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Spring/Summer look #6 : Quick look with Bourjois lip/cheek tint

Hi everyone!

This is a quick makeup look I did using Bourjois  lip/cheek tint or Bourjois Rouge Hi-tech as the product is named.

Lip/cheek tints or stains are gel or water based products that can be used on the cheeks as well as the lips for a natural looking stained or ‘just bitten’ effect and are a great alternative to blush or lipstick/gloss. They set really quickly so they need to be blended in to the skin really fast. On application and blending, they sink into the skin and the color generally deepens over the course of next 2-3 min due to the body heat and the stain sets into a long lasting matte finish.

For more tips on how to use lip/cheek tint, read this post by Tanveer of Addicted to Blush HERE.

Bourjois rouge hi-tech lip/cheek tint '84 Rose pixel' swatch


Bourjois rouge hi tect tint '84 Rose pixel' - blended swatch

Bourjois rouge hi tect tint '84 Rose pixel' - image of fingertip after blending


Foundations feel too heavy in day in the summers especially if you are likely to be out in the heat. I prefer skipping  the foundation in the day time and only using a bit of concealer under my eyes and sunscreen on face set well with compact.

Products used :

1. MAC Select moisture cover concealer NC 45.5

2. Bourjois Rouge hi-tech tint ’84 Rose pixel’

3. Lotus 3-in-1 matte sunscreen (not pictured)

4. Chambor silver shadow compact ‘RR2 Rose pale’

5. The Body Shop face and body brush (for compact)

products used for quick look with bourjois lip/cheek tint

Steps :

1. Apply a light  moisturizer on face and neck .

2. Apply concealer to the under eyes and sides of the nose, mouth to cover any pigmentation.

3. Apply the lip/cheek stain directly on the apples of the cheeks , blend with fingers  in dabbing and circular motions quickly before it sets.

4. Wait for 2-3 mins, than apply sunscreen over face and neck. I use Lotus-3-in-1 matte suncreen- it is very light, gets absorbed into the skin very fast to give a matte finish without leaving white cast on the face.

5. Lastly, apply compact or loose powder all over face and neck especially on the concealed parts to set the concealer.


1. Bourjois kohl and contour liner ‘Brun expressif’

2. MAC Smolder

3. The Body shop line softening brush

4. Maybelline colossal volume mascara

Steps :

1. Apply brown liner on upper lash line and lightly smudge using softening brush.

2. Apply kajal /MAC Smolder on water line and smudge a little on the lower lash line with softening brush or third finger.


Bourjois rouge hi -tech ’84 Rose pixel’

Apply lip stain to centre of lips and spread evenly all over the lips.

Coral red Stained lips and cheek look

Coral red Stained lips and cheek look

Have you tried lip/cheek tints? Which is your favorite lip/cheek tint? Let me know your comments by replying below.