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How to coordinate makeup with outfit Vol 2 : Makeup for Blue outfits

Hi everyone!

Few days back I did a post on How to coordinate makeup with outfit Vol 1: Makeup looks to suit every outfit. Today I’m doing the second post of this series on how to coordinate makeup with BLUE outfits –

Just to warn you, this is a long post ūüėõ and has some ‘theory’ in it. You’re welcome to skip it if you wish and jump directly to MAKEUP TIPS FOR BLUE OUTFITS.

I’m introducing a little bit of COLOR THEORY here which will help you understand how colors can be matched together for the best effect.

There are basically 3 primary colors in pigments- Red, Yellow and Blue. Each of these colors when paired with another give rise to three new colors known as ‘secondary colors’.

Red + Yellow = Orange

Yellow + Blue = Green

Red + Blue = Purple

Now if the primaries are placed at the corner of a triangle each – the secondaries will come in between the 2 primaries they are composed of giving us what is commonly known as the COLOR WHEEL which looks something like this –

color wheel

Now, colors placed diagonally opposite each other are called ‘COMPLEMENTARY‘ colors and as the name suggests- they complement each. Two complementary colors when placed together reinforce each other to bring out the color and vibrance of the other.¬†

What this statement implies is that for eg: when red and green (complementary colors), yellow and purple and orange and blue are placed next to each other, they create a vibrant bright combination.  The concept of complementary colors is very useful in coordinating colors and we will soon see how.

Just another simple concept to understand color coordination better is that of COLOR TEMPERATURE. Color temperature simply implies the warm or cool properties of a color. We all know that red, orange, yellow are warm colors and blue, green, purple are cool colors. Colors are warm and cool RELATIVE to each other eg- a teal or turquoise shade has a hint of green/yellow in it, thus is a ‘warm’ blue while indigo or navy blue is more leaning towards purple, thus it is a ‘cool’ blue.

Having understood the concept of

1- Complementary colors

2- Warm/cool colors

lets see how this applies to BLUES.

In general Blue is a COOL color but within blues, there are warm blues – blues leaning towards green like teal and turquoise and there are cool blues- blues leaning towards purple like navy blue or indigo.


1. Never match too much color with outfit- it looks tacky. If you’re wearing a fully blue outfit or a blue top, then go only for a hint of blue in form of blue liner or kohl. Do not do a full blown blue eye makeup – it creates monotony of color and is not visually appealing ! If you want to use eyeshadow, use eyeshadow a shade lighter or darker than your outfit or pair it with another color to balance it out.

2. If your outfit it partially blue with presence of other colors or if your outfit is blue from waist down (eg- Aishwarya Rai’s Cannes Armani Prive outfit) then you can go for full blue eye makeup. The presence of other colors or a different colored top will break the monotony of the blue color.


The complementary of blue is orange (From the color wheel).¬†Thus warm colors like orange,corals, peaches, browns complement blue. So if you’re wearing something blue in your eye makeup pair it with warm lip colors like orange, peach and browns especially with COOL blues like navy blue to complement the blue color. On the other hand, if you’re wearing a warm blue like teal/turquoise/MAC Siahi type shade, you can pair with a cool pink shades to complement the warm element in the blue.

For a ‘safer’ look- pair cool blue with pink (cool) lip color and for a more vibrant look pair with peach, brown (Warm) lip color. Similarly, for ‘safer’ look with warm blues- wear warm lip color and for a more vibrant look- pair with pink (cool) lip color.

4. ‘Silver’ is a safer coordinating color to use with cool blues while gold/bronze coordinates better with warm blues.


When wearing cool blues- wear Navy, Gray or Silver on the eyes. When wearing warm blues- wear teal,turquoise, bronze, green on the eyes.

You can also use colors placed next to blue in the color wheel namely- Green and Purple,  on the eyes and pair with nude/neutral lip color.

Different ways to wear the above mentioned colors in eye makeup. –

1. Colored liner on upper lash line, bare waterline.

2. Colored liner smudged on upper lash line, kohl on waterline.

3. Kohl/black liner on upper lash line smudged with colored eyeshadow, kohl on waterline.

4. Black/brown liner on upper lash line, colored eyeshadow/liner on lower lash line.


1. Navy blue / pink

2. Navy blue/silver

3. Turquoise / lime  green

4. Turquoise / dark green


You can coordinate either eye color or lip color with the blush shade but I prefer coordinating lip color with the cheeks. With pink lip color  go for pink cheeks, with corals/peaches/brown lip color use bronzed/warm pink/peachy brown cheeks.


If all the above it too much theory for you, here are some simple combinations –

Cool blue outfit

1.  Navy blue liner, warm pinkish blush, peachy/brown/brownish pink  lip color.

2. Gray liner/eyeshadow, pink blush, pink lipstick.

3. Navy blue/silver combination on eyes, warm pink blush , pink lip color.

4. Green liner, warm pink blush, nude lips

5. Navy blue eye makeup, bronzed cheeks, warm nude lip color.

Warm blue outfit  

1. Teal/turquoise liner , warm pink blush, warm pink lipstick

2. Teal/turquoise eye makeup , bronzed cheeks, peachy brown lip color

3. Teal/green eye shadow , warm blush, warm/nude lip color.

4. Purple liner, warm pink blush, warn nude/pink  lips

5. Lime green/parrot green eye makeup, warm pink blush, warm pink lipstick/peachy coral lipstick.

There are of course many more combinations you can wear with blue, these are just a few I’ve listed here.

Some looks I’ve worn that can be paired with blue outfits ( I’m not wearing blue in many pictures, but the makeup will go with blue outfits)

What to wear with blue outfit : blue smokey eyes look


What to wear with blue outfit : blue smudged liner, neutral lips


What to wear with blue outfit : navy/silver eyes, pink lips

What to wear with blue outfit : smokey blue/bronze eyes, nude lips

What to wear with blue outfit : gray liner, brownish pink lips

What to wear with blue outfit : Sky blue eye makeup with peachy brown lips


What makeup to wear with warm blue outfits- Purple smudged liner, warm blush, nude pink lips


What to wear with blue outfit : teal liner, nude pink lips


What to wear with blue outfit : warm blue liner, peachy-coral lips


What to wear with blue outfit : warm blue liner, pink lips


What to wear with blue outfit : turquoise shadow over kohl, warm nude lips

What to wear with blue outfit : Blue-dark grey eye makeup , pink lips


What to wear with blue outfit : Green smokey eye with warm pink lips


What to wear with blue outfit : Yellow/blue/green eye makeup with warm pink lips


What to wear with blue outfit : Pink and blue eye makeup with dark pink lips


What to wear with blue outfit : Turquoise/green eye makeup, nude lips


What is your favorite look with blue outfit? Share your comments by replying below.