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How to wear neon pink lipstick : NYX round lipstick Louisiana FOTD

Hi everyone!

Neon bright shades are the hottest trend of this season and while  many people would love to wear neon shades, they find difficulty in pulling such shades off. I recently purchased NYX Round lipstick ‘Louisiana‘ which is a blue based bright pink shade.

This was my first time trying out such a bright shade and I decided to keep the look simple with thick winged liner and soft pink blush.

Neon pink lips with NYX Round lipstick 'Louisiana'..

Here is how you can wear a neon pink lipstick :


  • Keep it simple with thick black slightly winged liner on the upper lash line and lots of mascara.
  • Apply just a hint to kohl/black pencil/gel liner on lower lash line to define and give shape to your eyes.
  • Leave the waterline bare or apply flesh toned pencil to give a neat bright look.
  • Fill in your brows with dark brown eyeshadow/pencil and apply compact under the browbone for a neat crisp look.

Simple winged liner look

Products I used :

1. Maybelline drama gel liner on upper lash line thickly and just a hint of it on lower lash line.

2. MAC Chromagraphic pencil on waterline, inner corner and under brows.

3. Maybelline colossal volume mascara

4. Angular brush for applying gel liner.

Eye makeup products for simple winged liner look



Whenever wearing a bright bold lipstick, it is important to even out any pigmentation and patches using concealer and a good coverage foundation because bright lipstick tends to draw attention to the imperfections of the face.

  • Even out your skin using concealer under the eyes, around the nose and mouth and on any blemishes.
  • Apply a medium-full coverage foundation all over face and neck and set it with compact.
  • Apply a cool toned soft pink blush all over the apples of the cheeks and blend towards hairline.
Products I have used :
1. MAC Studio fix fluid foundation NC 40
2.  MAC sekect moisture cover concealer
3. Maybelline dream mousse blush ‘Soft Plum’
4. Tools : Foundation sponge, The Body shop face and body brush

Face products for neon pink lips look

Apply the lipstick using a brush for accurate and precise application.

Neon pink lips look with NYX Round lipstick 'Louisiana'



Neon pink lips look with NYX Round lipstick 'Louisiana'



Neon pink lips look with NYX Round lipstick 'Louisiana'


Neon pink lips look with NYX Round lipstick 'Louisiana'



My personal favorite combination with bright pink lips is a GREY outfit.
Other combinations that also work well are-
  • For a balanced, classy look – Black/white/beige/taupe- neutral monochrome outfits
  • Deep dark cool blues like navy blue- preferably monochrome
  • Subtle fine colorful prints that don’t have any particular color standing out.
  • For a bright and colorful spring/summer look : Pair with monochrome dresses/tops in colors like green or yellow for a fresh young look.
Keep accessories minimal and neutral, let the lips steal the focus! Too much matching/color coordination or use of too many brights at the same time are not visually appealing and look trashy.
My final look :

Neon pink lips look with NYX Round lipstick 'Louisiana'

Neon pink lips look with NYX Round lipstick 'Louisiana'


Have you tried neon pink lipstick? Which is your favorite bright pink lipstick shade? Share your comments by replying below. 


How to coordinate makeup with outfit Vol 2 : Makeup for Blue outfits

Hi everyone!

Few days back I did a post on How to coordinate makeup with outfit Vol 1: Makeup looks to suit every outfit. Today I’m doing the second post of this series on how to coordinate makeup with BLUE outfits –

Just to warn you, this is a long post 😛 and has some ‘theory’ in it. You’re welcome to skip it if you wish and jump directly to MAKEUP TIPS FOR BLUE OUTFITS.

I’m introducing a little bit of COLOR THEORY here which will help you understand how colors can be matched together for the best effect.

There are basically 3 primary colors in pigments- Red, Yellow and Blue. Each of these colors when paired with another give rise to three new colors known as ‘secondary colors’.

