6. Brushes: Foundation – MAC 188, Blush- Vega blush brush

Blue-dark grey eye makeup with MAC siahi and Colorbar warm palette - Products used for face

Products used for lips :

1. Revlon Colorstay lipstick ‘Satin Rosewood’

2. Revlon Super lustrous lip gloss ‘Wrap yourself in Rubies’

Lipstick- Revlon Satin Rosewood, gloss- Revlon Wrap yourself in Rubies

Lip product swatch: L-R Revlon 'Satin Rosewood' Lipstick, Revlon Super lustrous 'Wrap yourself in Rubies' Lip gloss

Final look :

Blue-dark grey eye makeup with MAC siahi and Colorbar warm palette FOTD

Blue-dark grey eye makeup with MAC siahi and Colorbar warm palette FOTD

Blue-dark grey eye makeup with MAC siahi and Colorbar warm palette FOTD

Have you tried MAC Siahi? Do you like wearing smokey eye looks? What lip color do you like pairing with smokey eyes? Let me know your comments by replying below.

Shimmery sky blue eye makeup + FOTD

While winter trends were all about the smokey look for the eyes, spring trends bring us pastel shades in blue, green, lime ,coral and orange to play around with. With spring just around the corner, its time to get colorful !

Inspired by the runway makeup for Spring/Summer 2011  collections,  here’s a Shimmery sky blue eye makeup look using  Colorbar eyeshadow #007 Aqua Marine.

Here’s the final look

Shimmery sky blue eye makeup look

Products used for eye makeup :

1. Chambor dazzle pencil ‘Grey’

2. Colorbar eye shadow single #007 ‘Aqua marine’

3. Bourjois ombre stretch eye shadow #14

4. Maybelline chai latte quad (for crease color and highlight shade)

5. Lotus herbals kajal (sorry missed it out in the pic!)

6. Maybelline gel eye liner

7. Maybelline colossal volume mascara

8. Faces eye shadow brush

Products used for shimmery sky blue eye makeup

  • First, I applied and  smudged the grey pencil on the lids to give a base to the shimmery sky blue eyeshadow. Without a base it appears very light, almost silvery blue.
  • Next, I applied the shimmery blue shadow to the entire lid up to the crease after which I applied the dark blue eye shadow on the outer corner.
  • After applying the dark blue on the outer corner, I applied dark brown on the crease and blended it well with the blue shades.
  • Next, I applied the highlight shade on the browbone and blended it with the crease color.
  • To give a more open look to the eyes, I applied some of the shimmery blue shade in the inner corners of the eyes.
  • Next, I applied lots of kajal and smudged it on the lower lash line using a moist brush loaded with the dark blue eyeshadow.
  • Lastly, I applied winged black eye liner and finished the look with a coat of mascara.


Shimmery sky blue eye makeup products- swatches L-R : browbone highlight shade, colorbar aqua marine e/s, chambor grey dazzle pencil, aqua marine e/s over grey dazzle pencil, bourjois #14 e/s dry, bourjois #14 e/s wet, crease color Maybelliner chai latte quad


Shimmery sky blue eye makeup

Silver blue eye makeup look

Products used for the lips :

1. Chambor lip liner ‘nude’

2. Lotus Herbals pure color lipstick ‘Peach creme’

3. Maybelline water shine gloss ‘Beige Sensation’

Products used for lips : Shimmery Sky Blue eye makeup look

Products used for the face:

1. MAC Studio fix fluid foundation NC 40

2. Chambor silver shadow ‘RR2’

3. Colorbar blushes: Just Earth(contouring), Peachy Rose

Products used for the face : Shimmery sky blue eye makeup look


Shimmery sky blue eye makeup look

For the perfect spring look, my pick for an outfit for this makeup look would be a simple white shirt, blue jeans with silver earrings. What outfit would you pair with this look ?

Have you tried spring/summer inspired pastel eyes ? Which is your favorite look for spring/summer?

Let me know your comments by replying below.