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How to wear neon pink lipstick : NYX round lipstick Louisiana FOTD

Hi everyone!

Neon bright shades are the hottest trend of this season and while  many people would love to wear neon shades, they find difficulty in pulling such shades off. I recently purchased NYX Round lipstick ‘Louisiana‘ which is a blue based bright pink shade.

This was my first time trying out such a bright shade and I decided to keep the look simple with thick winged liner and soft pink blush.

Neon pink lips with NYX Round lipstick 'Louisiana'..

Here is how you can wear a neon pink lipstick :


  • Keep it simple with thick black slightly winged liner on the upper lash line and lots of mascara.
  • Apply just a hint to kohl/black pencil/gel liner on lower lash line to define and give shape to your eyes.
  • Leave the waterline bare or apply flesh toned pencil to give a neat bright look.
  • Fill in your brows with dark brown eyeshadow/pencil and apply compact under the browbone for a neat crisp look.

Simple winged liner look

Products I used :

1. Maybelline drama gel liner on upper lash line thickly and just a hint of it on lower lash line.

2. MAC Chromagraphic pencil on waterline, inner corner and under brows.

3. Maybelline colossal volume mascara

4. Angular brush for applying gel liner.

Eye makeup products for simple winged liner look



Whenever wearing a bright bold lipstick, it is important to even out any pigmentation and patches using concealer and a good coverage foundation because bright lipstick tends to draw attention to the imperfections of the face.

  • Even out your skin using concealer under the eyes, around the nose and mouth and on any blemishes.
  • Apply a medium-full coverage foundation all over face and neck and set it with compact.
  • Apply a cool toned soft pink blush all over the apples of the cheeks and blend towards hairline.
Products I have used :
1. MAC Studio fix fluid foundation NC 40
2.  MAC sekect moisture cover concealer
3. Maybelline dream mousse blush ‘Soft Plum’
4. Tools : Foundation sponge, The Body shop face and body brush

Face products for neon pink lips look

Apply the lipstick using a brush for accurate and precise application.

Neon pink lips look with NYX Round lipstick 'Louisiana'



Neon pink lips look with NYX Round lipstick 'Louisiana'



Neon pink lips look with NYX Round lipstick 'Louisiana'


Neon pink lips look with NYX Round lipstick 'Louisiana'



My personal favorite combination with bright pink lips is a GREY outfit.
Other combinations that also work well are-
  • For a balanced, classy look – Black/white/beige/taupe- neutral monochrome outfits
  • Deep dark cool blues like navy blue- preferably monochrome
  • Subtle fine colorful prints that don’t have any particular color standing out.
  • For a bright and colorful spring/summer look : Pair with monochrome dresses/tops in colors like green or yellow for a fresh young look.
Keep accessories minimal and neutral, let the lips steal the focus! Too much matching/color coordination or use of too many brights at the same time are not visually appealing and look trashy.
My final look :

Neon pink lips look with NYX Round lipstick 'Louisiana'

Neon pink lips look with NYX Round lipstick 'Louisiana'


Have you tried neon pink lipstick? Which is your favorite bright pink lipstick shade? Share your comments by replying below. 


My favorite neutral/natural lipsticks: Swatches and FOTDs

Hi everyone!!

When I first started wearing lipsticks, I first had a fixation for pinks followed by a love for reds (read Revlon Colorburst ‘Crimson’ 🙂 ). My current favorites are however neutral/natural shades. I like my nude/neutral lipsticks to have a hint of color otherwise it gives a washed out look to the face. The beauty of such shades as compared to completely nude shades is that they can be worn on their own as well as paired with dramatic eye makeup!

Here is my collection of neutral/natural shade lipsticks-

1. Maybelline color sensational ‘My Mahogany’ (Price- Rs 299)

Nude shade with warm pink undertone.

