Fall/Winter trend : BOLD LIPS Tutorial

Bold lips especially red lips never go out of vogue.  Fall winter 2010-2011 saw runway makeup being partial to bold lips in reds, plums and burgundy.  Read post on fall/winter 2010-2011 makeup trends HERE.

Red lips have always been associated with classic glam Hollywood, hence the term‘classic red lips’.  Most women shy away from reds ,sticking to pinks and browns but there is no other look as glam as red lips. There is a red for everyone and the key to donning this look is to keep the eyes and face understated to balance the look.

Here is the finished look followed by a  simple tutorial on how to wear red lips.

Red Lips finished look

Step 1 : CTM and Priming

Products used

Cetaphil cleanser

Lotus Herbals BASILTONE toner

Neutrogena oil free moisturizer

MAC Prep+ Prime

1-      Makeup must always begin with cleansing ,toning and moisturizing the face. Healthy glowing skin is the most important factor for makeup to look fresh and good.

2-        Primer even out the texture of the skin and helps makeup last longer. Allow the moisturizer to get absorbed and then apply primer all over face and neck. I am using MAC Prep+ Prime.

Step 2  : Eye makeup

Products used

Maybelline chai latte quad (for brown eyeshadow)

Jordana black eyeshadow single

Lakme rose powder (loose powder)

Maybelline black gel liner

Maybelline colossal volume mascara

Products used for eye makeup

Since the emphasis here is on the lips, the eyes must be understated but not bare.

1-      Apply loose powder on lid to even out any shine. Then take a matte medium brown eyeshadow and apply lightly on crease and close to upper lash line.

2-      Apply eye liner with a slight wing but not too dramatic. Apply volumizing mascara to complete the look.

3-     Equally important part of the face that most of us would miss out is the eyebrows! Eyebrows should be well groomed and defined. Use a shade 2 shades lighter than your hair color to fill in your brows. I have dark hair and brows so I’m using a mix of black and brown eyeshadow to fill in my brows using angular brush. You can also use a pencil. Comb them gently or just use fingers to make sure they are not unruly.  If your brows tend to become unruly, you can apply some aloe vera gel or hair gel and comb them to set them in place.

Products used for eyebrows

Completed Eye makeup

Step 3 :  FACE

Products used

MAC studio fix fluid foundation  NC 40

TBS sponge

BeYu concealer

Lakme pure rouge blush ‘Rose Crush’

Products used for face

1-      Apply foundation and blend well using brush/sponge. I am using MAC studio fix foundation in NC40 and blending using TBS sponge.

2-      Apply concealer to your under eye area using third finger/brush and on other areas where you might have pigmentation or blemishes.

3-      You can apply compact to set your foundation but keep it minimal to avoid the cakey look.

4-      Apply earthy pinkish blush on the apples of your cheeks with a light hand using brush.  Dust the remaining blush on the brush on nose, forehead and jawline to get an even look. I am using Lakme pure rouge blusher in ‘Rose crush’.


Now for the most important part of this look , the lips.

Products used :

BeYu concealer

Miss Claire lip liner ‘Indian red’

Revlon Colorburst lipstick ‘Crimson’

Vega lip filler brush

Products used for lips


Top to Bottom: Lipstick with lip liner as base, Lipstick alone, Lip Liner alone

Top to Bottom: Lipstick with lip liner as base, Lipstick alone, Lip Liner alone

The important thing to remember while using dark lip colors is that they tend to bleed or feather and this simply means that we need to take steps to keep the color in place.

1-      Dab a little concealer on and around the lips. Applying concealer or foundation or powder on the lips helps the lipstick last longer. Applying concealer around the lips gives more definition to the lips and always prevents the lipstick from bleeding. The concealer must be blended well with the foundation,it should not stand out.

2-      Always wear a lip liner not just along the boundary of the lips but on the entire area. I am using Miss Claire lip liner  in ‘Indian red’.

Wearing lip liner as base

3-      Next apply your red lipstick. I am using Revlon Colorburst lipstick in ‘Crimson’. Revlon has another red shade ‘True red’ which is, as the name suggests a true blood red color. However it looked a little orangey on me so I’m using ‘Crimson’ which is a cool toned deep red. It has blue undertones and hence appears almost like a dark pink in certain lighting.

With Revlon Colorburst 'Crimson'

With Revlon Colorburst 'Crimson'

Cool tones colors have the advantage that they make the teeth appear whiter as compared to warm tones colors. I’m using a lip filler brush for the corners for precise application.

4-     You can top it off with clear/red gloss at the centre of the lips to get a perfect pout or leave it as it is. I am not using gloss as the lipstick is moisturizing and glossy enough.

Here is the final look-

Completed red lips look

This completes the red lips tutorial !

Hope you enjoyed. Let me know your comments and suggestions by replying below.


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  1. you look so good here! wish i cud carry red lips!