Red + Yellow = Orange

Yellow + Blue = Green

Red + Blue = Purple

Now if the primaries are placed at the corner of a triangle each – the secondaries will come in between the 2 primaries they are composed of giving us what is commonly known as the COLOR WHEEL which looks something like this –

color wheel

Now, colors placed diagonally opposite each other are called ‘COMPLEMENTARY‘ colors and as the name suggests- they complement each. Two complementary colors when placed together reinforce each other to bring out the color and vibrance of the other. 

What this statement implies is that for eg: when red and green (complementary colors), yellow and purple and orange and blue are placed next to each other, they create a vibrant bright combination.  The concept of complementary colors is very useful in coordinating colors and we will soon see how.

Just another simple concept to understand color coordination better is that of COLOR TEMPERATURE. Color temperature simply implies the warm or cool properties of a color. We all know that red, orange, yellow are warm colors and blue, green, purple are cool colors. Colors are warm and cool RELATIVE to each other eg- a teal or turquoise shade has a hint of green/yellow in it, thus is a ‘warm’ blue while indigo or navy blue is more leaning towards purple, thus it is a ‘cool’ blue.

Having understood the concept of

1- Complementary colors

2- Warm/cool colors

lets see how this applies to BLUES.

In general Blue is a COOL color but within blues, there are warm blues – blues leaning towards green like teal and turquoise and there are cool blues- blues leaning towards purple like navy blue or indigo.


1. Never match too much color with outfit- it looks tacky. If you’re wearing a fully blue outfit or a blue top, then go only for a hint of blue in form of blue liner or kohl. Do not do a full blown blue eye makeup – it creates monotony of color and is not visually appealing ! If you want to use eyeshadow, use eyeshadow a shade lighter or darker than your outfit or pair it with another color to balance it out.

2. If your outfit it partially blue with presence of other colors or if your outfit is blue from waist down (eg- Aishwarya Rai’s Cannes Armani Prive outfit) then you can go for full blue eye makeup. The presence of other colors or a different colored top will break the monotony of the blue color.


The complementary of blue is orange (From the color wheel). Thus warm colors like orange,corals, peaches, browns complement blue. So if you’re wearing something blue in your eye makeup pair it with warm lip colors like orange, peach and browns especially with COOL blues like navy blue to complement the blue color. On the other hand, if you’re wearing a warm blue like teal/turquoise/MAC Siahi type shade, you can pair with a cool pink shades to complement the warm element in the blue.

For a ‘safer’ look- pair cool blue with pink (cool) lip color and for a more vibrant look pair with peach, brown (Warm) lip color. Similarly, for ‘safer’ look with warm blues- wear warm lip color and for a more vibrant look- pair with pink (cool) lip color.

4. ‘Silver’ is a safer coordinating color to use with cool blues while gold/bronze coordinates better with warm blues.


When wearing cool blues- wear Navy, Gray or Silver on the eyes. When wearing warm blues- wear teal,turquoise, bronze, green on the eyes.

You can also use colors placed next to blue in the color wheel namely- Green and Purple,  on the eyes and pair with nude/neutral lip color.

Different ways to wear the above mentioned colors in eye makeup. –

1. Colored liner on upper lash line, bare waterline.

2. Colored liner smudged on upper lash line, kohl on waterline.

3. Kohl/black liner on upper lash line smudged with colored eyeshadow, kohl on waterline.

4. Black/brown liner on upper lash line, colored eyeshadow/liner on lower lash line.


1. Navy blue / pink

2. Navy blue/silver

3. Turquoise / lime  green

4. Turquoise / dark green


You can coordinate either eye color or lip color with the blush shade but I prefer coordinating lip color with the cheeks. With pink lip color  go for pink cheeks, with corals/peaches/brown lip color use bronzed/warm pink/peachy brown cheeks.


If all the above it too much theory for you, here are some simple combinations –

Cool blue outfit

1.  Navy blue liner, warm pinkish blush, peachy/brown/brownish pink  lip color.

2. Gray liner/eyeshadow, pink blush, pink lipstick.

3. Navy blue/silver combination on eyes, warm pink blush , pink lip color.

4. Green liner, warm pink blush, nude lips

5. Navy blue eye makeup, bronzed cheeks, warm nude lip color.

Warm blue outfit  

1. Teal/turquoise liner , warm pink blush, warm pink lipstick

2. Teal/turquoise eye makeup , bronzed cheeks, peachy brown lip color

3. Teal/green eye shadow , warm blush, warm/nude lip color.

4. Purple liner, warm pink blush, warn nude/pink  lips

5. Lime green/parrot green eye makeup, warm pink blush, warm pink lipstick/peachy coral lipstick.

There are of course many more combinations you can wear with blue, these are just a few I’ve listed here.

