Spring/Summer Look#2 : Turquoise blue and forest green eye makeup for day/evening

Hi everyone!

This is look #2 of my Spring/Summer Look Book.  Look #1 was Everyday makeup using colored liners.

Blue and green and my favorite shades for bright spring/summer eye makeup. For this look, I have paired a very popular color this season- turquoise blue, with forest green for the eyes with nude lips for the daytime and plum lips for the evening.

On a well moisturized face, apply foundation ,set it with compact and apply bronzer on cheeks. For the eyes, pair a turquoise blue eyeshadow with dark green( outer half of lid) and pair this with nude lips for the daytime and glam it up with plum lips for the evening.

I have kept the turquoise shade intense only on the inner half of lid and blended it out with dark green to keep the look subtle and wearable.

This is the final look (with nude lips )

Turquoise blue and green eyemakeup with Chambor Silk Woods FOTD

This is the final look (with plum lips)

Turquoise blue and green eyemakeup with Revlon Plumalicious FOTD

Products used for the eyes :

1.BeYu eye base (primer)

2. Bourjois baked eyeshadow #2 (turquoise shade)

3. BeYu eye shadow single #114 (forest green shade)

4. Maybelline chai latte quad (browbone highlight shade)

5. Lotus herbals kajal

6.Maybelline gel liner ‘black’

7. Maybelline colossal volume mascara

8. Faces brush

Turquoise blue and green eye makeup -products for eyes

Steps :

1. Prime eye lids using concealer + foundation or eye base.

2. Apply turquoise blue eyeshadow on inner half of the lid using a slightly wet brush.

3. Apply dark green shade on outer half of lid and crease. Blend the 2 with brush using loose powder.

4. Apply brow bone highlight shade and blend with the crease color.

5. Apply kajal on water line. Using brush smudge it on the lower lash line with the turquoise eye shadow.

6. Apply thin line with black liner on upper lash line ( you can make the line thicker if wearing for evening)

7. Finish off with a coat of mascara.

Eyeshadow swatches- L-R Bourjois Baked eyeshadow #2 (turquoise),dry(L), wet(centre) BeYu green eyeshadow(Dry)

Turquoise blue and green eyemakeup with Bourjois and BeYu eye shadows

Turquoise blue and green eyemakeup with Bourjois and BeYu eye shadows

Turquoise blue and green eyemakeup with Bourjois and BeYu eye shadows

Products used for face :

1. The Body Shop oil free foundation #6 Honey

2. Chambor silver shadow compact ‘RR2 Rose Pale’

3. Revlon colorstay mineral finishing powder ‘Sunkiss Radieux’

4. Brushes – Foundation ( M.A.C 188), Bronzer ( Vega blush brush)

Turquoise blue and green eyemakeup - Products used for face

Products used for lips

Nude lips – Chambor silk touch ‘Silk Woods’

Plum Lips– Revlon Super lustrous ‘Plumalicious’

L-R: Chambor 'Silk woods', Revlon 'Plumalicious'

Lipstick swatches- L-R Chambor Silk Touch 'Silk woods', Revlon super lustrous 'Plumalicious'(without flash)

Lipstick swatches- L-R Chambor Silk Touch 'Silk woods', Revlon super lustrous 'Plumalicious'(with flash)

Final look :

Turquoise blue and green eyemakeup with Chambor Silk woods FOTD

Turquoise blue and green eyemakeup with Chambor Silk woods FOTD

Turquoise blue and green eyemakeup with Revlon Plumalicious FOTD

Turquoise blue and green eye makeup with Revlon Plumalicious

Which look did you like more- daytime or evening ? Have you tried turquoise for eye makeup ? Let me know your comments by replying below.


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  1. OMG! This one is just so pretty! blue and green are my favorite colours too and I was intending to do a look with greens and teals!:P You are looking amazing I mean there are times when the eye makeup is brilliant but it doesn’t really do much when you see the entire face( i feel that happens to me a lot! not that I’m calling myself brilliant :P:P) but these are definitely your colours!! stunning!!!!!!!!!:*

    • Thank you so much Ik !! I used to stick to brown/copper/grey earlier for eye makeup but I’m glad I tried out blues and greens. I’d love to see your look with greens and teals 🙂 With me the prob is generally that the makeup looks nicer is person than how it comes out in pictures, especially the pics of the entire face..dark circles or random tiny zits etc start showing more prominently in pictures 😐

  2. haha yesss i know exactly what you;’re talking about! you should try out more greens! looks really nice on you!

  3. Very Nice look..ankita..Love the evening look. Looks really glamorous and pretty.:-)

  4. loving both looks Ankita, esp the evening one 🙂 green looks really good on u.

    outer half of kid 😉 he he

  5. Ankita………..gawjussss luks sachchci…i can try ur evening luk for the mehndi raat…i looveeeedddd it….and ur hair luks amaaaazzzziinnggggg!!!!!

    • Thanks Farha! I thought of that too but I felt instead of a green, a maroon/brown shade on outer corner and crease will look nicer. It’ll give more definition to the eyes. The dark lipstick is appearing not so dark with the flash – so go for a darker lip color since its a night function!

  6. And i hav silk woods tooo…me loved these lippies frm Chambor…

  7. hehee do i even need to repeat how gorgoeus this look is …just like ur every lookn ? 😀
    i do this makeup most often with green and blues..my absolute faves…. more than browns, pinks golds etc i always go for blues and greens and alone or in combination..just love it

    p.s. ur hair looks awesome!! ^_^

    • Thanks a ton Neha ! 🙂 I’m discovering blues and greens slowly and I’m liking them more than the browns and pink 😛 Any reccos for blue/green eyeshadows?

      • i know blues and greens realy make eyes pop! and somehow bring some radiance to face..il check the names ill tell u … but very often i end up reaching for the blue and green from the lakme quad …although many ppl dont like lakme quads… but these two shades out of the entire crappy range are realy good…i like the pigmentataion,shade evrything abt them..

        • Is it the peacock quad? I’ve heard this name quite often and it seems to be one of the popular ones from Lakme. Or is it one of the gypsy collection ones- Tanjore Rush? I agree about greens and blues..I don’t have many shades right now but I really like the ones I have.

        • yup the peacock one 🙂

  8. like ur every look* (not lookn*) 😛 typo :/

  9. Love this look, esp the one with nude lips. I love turquoise or peacock green/blue, but the colours always look dull on my face. So I’m still on the look out for ‘my’ turquoise. Like your earrings too.

    • Thanks Poohkie 🙂 I was very skeptical about Turquoise at first but I like this Bourjois shade I picked up. You can try this or even some brand might have a good eye pencil in this shade since turquoise e/s is not easily found in Indian brands.

  10. Ankitaaaaaaa!!!! I finally found outtttt!!! 😛 its called Out door Blue. its a pencil eyeliner. 🙂 :*

  11. you’re most welcome! 🙂 I was feeling very guilty of not finding out.. I thought I’d search for siahi here and would send it across.. but MAC Hyd is out of stock too! 😦

  12. dis makeup was fab !! loved d turqoise effect n silk woods is awesum !!

  13. LOVEd this one 😀 m very fond of blues and this will look great for a beach side outing 😀

  14. Hi, love your blog! Can you tell me where I can buy Chambor Cosmetics? I couldn’t find a place to buy it on line.

    Thank you!


    • Thanks Anne! I’m not sure if Chambor cosmetics are available abroad. They are quite readily available in India. If I come across any info, I’ll let you know 🙂

  15. very preety sweetie 🙂 and ur eye color ?? u wearing lenses ??

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