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Fall/winter makeup trend Tutorial: NO-MAKEUP Look

This is a tutorial for a NO-MAKEUP or nude look which I had mentioned in my previous post HERE.


Products used:

Lotus tea tree cleanser

Lotus basiltone

Neutrogena oil free moisturizer

MAC Prep+ prime

Lotus herbals lip balm in chocolate

Moisturizer and Primer

1)  The first step of everyone’s makeup routine should always start with the golden rule of CTM i.e cleansing, toning and moisturizing. If the skin is not hydrated and healthy,  no amount of makeup can make one look good. Moisturizing the face and neck even for oily skinned people  is a must! I used lotus tea tree face wash, lotus ‘basiltone’ toner and Neutrogena oil free moisturizer.

2)  Allow moisturizer to get absorbed into the skin and then apply sunscreen in case you’ll be stepping outside. I used lacto calamine lotion as it acts as sunscreen and is good for oily acne prone skin like mine.

3)   Apply primer all over face and neck for smoother application of foundation and to help makeup last longer. I have used MAC Prep+Prime.

4)   Apply lip balm on lips to keep them moisturized.


After moisturizing and priming my face, I next do my eye makeup. This is a trick I learnt from a MAC MUA- to do the eye makeup before face base makeup so that any fallout from eyeshadow does not spoil the foundation.

Products used :

BeYu eye base(primer)

Chambor twist up pencil kohl  102- walnut brown

Maybelline chai latte quad

Colorbar I-Glide pencil- cocobar

Street wear transparent mascara

Eyeshadow brush

Angular brush

Products used for Eye makeup

1)   The first step while doing eye makeup is priming eye lids. This not only helps it last longer but also makes the eyeshadows appear more vibrant and pigmented.  I used BeYu eye base. For priming eyelids you can use-

Eye primer like Urban Decay Primer Potion or BeYu eye base

MAC paint pot in a neutral color like soft ochre or painterly

MAC prep+prime ( I have seen MAC MUAs use this for priming not just face but eyelids as well)

Combination of concealer , foundation and moisturizer

Step 1 : Priming the eyelids

2)   In the next step , using a brown pencil, draw a thick line on lid close to the lash line and smudge it with your third finger. I am using Chambor twist up pencil kohl  102 walnut brown . If you are using a transferproof pencil, don’t allow the line to set.

Step 2 : Applying brown pencil

Brown pencil applied only on one eyelid

You can also use a smudging brush for this step.  Repeat this step for the other eye as well. It should look something like this-

Brown pencil applied on both eyelids

3)   Now, use light brown matte finish neutral eyeshadow and lightly apply it all over the lid using a brush. I am using the  lid color from Maybelline chai latte quad .

Step 3 : Apply lid color

4)  Next, take a dark brown matte eyeshadow and apply it on the crease and outer corner of the eye and blend using a fluffy brush. I am using outer corner color from Maybelline chai latte quad.

Step 4 : Crease color

After blending, apply the same dark brown eyeshadow to the lower lash line and upper lash line and blend it a little. I am not lining my eyes with eye liner here, only using dark brown eyeshadow for a soft neutral look.

Line lower lash line

Line upper lash line

5)   Apply highlighter on brow bone with a light hand and blend it with the crease color using fluffy brush. I am using brow bone color from Maybelline chai latte quad.

Step 5 : Brow bone highlighter

6)     Next line the upper and lower water line lightly with brown pencil. I am using Colorbar I-Glide pencil in Cocobar.

Step 6 : Line water line

7)     Lastly, apply transparent mascara to complete the soft neutral look. Volumizing or lengthening mascara will take away the softness and neutrality of the look.

8 )    Clean up the sides and any fallout with a moistened Q-tip.

Final look-

Completed eye makeup

Completed eye makeup


Products used:

The Body Shop oil free foundation

BeYu concealer

Colorbar ‘just earth’ blush

Vega blush brush

Face products

1)      After completing eye makeup, next step is foundation. We had already moisturized and primed the face before eye makeup so the skin is now ready for the foundation. Apply foundation all over face and neck (don’t miss out the neck). I am using The Body Shop oil free foundation mixed with a little Neutrogena oil free moisturizer.

2)      Apply concealer using brush or your third finger.  Some people like applying concealer before foundation. It can be done either way as long as it blends well . I am using BeYu concealer .

3)     Now set your foundation with loose powder/compact. The compact must always be applied after the concealer and not before. I am not using a compact  as my otherwise oily /combination skin begins to show dry patches if I apply powder because of the dry weather.

4)     Apply your choice of matte earthy blush with a light hand. I am using ‘Just Earth‘ from Colobar (somehow its not showing up in the pictures very well)


Products used :

Chambor truly lasting lipstick in ‘truly terracotta’

Colorbar star gloss  in ‘timid apricot’

Vega lip brush

Lip products

1)     Since I had applied balm early on before starting my makeup, my lips feel moisturized and I don’t have to apply it just before lipstick. If you apply balm just before lipstick, it tends to slide over it and wears off faster.

2)     Now use a nude lipstick shade of your choice and apply it lightly on the lips. Since we want keep the look understated and nude, no highly pigmented shades. I am using Chambor truly lasting lipstick in truly terracotta. This is a reddish brown shade but I am using it very lightly mixed with balm to give just a hint of color. Blot using tissue so that the color is just barely visible.

3)     Apply a little clear gloss. I am using Colorbar star gloss in ‘timid apricot’. Its a clear gloss with no glitter or shimmer.

This is my first tutorial. Hope you enjoyed reading!

Let me know your comments and suggestions by replying below.