Some looks I’ve worn that can be paired with blue outfits ( I’m not wearing blue in many pictures, but the makeup will go with blue outfits)

What to wear with blue outfit : blue smokey eyes look


What to wear with blue outfit : blue smudged liner, neutral lips


What to wear with blue outfit : navy/silver eyes, pink lips

What to wear with blue outfit : smokey blue/bronze eyes, nude lips

What to wear with blue outfit : gray liner, brownish pink lips

What to wear with blue outfit : Sky blue eye makeup with peachy brown lips


What makeup to wear with warm blue outfits- Purple smudged liner, warm blush, nude pink lips


What to wear with blue outfit : teal liner, nude pink lips


What to wear with blue outfit : warm blue liner, peachy-coral lips


What to wear with blue outfit : warm blue liner, pink lips


What to wear with blue outfit : turquoise shadow over kohl, warm nude lips

What to wear with blue outfit : Blue-dark grey eye makeup , pink lips


What to wear with blue outfit : Green smokey eye with warm pink lips


What to wear with blue outfit : Yellow/blue/green eye makeup with warm pink lips


What to wear with blue outfit : Pink and blue eye makeup with dark pink lips


What to wear with blue outfit : Turquoise/green eye makeup, nude lips


What is your favorite look with blue outfit? Share your comments by replying below.

How to coordinate makeup with outfit Vol 1 : Makeup looks to suit every outfit

Hi everyone,

I’m starting a series of posts on How to coordinate makeup with outfit after receiving requests from a few readers. While starting out with makeup, I myself struggled with coordinating lip colors, eye makeup and blush with the outfit and the occasion. It seems overwhelming at first but a little knowledge about colors and practice over time makes it easy as you go along.

This is just a basic guideline for those starting out with makeup , who find themselves at a loss on how to coordinate colors and clothes and end up either making a makeup blunder or wearing the same makeup over and over again.

In Volume 1 of this series of posts, I’m doing a few looks that can be worn with any outfit.

Hope you find this useful 🙂

1. Neutral Smokey eyes and nude lips

A basic smokey eye using neutral shades like brown, grey, khaki or even black for a dramatic look , paired with nude lips and blush.

Guideline : If you’re using a nude lipstick with a cool undertone (pink, mauve) use a cool toned blush and if you’re using a warm toned nude lipstick, use a warm blush or bronzer.

I have paired plummy brown smokey eyes with a warm blush(Maybelline Apricot Flush) with a nude lipstick with a coral undertone(Lakme Enrich #133 from Lakme Fantasy Collection)

Plummy brown smokey eyes with nude lips

Plummy brown smokey eyes with nude lips

Plummy brown smokey eye

2. Natural look

For this look, use an eyeshadow close to your skin tone, use liner, kajal/brown kohl, mascara and pair it with blush and lipstick close to your skin tone for a natural effect. Read complete post HERE.

Day wear natural makeup look

Day wear natural makeup look

Neutral everyday eye makeup

3. Dewy Pink look

Moisturized skin, natural pink cream blush, a little highlighter on cheekbones and glossy pink lips is the simplest way to get this look.  Read the full post on dewy pink look HERE and HERE.

Natural dewy pink look

Natural dewy pink look

Natural dewy pink look

4. Contoured eyes with statement lips

Add a little more dimension to the eyes by blending a dark brown eyeshadow into the outer corner and crease, wear liner on upper lash line and skip the kohl. Finish with mascara. Pair this with a statement lip and a hint of earthy blush. Read complete post HERE.