Maybelline color sensational 'My Mahogany'

Maybelline color sensational 'My Mahogany'

2. Colorbar longwear ‘En Vogue’ (Price- Rs 440)

Cool toned nude pink shade

Colorbar longwear 'En Vogue'


Colorbar longwear 'En Vogue'


Neutral natural lipstick swatches- Maybelline colorsensational My mahogany, Colorbar longwear En Vogue

3. Lakme Satin enrich #133 (Rs 225)

Warm peachy-brown nude shade with slight pink undertone.

Lakme Satin enrich #133

Lakme Satin enrich #133

4. Colorbar DIVA ‘Dress to Impress’ (Rs 350)

Mid tone pink with a mauve undertone.

Colorbar DIVA 'Dress to Impress'

Colorbar DIVA 'Dress to Impress'


Neutral natural lipstick swatches- Lakme enrich satin #133 , Colorbar DIVA Dress to Impress

5. Chambor Silk touch ‘Silk Woods’ (Rs 525)

Brown based nude shade.

Chambor Silk touch 'Silk Woods'

Chambor Silk touch 'Silk Woods' FOTD

6. Lotus herbals pure color ‘Rosewood’ (Rs 225)

Warm brownish-pink shade- gives a very natural look.

Lotus herbals pure color 'Rosewood'

Lotus herbals pure color 'Rosewood'

7. Lakme enrich matte #263 (Rs 225)

Peachy-brown shade a pink undertone.

Lakme enrich matte #263


Lakme enrich matte #263 FOTD

Neutral natural lipstick swatches- Chambor silk touch Silk woods , Lotus herbals pure color Rosewood, Lakme enrich matte #263



Neutral/natural lipsticks- swatches


My favorites among these are Lakme enrich #133, Colorbar DIVA ‘Dress to Impress’, Lotus pure color ‘Rosewood’ and Lakme enrich matte #263.

What are your favorite natural/neutral lipsticks? Share your comments by replying below.

Mango Mania and a little bit of champagne : My first Avon purchase

Hi everyone!

I recently made my first Avon purchase and I’m loving each and every product I bought. I picked up 3 nail paints from the Simply Pretty range taking advantage of the offer- ‘Sweet Pink’ , ‘Champagne Shimmer‘ and ‘Mango Mania‘. Also picked up a lipstick from the Simply Pretty range ‘Mango Mania‘. My Avon representative Jinal also gave me Avon Naturals Wild apple and grape hand and body lotion as a free gift with my purchases. Thank you Jinal 🙂

Mango Mania is a coral-brick shade that instantly brings warmth to the face. Its neither too bright nor too dull, just has the right amount of orange tone and looks beautiful worn as it is. It is the sort of shade that’ll suit all skin tones. Thank you Natasha for recommending this shade to me 🙂

Avon simply pretty lipstick 'Mango Mania' FOTD

Price: Rs 125

Quantity : 4 g

Avon simply pretty lipstick 'Mango Mania' FOTD

Avon simply pretty lipstick 'Mango Mania'

Avon simply pretty lipstick 'Mango Mania' swatch

Mini Review : The texture is smooth but not too soft, its not very moisturizing) and will not suit people with dry lips. The staying power is good –  easily lasts 3-4 hours with meals in between and an even tint remains on the after 4 hours too.  The packaging is not so attractive but I don’t mind that at this price. The shade is mentioned in small font at one end of the lipstick so to identify a particular shade- you need to go through each label. The pigmentation is good and coverage is medium in single swipe and can be built up to opaque intense color in 2-3 swipes.  Th finish is almost matte but not drying.

At Rs 125, its a steal! And I highly recommend this particular shade to everyone.

Rating: 4.5/5

Will I repurchase: Yes.

Avon simply pretty lipstick 'Mango Mania' FOTD

This is what I wore today. You can share your makeup breakdown of the day with me on Facebook by clicking HERE.

I’m currently wearing the nail paint ‘Champagne Shimmer’ from the 3 nail paints I purchased. I picked up 3 nail paints for Rs 105 from the May catalog. As the name suggests, it is a champagne color with evenly distributed fine shimmer in it. Single coat  gives a sheer coverage and double coat builds up the shimmer for a full coverage opaque look. I have worn the nail paint for 2 days now without top or base coat and there’s been no chipping yet. It gives a fairer and glamorous look to the hands. The shimmer is not subtle but its not too blingy either.

