Party makeup#2 : Red lips and shimmery eyes

Hi everyone!

Last time I did a simple golden party look (click on link to read post) which would pair very well with ethnic outfits.

Today I’m doing a bold lips with shimmery eyes party look with my favorite red lipstick Revlon Colorburst ‘Crimson’ and MAC ‘Jigs and  Jive’ pigment. This look would look great for evening parties paired with a western outfit. Red lips always take up the glam factor up a notch and are a perfect choice for party looks.

The eyes are kept softly shimmery with champagne-tan shimmery eyeshadow with slightly thick winged liner on upper lash line and bare waterline.  I’ve paired this makeup with a black lace-satin knee length dress with red sandals and red nails to match with the red lipstick.

Final look :

Party makeup : Shimmery eyes and Red lips FOTD

Summary of the look :

On a well moisturized face, conceal required areas, apply foundation and set with powder. For the eyes, apply shimmery champagne eyeshadow all over lid, blend at crease with dark brown matte eyeshadow, apply highlight shade under brows, apply winged liner on upper lash line and finish with mascara. For the cheeks, apply matte earthy pink blush under the cheekbones and on the apples of the cheeks and finish with highlighter on cheekbones. Apply red lipstick using lip brush for precision. 



1. MAC Select moisture cover concealer NC 45.5

2. MAC Pigments- Jigs and Jive, Naked (From 5 pigment set -Tartan take collection)

3. Maybelline chai latte quad (Dark brown shade)

4. VOV liquid liner in black

5. Maybelline colossal volume mascara

6. Brushes : The Body Shop mineral eyeshadow brush, MAC 222 (blending brush)


1. Apply concealer under the eyes and on the lids, blend well and set with powder.

2. Apply shimmery tan-champagne colored eyeshadow all over lid.

3. Apply matte dark brown eyeshadow at the outer corner and crease and blend well with loose powder.

4. Apply highlight shade under browbone and blend with crease. Apply highlight shade on inner corners of the eyes too.

5. Apply medium thickness slightly winged liner on upper lash line.

6. Leave the water line bare(or use a white/flesh colored pencil) and apply brown eyeshadow lightly on the lower lash line with a brush (for defining eyes- since we are not using kohl)

7. Finish with a coat of volumizing mascara.

shimmery eye makeup with MAC jigs and Jive pigment


1. The Body Shop oil free foundation ’06’

2. Chambor silver shadow compact ‘RR2 Rose Pale’

3. Lakme pure rouge blush ‘Rose Crush’

4. MAC Naked pigment (as highlighter on cheekbones)

Steps :

1. Apply concealer on required areas.

2. Apply foundation on face and neck and blend well.

3. Set the foundation with compact powder.

4. Apply earthy pink blush under cheekbones and blend upwards and outwards towards the apples of the cheeks and hairline.

5. Apply MAC Naked pigment (or any other shimmery highlighter) on cheekbones and blend towards hairline.


Apply red lipstick (I have used Revlon Colorburst ‘Crimson’) on lips using lip brush for precise application. I have not used a lip liner underneath since this particular lipstick does not feather or bleed.

Final look :

Party makeup : Shimmery eyes and Red lips FOTD

Party makeup : Red lips and shimmery eyes FOTD

Party makeup : Shimmery eyes and Red lips FOTD

Whats you favorite party makeup look ? Let me know your comments by replying below. 


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  1. You seem to be loving your crimson red lipstick a lot 🙂
    loved the subtle eye look. Can you also post some swatches of Jigs & Jive Pigment.?

  2. Love the look:-)does crimson suit darker skin tones?

    • Thank you Priyanka 🙂 Yes Crimson would be a great choice for red lipstick for darker skin tones. Its a cool toned red and easier to carry off as compared to a hot red. You can see how gorgeous it looks on Jessica Alba HERE (click on HERE to follow the link)

  3. I absolutely love this look! and you carry it off really well!!:) I think I’ll get a red lipstick too. the closest I could get to red is MAC Cyndi Lauper! 😛

    • Thank you Ik 🙂 MAC Cyndi Lauper is coral red right? I got a hot red lipstick from FACES Revlon CB Crimson a little rest now 😛 How’ve you been?

      • been good been good.. you know I think I’ll grow a pair of ba*ls and get crimson! 😀 I should right! i will. :D:Dwhay the hell. 😐 it is a very safe red Cyndi.. coral.. sheer.. pink.. 😀 but beautiful!:D would you like to see how it looks on me? 😀

  4. I am going so crazy about Crimson whenever I see you wearing it 🙂

    • 🙂 I’m having a red obsession and Crimson was the only red in my stash 😛 Since you’re more into pinks and glosses, I’m guessing you’ve not tried red yet. Do consider Crimson if you try out red!

  5. So Glam! Gorgeous! Your hair looks great too.

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