Contoured eye- bold lip look

5. Smoldering Summer eyes

One of the quick everyday look, apply kohl on upper and lower lash line, smudge and set with powder eyeshadow of your choice- grey, plum, brown, black,khaki etc. Pair with a natural looking lipstick/gloss and you’re done! Read tutorial on how to do this eye makeup HERE.

Contoured eye- bold lip look

Smoldering summer eyes look

Smoldering Summer eyes look

6. Cat eyes and glossy nude lips

For a slightly dramatic look, ditch the regular liner for a cat eyes look. Pair with neutral lipstick or gloss. Read full post HERE.


cat eyes-glossy lips look

Simple cat eye makeup

And lastly, the simplest ,easiest and very popular kajal and lip balm/gloss look 🙂 (sorry, no pics!)

So which look did you like most? What do you wear most often? Suggestions and comments are welcome!

Simple eye contouring TUTORIAL + FOTD

Hi everyone!

Today I’m doing a tutorial on how to do a simple contoured eye.

For the eye, contouring simply means working in deeper socket area with a dark eye shadow and on the raised/bony areas with a lighter (highlighter) eye shadow.

Simple eye contouring

Products used :

products used for contouring eye

1. MAC Select moisture cover concealer NC 45.5

2. Bourjois kohl and contour pencil ‘Brun expressif’

3. Chambor eye shadow trio ‘Bronze’

4. MAC fluidline ‘Blacktrack’

5. Brush : MAC 219 -smudging

6. Brush : MAC 239 – eye shadow application

7. Brush : MAC 222 – blending

8. Faces cosmetics mascara


Bare eye –

Bare eye

Step 1- Start by concealing and priming the eye. I am using concealer in the eye as well as the lid. This will act as primer for eye shadow too. Alternatively,you can use a primer or paint pot after concealing.

Apply concealer

Step 2 – Blend the concealer using patting motions using third finger.

Blend concealer

Concealed eye

Step 3 – Set the concealer with powder. I’m using Chambor compact with a fluffy brush (MAC 222)

Set with powder

Set with powder

Step 4– Now , on the primed eye, draw a line using dark brown eye pencil on the upper lash line , outer corner and socket as shown. The line need not be very precise as we will smudge it in the next step. Apply the brown pencil to the waterline as well.

Apply brown liner

Apply brown liner

Step 5- Smudge the line drawn in the previous step using a smudging brush.

Smudge the brown liner

Step 6 – Apply a neutral light shade  in the lid 3/4th of the way starting from inner corner. I’m using a pink shade from Chambor ‘Bronze’ eyeshadow trio. It is nude pink shade but the pink is washed out because of the flash. It appears more like a muted lavender shade on the lid.

Apply lid color

Apply lid color

Apply lid color

Step 7 – Take a dark brown eye shadow and apply in on the outer corner and crease (socket). Apply highlight shade on brow bone and blend with the crease color.

Pick up darkest shade from the trio

Apply crease color

Step 8 – Blend the shades using a blending brush as shown. Start from the outer corner and move the brush towards the inner corner in a semi-circular motion (following the contour of the eye) and the same way back. Repeat the to and fro semi circular motion with the brush till the blending is done.

Pick highlight shade

Apply higlight shade





Step 9 – Apply liner on upper lash line and just a hint of it on the lower lash line, mascara and clean up the ends using a Q-tip.

Clean up with Q-tip

Finished eye makeup : 

Simple contoured eye makeup

Simple contoured eye makeup

Simple contoured eye makeup

Simple eye contouring

Simple contoured eye makeup

Products used for face makeup –

1. The Body Shop oil free foundation

2. Chambor Silver shadow compact

3. Colorbar blush – Crimson Rose

4. Brushes : MAC 188(foundation ), TBS face and body brush , blush brush

Face products

Products used for lips –

Faces creme matte lip gloss ’03 Deep Lilac’

Faces creme matte lip cream 03 Deep Lilac

Faces creme matte lip gloss 03 Deep Lilac - swatch

Faces creme matte lip gloss 03 Deep Lilac (sheered out)

Finished look : 

Simple eye contouring FOTD

Simple eye contouring FOTD

Simple eye contouring FOTD

Let me know your comments by replying below. 