Avon simply pretty 'Champagne Shimmer' nail paint

Have you tried Avon products? What are your favorite products from Avon? 

p.s- I’m trying out a new theme on the blog. I find it livelier and peppier than the last one. What do you think? Let me know your comments and suggestions. 

Lotus Herbals Pure Color lipstick : Review, swatches and FOTD

Hi everyone!

Today I’m reviewing one my favorite budget buys- Lotus Herbals pure color lipstick. Retailing at Rs 225 this lipstick is a great product for those on a budget and even otherwise.   I own 3 shades from this range –

Rosewood (natural brown with hint of pink, MLBB shade) , Pink Blush (warm rosy pink), Peach creme (peachy coral with brown undertone)

Price : Rs 225

Quantity : 4.2 g

Lotus herbals pure color lipstick 'Rosewood'

What the website says about the product : 

‘Pure Colors’ is a range of 12 exciting moisturizing lip colors in pinks and browns. There are 6 shades of each type. They have natural extracts of Jojoba and Aloe Vera. The unique product qualities are: – Uniform dispersion of pigments – Rich payoff – Smooth application

Active ingredients : 

JOJOBA – Jojoba helps promote healing of the skin. – Its antimicrobial properties in addition to the chemical composition that closely resembles skin’s natural sebum, makes it easy to absorb and non-allergic even in the most sensitive individual.


Packaging : It comes in a beige and gold packaging. The packaging is moderately sturdy though one of my pieces feels a little flimsy and has opened up during travelling though there was no damage to the lipstick. One end of the lipstick has a sticker with the shade name. Its a little inconvenient to find the right one when you have more than one lipstick of this range.

Lotus herbals pure color lipstick 'Rosewood'

Lotus herbals pure color lipstick 'Rosewood'

Lotus herbals pure color lipstick 'Rosewood'

Texture, Moisturization and Pigmentation : The texture is smooth and it glides easily on the lips. It is neither too ‘balmy’ nor too dry. Its just the right texture. Does not accentuate the dryness or fine lines of the lips, instead gives a moisturized look to the lips. Pigmentation is awesome- single swipe gives good color which can be built up in intensity in 3-4 swipes. It is quite moisturizing, makes lips soft and smooth. Very dry lips might not find it very comfortable though.

Lotus herbals pure color lipstick 'Rosewood' swatches

Lotus herbals pure color lipstick 'Rosewood'

See swatches and looks with Pink Blush and Peach creme HERE, HERE and HERE 

Lasting power : Lasts about 3-4 hours on me including meals. In fact, it lasts me more than other more expensive lipsticks I own. The color fades into an even tint after 2.5-3 hours. This is more than I’d expect from a lipstick priced at Rs 225! Does not settle into lines, smudge or bleed as time passes though can’t stay about the darker shades.

Shade selection : It has an impressive and complete shade selection- from pinks to peaches to lilacs to maroons and browns. It even has a gold and a greyish shade which could be great for layering.

PART 1 (following 2 pics)

TOP (l-r) :  642 Sheer fuchsia, 643 Hot Plum

MIDDLE (l-r ) : 644 Lilac Beauty, 665 Sassy Mocha, 690 Perky peach, 640 Carnation, 645 Orchid Kiss, 641 Rosewood

BOTTOM 1 : 667 Star glow

BOTTOM 2:  691 Peach creme

Lotus herbals pure color lipsticks swatches (PART 1)

Lotus herbals pure color lipsticks swatches PART 1 (in different lighting)

PART 2 :

TOP (l-r ) : 666 Nutty Brown, 685 Golden Dusk

BOTTOM (l-r) : 680 Caprice, 681 Lilac Breeze, 610 Crimson Red, 612 Red Rose, 668 Mod mauve, 613 Maroon Delight

Lotus herbals pure color lipsticks swatches

The GOOD about  Lotus Herbals pure color lipstick :

