Lakme Pure Rouge Blusher 'Rose Crush' : Review, Swatch and FOTD

Hi everyone!

Today I’m reviewing one of the favorite blushes – LAKME Pure rouge blusher in the shade ‘Rose Crush‘ . It is a matte earthy pink powder blush which gives an earthy rosy glow  and looks very flattering for Indian skin tones.

Price : Rs 395

Quantity : 6 g

Packaging : It has a rectangular maroon(signature Lakme!) sleek casing with a transparent cover and brush provided inside. This casing comes housed in a maroon cardboard casing open at two opposite ends so the inside casing can be slid out easily. The packaging is quite sturdy and the transparent cover snaps shut snugly. The brush provided is of good quality, the bristles are quite soft and does the job of application quite well. I don’t require another blush brush when using this blush. The only con of the packaging is the absence of a mirror for touch ups.

Lakme pure rouge blusher- Rose Crush

Lakme pure rouge blusher- Rose Crush

Lakme pure rouge blusher- Rose Crush

Lakme pure rouge blusher- Rose Crush

Lakme pure rouge blusher- Rose Crush

Texture and Pigmentation : The texture is quite silky and soft. The finish is exactly as described -‘silky matte’ finish. The blush applies easily and blending is not a problem.  The pigmentation of this blush is amazing- I just need to lightly touch the tip of the brush on the surface and that quantity is sufficient for one cheek. It is definitely going to last me a long time!

Lakme pure rouge blusher- Rose Crush (swatch-unblended)

Lakme pure rouge blusher- Rose Crush(swatch- blended)

Lasting Power: I have worn this blush for 5-6 hours and the color intensity faded very slightly post the 3 hour period. I haven’t worn it for longer than 6 hours but I find the lasting powder and finish much better than Colorbar blushes.

It sits very well on my normal/oily skin, did not break me out and does not change appearance/shade as time passes (Some blushes tend to get darker due to body/heat or oil secretion from skin as time passes)

Shade: This particular shade ‘Rose crush’ is a matte brownish shade with a rosy pink undertone. It looks very flattering on medium-dusky skin tones and might look a little dark on light skin tones. It is the kind of shade that goes with any outfit and any eye/ lip makeup. Whenever I’m in doubt as to which blush to pick, I reach out for this one. It is neither too cool-toned not too warm-toned.

This is how it looks on me. I’ve used the blush with a heavy hand so that it shows up well is pictures.

Lakme pure rouge blusher 'Rose crush' FOTD (with flash)

Lakme pure rouge blusher 'Rose crush' FOTD (with flash)

Lakme pure rouge blusher 'Rose crush' FOTD (with flash)

The GOOD about Lakme Pure rouge blusher ‘Rose Crush’ –

1. Sturdy packaging with transparent casing- easy to locate the blush.

2. Excellent quality brush provided.

3. Highly pigmented and silky soft texture, glides easily on skin and blends easily.

4. Stays for 5-6 hours with slight fading.

5. Did not break me out or darken on the face with time.

6. Good quantity and quality for the price.

7. Very flattering shade that goes with any eye/lip makeup and any outfit.

The NOT-SO-GOOD about Lakme Pure rouge blusher ‘Rose Crush’ –

1. No mirror provided with the blush for touch-ups.

2. Packaging not-so-attractive.

Final Verdict : It is a highly pigmented powder blush with a silky matte finish and 5-6 hours lasting power. The packaging is sturdy with an excellent brush but no mirror for touch ups. The shade ‘Rose crush’ is an earthy rosy pink shade which looks very flattering on medium/dusky skin tones and goes easily with any eye/lip makeup and outfit. One of my favorite blushes as far as shade and quality goes. The packaging could have been more attractive.

Will I repurchase ? I won’t need to. I’d pick up more shades from this range but only the matte finish ones.

Rating : 4.5 /5 (-0.5 for no mirror in packaging)

Lakme pure rouge blusher 'Rose crush' FOTD (with flash)

Breakdown of look :


1. MAC Smolder

2. Bourjois ombre stretch eye shadow in navy blue shade

3. Maybelline colossal volume mascara

4. Random stiff brush


1. MAC Studio fix fluid foundation NC 40

2. Chambor Silver Shadow compact

3. MAC Select moisture cover concealer NC 45.5

4. Lakme pure rouge blusher ‘Rose crush’


Colobar lip liner ‘Nude Pink’ topped with NYX sheer gloss ‘HOT’.

Have you tried Lakme pure rouge blusher? Which is your favorite blush? Let me know your comments by replying below. 


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  1. I have this one, in fact it was my first blush. This one is soo pigmented and I just started out with blushes with this one, so I always ended up going OTT and looked like a porcelain doll because of my fair complexion. Used to hate it back then! Now when I know the use, its one blush I love too.

    • Thanks Shruti 🙂 Its the most pigmented blush I have . Everyone rants about how over priced Lakme is but this is one product which I think its worth the 400 bucks!

  2. Thats a lovely blush. I am new to blush – still learning how to apply blush properly.
    Love your eye makeup and lipstick in this one. have u filled in your eyebrows? they look so dark – like it 🙂
    Can you do a break down of the eye look and the lippie used?

    • Thank you AD 🙂 This is indeed a lovely blush. If you’re medium/dusky skin toned, do pick this up, it’ll suit you beautifully. No I’ve not filled out my eye brows here – they are quite dark naturally. Used to look a little scary before I started threading them 😛 Will be posting how to do these eyes tomorrow..its my fav eye makeup currently!

  3. love the blush, this is so on my list now.. the problem with lakme is that they have very few shades without shimmer/ glitter. this makes it difficult to buy their products for day use. i had a shimmery rose coloured blush a long time back, and o was it lovely. the only con was i had to restrict its use to nights.

  4. Hi Ankita…I was afraid the shade would be too dark but its looking beautiful on you…how’d you compare this to colorbar cosmic rose blush?

    • Its very pigmented Rajeshwari so its easy to overdo it and it starts looking too dark. Worn lightly, its a beautiful shade. In fact, I’m wearing it right now 🙂
      Colorbar Cosmic Rose is a cool toned pink shade with mauve undertones while this has a warm earthy brown undertone. The pigmentation and staying power of this is better than Colorbar blushes.

  5. looks really nice on u:)
    i always thought it may look out of place on fair skin
    ive got the ginger surprise n i love it!

    • Thank you Neha 🙂 You could try it at the counter and see if it suits you…Shruti commented above that it suited her fair complexion when applied lightly. What shade is ginger surprise..I do remember seeing has a bit of shimmer right?

  6. Looks so nice on you 🙂 think it suits you the best… gives a natural look.. isn’t it?

  7. really nice! it looks fab on you… i’m planning to try out these myself soon 🙂

  8. hello ankita…………….me have this tooo….super pigmentation…one can easily go overboard!!!!

  9. Oh, I have to ask my friend if she could get me one Lakme product if she travels to India very soon. I’d love to test it because I’ve often read positive reviews about this brand. Thanks for your review, btw.

    • You’re welcome Mylanqolia. Lakme is quite a popular brand in India though all products don’t turn out as satisfactory as one would expect. You can ask your friend to pick up something from the new ‘Fantasy Collection’, its a lovely colorful collection for the spring/summer with many good products.

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