  2. u look fab wit dos red lips ankita…i so wanna try a red…i have dat miss claire lip pencil…wud check out revlon colorburst…n wud see maybelline colorsensational too..der r pretty 4-5 reds in it too…any suggestions?
    n hows d beyu concealer?wer did u get it from ?

    • Thanks a lot Bhumika! I’m not sure what reds are in Maybelline Colorsensational range. I have one lipstick ‘Extatic Coral’ from this range and somehow I didn’t like it so much. It was my first lipstick and it looked good in the store but later I realized its too light for me. I prefer matte/frost finish lipsticks, not so much shimmery,glittery ones, especially in red. Texture and pigmentation-wise , I like Revlon and Chambor lipsticks a lot! These are the only ones I have and they are buttery soft and really creamy. You can also check out Revlon Super lustrous range apart from Colorburst.

      I bought BeYu concealer from the Pantaloons store in R-City, Ghatkopar at 650 INR. I’ve also seen it at Westside counters recently. Where do you stay?
      I wouldn’t say the concealer is the perfect shade for me but since I’ve not used any other concealer I can’t compare. They have only 2 shades I think- light and dark. I have dark one. As far as texture and lasting power goes, its quite good. It doesn’t crease or settle in the fine lines under the eyes.

      Let me know if you find a red in Maybelline Colorsensational. All the best!

  3. thanks ankita..i too dont like shimmery shades..bt there r quite a few reds in the color sensational..wud check out all..ghatkopar is near…wud check beyu…
    thank u so much…

  4. hey ankita,
    the red is looking really nice..n hot :))
    good review and prtty detailed too…
    i soo want to try a red lipstick but really apprehensive,,,,,


  5. You look fab in red! I wish I could carry red lips too. I am in search of good red lipstick. With what kind of outfits would you wear red lipstick?

    • Thanks a lot AD! I’m sure you can carry red lips…its all about balancing the eyes and face and choosing the right outfit.
      – Red lips go best with a monochromatic black or white or neutral beige/dark brown outfit.
      – Avoid wearing it with outfits with embellishment or heavy work unless its a wedding or similar occasion.
      – You can pair it with a simple red top with jeans also if you are wearing a black/brown/white jacket over it. I’ve tried this look and it looked good.
      – Avoid matching too much stuff with the red lips. At max, You can match 1 accessory like a belt or shoes with the red lippie for an interesting look but keep everything understated and neutral.

      Here, I’ve paired it with a blue skivi but I’d say your safest bet is either black/brown or white.

      Tanveer of ‘Addicted to Blush’ has done a really nice post on How to wear red lipstick on her blog. You can follow this link and check it out

      Hope this helps! 🙂 Let me know how it turns out.

      • Thanks for all the tips. One quick question, i have the revlon CB lipstick in peach which has a sheer to buildable pigmentation which I like. Is revlon CB in crimson the same too or is it highly pigmented and bold? As I am experimenting with red I feel it wud be safe to start with a sheer red and then gradually progress to a more bolder red. What do you suggest? I love CB lipsticks so I was thinking of considering the reds in that range.

        • Crimson is the same AD, though if you apply it in a single swipe if will give a medium (not very sheer) pigmentation which you can build up. What I do when I want even sheerer pigmentation is that I apply lip balm, then press the lipstick at 3-4 points on the lips and rub them together or use a lip filler brush to mix the balm and lipstick on the lips- this gives a sheer coverage, just the tint you need. In fact, this is how I like wearing lipstick for daily wear as it gives a very subtle color to the lips. Since CB lipsticks are very soft and creamy, it is possible to do this with them. Its not possible to do this with drying or liquid lipsticks.

          I’d suggest you go for Crimson, its a more wearable red then ‘True Red’ according to me from CB. Jessica Alba is wearing ‘Crimson’ it in the Revlon Ads.
          You can wear it sheer by the method I’ve suggested above. Let me know how your experience with red lipstick goes.

      • It looks more maroon than red here(maybe she’s wearing a darker lip liner underneath) but from my pictures, you can see a cool toned red.

      • @AD: I’ve done a look where I’m wearing Crimson sheered with lip balm. It appears sort of pinkish.
        You can have a look.

        Hope this helps!

  6. Very pretty! Thank you so much for posting the look with sheer Crimson lipstick. It can worn on a regular basis which was what I wanted. I am a big fan of CB lipsticks, will surely check this out. Are there any other shades from the CB range worth trying?

    • You’re welcome AD! I’m a big fan of CB Range too. I don’t know all the shades from that range but ‘soft rose’, ‘rosy nude’ and ‘sienna’ are really nice. I have ‘rosy nude’ and ‘sienna’. Whenever I’m confused as to what lipstick to wear, I reach for ‘Sienna’. It doesn’t look that great in the swatch but it always brightens up my face. And just like Crimson, you can sheer out these with lip balm for a more subtle look. Hope this helps!

  7. luvly tutorial… lipliner is so imp here..

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