1. Like the beige and gold packaging.

2. The texture is smooth and soft- not to balmy but not dry either.

3. Good moisturization- makes my lips soft.

4. Pigmented is good- gives opaque and buildable coverage

5. Lasts comfortably on my lips for 3-4 hours including meals.

6. Contains Jojoba oil  and aloe vera as ingredients.

7. Wide shade selection- has a shade for everyone

8. Does not smudge or bleed or settle into fine lines.

9. Gives even tint on lips as it fades.

10. Has a mild pleasant fragrance.

11. Awesome quantity and quality at Rs 225!

12. 100% vegetarian.

The NOT-SO-GOOD about  Lotus Herbals pure color lipstick :

1. Packaging is not very sturdy and the color is hard to identify from outside- have to read labels to find the right shade.

2. Full list of ingredients is not mentioned.

3. Not very moisturizing, might not be very comfortable for dry lips.

This is how ‘Rosewood’ looks on me –

Lotus herbals pure color lipstick 'Rosewood'

Overall Verdict : Its a moisturizing, pigmented and smooth textured lip color priced very reasonably at Rs 225. The lasting power is quite decent : 3-4 hours including meals.  Does not settle into lines, feather or bleed though can’t say for darker shades. Fades evenly into a tint on the lips. Its not easy to identify shades from outside, the packaging could have been more user friendly and sturdier. Shade selection is very wide and covers all basic shades. Highly recommend this to everyone!

Rating : 4.5/5 (For reasons listed above)

Will I repurchase : Yes. I’m loving the shade ‘Rosewood’ these days and have my eyes on ‘Red Rose’

Faces creme matte lip gloss '03 Deep Lilac' Review, Swatch and FOTD

Hi everyone!

Today I’m reviewing Faces creme matte lip gloss in shade ’03 Deep Lilac’. Faces is a recent discovery of mine and I’ve loving their products so far! The product being reviewed is similar to Bourjois so delicate lip creme lipstick and NYX soft matte lip creme.

Price : Rs 399

Quantity : not specified

Faces creme matte lip gloss : 03 Deep Lilac (lip balm for size comparison)

What the outer carton says about the product :

– made from Flex form complex which immediately defines and smoothens the lip

– it is easy to apply, offers complete coverage and helps keep lips soft and shiny foreve

– dermatologically tested.

My take on the product :

It comes in a round bottom plastic tube form. The cap is black plastic and the rest of the body is transparent so its easy to spot the lipstick when kept with others. It has a sponge tip applicator inside which is of good quality. It has a sticker at one end specifying the shade name and number. The packaging is quite sturdy but the tube tends to get messy around its mouth. I’ve used the product only 3-4 times till now the part where the cap screws on to the tube is already messy with the product. The applicator doesn’t pick up a lot of
product at one time. I have to dip it in once more to cover my lips.

Faces creme matte lip gloss : 03 Deep Lilac

Faces creme matte lip gloss : 03 Deep Lilac

Faces creme matte lip gloss : 03 Deep Lilac

Faces creme matte lip gloss : 03 Deep Lilac

Faces creme matte lip gloss : 03 Deep Lilac

Faces creme matte lip gloss : 03 Deep Lilac

Faces creme matte lip gloss : 03 Deep Lilac

Faces creme matte lip gloss : 03 Deep Lilac

Faces creme matte lip gloss : 03 Deep Lilac

TEXTURE , MOISTURIZATION and PIGMENTATION : The texture is that of a smooth cream, its not a runny liquid, it more like thick butter or cream. The consistency is perfect for easy application. The creme formula has a smooth matte finish on the lips. Pigmentation is excellent- it is opaque and gives full coverage in single swipe hiding any pigmentation one may have quite effectively. It is not moisturizing but its not really drying either. It feels quite comfortable on the lips. I have slightly dry lips and I did not feel any stretchy or tight feeling on my lips.  However, it won’t suit chapped lips.