Quick eye makeup Tutorial : Smoldering Summer eyes FOTDs

Hi everyone!

Today I’m doing a tutorial on a very simple eye makeup that I love wearing. I like to call it ‘Smoldering Summer eyes‘.

The basic idea is to frame the upper and lower lash line + water line with kohl /black smudgy eye pencil and then smudge and set with an eye shadow like brown/gray/blue/green..(you can use whichever shade you want ). The result is smoldering look which can be paired with a subtle lipstick/gloss for everyday wear. I’ve been wearing this look a lot lately and experimenting with different colored eye shadows to smudge the kohl.

Time it takes : 5-7 min. No precision is required since its a soft smudgy look with no precise lines.

What you require :

1. Kohl/kajal/smudgy black eye pencil

I’ve used : FACES kajal

Faces kajal

2. Dark eye shadow shade of your choice ( My personal favorites are blue, gray and brownish purple)

I’ve used  : Coastal Scents 88 original palette– shade as shown (for the first eye) , Bourjois ombre stretch eye shadow Navy blue shade (for other eye)

Dark taupe- brown eye shadow from Coastal Scents palette

3. Any brush with slightly stiff bristles to smudge the kohl and apply the eye shadow

I’ve used : An unbranded brush that cost me only Rs 30/-

4. Compact (for applying on the under eye area. Powdering the under eye area prevents the kajal from smudging and bleeding to a large extent)

I’ve used: Chambor Silver shadow compact ‘RR2 Rose Pale’

5. Mascara (optional)


If you wish to apply concealer, apply it before the first step.

Step 1 – Apply thick line with the kohl on the upper lash line and water line.

Step 1 : Apply kajal or black pencil on upper lash and waterline

Step 2- Smudge the line using the brush on upper lash line and lower lash line.

Step 2 : Smudge liner lightly using brush

Step 3– Apply eye shadow of desired shade on top of the smudged liner. This will have the following benefits

i. It will set the kajal/kohl and prevent it from smudging. The powder will absord the oils/moisture that cause smudging.

ii. It will add to the soft look of this makeup.

iii. Colored shadows will make it more interesting. You can experiment with different colors and combinations (I tried with navy blue and added a little maroon/red from the CS palette- resulted in a beautiful plum-purple shade! )

Step 3 : Apply eyeshadow shade of choice over the smudged kohl

Step 4– Add finishing touches. The shade seemed a little dull to me so I picked up some red-maroon shade from the Coastal Scents palette and blended it with the gray-brown and winged it lightly.

Step 4 : Finishing touch - wing it slightly

Pat some powder in the under eye area and finish with mascara. Smoldering Summer eyes are done!

I have done the right using dark blue eyeshadow.

Quick eye makeup : Smoldering Summer eyes

Quick eye makeup : Smoldering Summer eyes

I’m only wearing compact and Nivea fruity shine lip balm in ‘Strawberry’ in the following picture –

Quick eye makeup : Smoldering Summer eyes FOTD

I’ve used the frosty grey-taupe shade from Colorbar warm palette to smudge the kohl in the following picture –

Quick eye makeup : Smoldering Summer eyes FOTD

Quick eye makeup : Smoldering Summer eyes FOTD

Also worn it in my review of Lakme pure rouge blusher ‘Rose Crush ‘ (I did mention I’ve been wearing it a LOT lately!! ). Used navy blue shade of Bourjois ombre stretch eye shadow here.

Quick eye makeup : Smoldering Summer eyes FOTD

How to make it last longer –

If you have oily lids, this is important for you. The makeup should look smoftly smoked and smoldering but not messy !

1. Prime your lids ( eye primer/ paint pot/ concealer or foundation topped with compact powder)

2. Powder under eye area and tear duct area well. This really helps!

My lids are not very oily but my kajal does run a bit without proper setting with eyeshadow/compact. This makeup however lasted the entire day (8-9 hours) with little fading and a little bit of smudging near the tear duct (I had forgotten to powder that area).

Do you like wearing eye liner sharp or smudged? Did you like the Smoldering summer eyes look? Let me know your comments by replying below.