SHADE no. 3 DEEP LILAC : The shade is as the name says, a deep lilac/mauve shades that lightens to a more pinkish shade with time/meals. It is one of those shades that are not too bright but neither too subtle. Worn with just mascara and sunscreen/compact, it gives a nice statement lip that is work/college appropriate too. It might seem too dark in the tube but its not so on the lips.

Faces creme matte lip cream 03 Deep Lilac - swatch

FRAGRANCE : It has strong  very yummy butterscotch kind of smell which vanishes within 2-3 minutes of application. People who like their makeup products unscented might not like it. I personally love it! 😛

STAYING POWER : The staying power is quite good. It stayed on my lips for 5+ hours including 2 meals and lots of fluid intake. The impressive part was that it didn’t transfer onto cup/bottle (see picture) while taking fluids. It takes about 8-10 minutes to settle after which is it becomes non-transferable. I had in fact taken a meal right after applying it and that lightened it a bit but it still stayed on for more than 5 hours, lightening with time but giving an even tint to the lips. Because of the meal, it faded more on the inner side of the  lower lip giving the impression of having used a lip liner (since the product at the outline of lips remained intact).
Overall, I’m very happy with the staying power of this lipstick.
Few min after application :

Faces creme matte lip gloss : 03 Deep Lilac few min after application

After 2 hours(and one meal) :

Faces creme matte lip gloss : 03 Deep Lilac after meal

After 5 hours (and 2 meals : the lower lip had more fading cos of the meals/fluid intake)

Faces creme matte lip gloss : 03 Deep Lilac 5 hours after application

Faces creme matte lip gloss : 03 Deep Lilac - barely transferred on the bottle (See marked area)

The GOOD about  Faces creme matte lip gloss ’03 Deep Lilac’
1. Packaging is sturdy in a transparent tube which allows easy identification of the shade.
2. Applicator is of good quality.
3. Texture is smooth and creamy, glides easily on lips.
4. Pigmentation is good- opaque and full coverage in single swipe
5. Not drying like many other long wear lipsticks. Not moisturizing either.
6. Stays on for 5-6 hours including meals with even fading as time passes.
7. Even when almost faded, gives a nice even tint on the lips.
8. Does not settle into fine lines.
9. Claims to be dermatologically tested.
10. Does not smudge, feather or bleed.
11. Gives a smooth, non-drying matte finish to the lips.
12. Has a nice butterscotch fragrance.
The NOT-SO-GOOD about Faces creme matte lip gloss ’03 Deep Lilac 
1. Tube tends to get messy around the mouth.
2. Ingredient list and quantity not given.
3. Not moisturizing. Will not suit people with very dry or chapped lips.
4. Have to dip in for more product to cover the lips. Applicator does not pick enough product in one time.
5. The name is quite a mouthful and misleading- there is nothing glossy about the lipstick!
6. Some people might not like the fact that it has a strong fragrance.
Here is how it looks on me.
I’m not supposed to wear anything except sunscreen on my face for 3-4 days (I got a salicylic acid peel done- 1 sitting only) so I’m only wearing Lotus 3-in-1 matte sunscreen here with Maybelline colossal volume mascara.

FACES creme matte lip gloss :03 Deep Lilac FOTD

FACES creme matte lip gloss :03 Deep Lilac FOTD

FACES creme matte lip gloss :03 Deep Lilac FOTD

Overall Verdict : The formula , texture and pigmentation of this lipstick gets full marks. It gives a long wear (5-6 hr) smooth matte finish to the lips which is not too drying. It doesn’t transfer, feather, smudge or bleed once is settles (8-10 min after application). The packaging could have been better (esp the mess around the mouth of the tube) though. The particular shade is a deep lilac shade that is quite versatile- can be worn even without any makeup on face and it gives a nice statement lip sort of look.
Most of the cons listed are not very big issues for me and I really like this lipstick! If you do not severe dry, chapped lips, this is a great decently long wearing lipstick for you. I’d recommend everyone to try out this range of lipstick from Faces.
Rating : 4.5/5
Will I repurchase : Yes. Will check out the other shades also.